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Thursday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 72 – 73

Anita comes out of the car and holds Surjeet’s hand, they both
smirk. Leela, Kunj, Twinkle and the rest of the Sarna’s family are
shocked as Surjeet introduce Anita as would be wife.
Anita ask Leela if
she not welcome her daughter’s half mother-in-law? She further tells
Leela that she is her in-law now, she comes to Bebe and says she is the
elder of the house and she want to take her blessing to become part of
this family and asks Bebe to please bless her with her heart, she
touches her feet to seek her blessings. Surjeet further announce that he
will do the engagement with her tomorrow and it will be a great affair.
Anita comes to Manohar and Usha and says she is their sister-in-law now
and they can touch her feet to get blessing from her too. Anita further
ask Usha how she is feeling to meet her senior sister-in-law? Usha is
tensed. Twinkle says to herself that she cant let Surjeet marry Anita as
Anita want to destroy the house, she gets call from Roshni (from Jamai
Raja), Roshni ask how is she? Twinkle tells her how Anita wants to
become her half mother-in-law to destroy her family. Roshni advice her
to stop the marriage for everyone’s good. Twinkle says she is trying to
prove herself as a good daughter-in-law but if Anita comes here then she
will try to put her down in everyone’s eyes, Roshni ask her to be
strong as she is today’s women. Twinkle compliment her that she is her
inspiration and her problems are much greater than hers but she is
fighting greatly. Roshni says they both will fight their problems and
have to come out of it. Twinkle promise that she won’t let Anita come in
the house and destroy it. Roshni also promise her that she will fight
her problems too and asks her to take care.

Babee ask Surjeet if
he has gone mad to marry at this age? Surjeet explain that when he go to
the hospital to apologize to Anita for his son’s behaviour and when he
saw her, it love at first sight for him and he is so besotted by Anita’s
beauty and lovable nature that he decide on wedding her but Surjeet is
unaware that that Anita look at this development as a new opportunity to
get back at Twinkle by becoming her aunt mother-in-law mother and
getting into her household.

Bebe ask him to have some shame,
she tells Anita that she should atleast think about her age and she
should know that her son is of marriage age and she is getting married
at this age? Anita says she know Bebe is worrying how society will react
to them but she is in love with Surjeet. Leela ask her to stop her
drama, that she know she is coming to the house only to destroy her
daughter’s life. Anita tells Leela that she is doubting her feelings for
Surjeet? She thought that they will make new relation by forgeting old
animosity and if she had to destroy Twinkle’s life then would she stoop
this low of faking her love for Surjeet? She turns to Surjeet and
apologize to love him and she shouldn’t have done that and announce that
she is leaving. Just when she is about to leave, Surjeet stops her and
asks Leela who is she to speak in their family matters? He then tells
Leela that he is telling her with respect to not get involed in her
daughter in-law’s family, if she don’t want to see them happy then she
can leave. Twinkle is upset with this and tells Surjeet that she may
sound rude but as a daughter-in-law of the family, her mother can come
in the house and can voice her opinion if she wants as she has given her
daughter in this house so she has right to speak here.

Cherry remind
Twinkle the house is not her father-in-law’s house anymore and it is his
father’s house and asks her to just shut up else he will throw her and
her mother out of the house right now. Kunj gets angry seeing how
disrespectful he is to his wife and mother-in-law. He comes to Cherry
and warns him not to ever talk to his wife and mother-in-law like this
or else he will be forced to stoop to his level and be it who ever’s
house it is, he wont tolerate this nonsense from him. Cherry asks Kunj
to be in his limits as he is younger than him and further asks him to
control his wife and mother-in-law why they have problem with his
father’s wedding. Twinkle explain to him that they don’t have problem
with his father getting married again but they have problem with Anita
aunty as she cannot be with anyone and she is also a selfish lady. Anita
says now she can’t stay here. Surjeet asks her to stay and asks Twinkle
to keep quite and be in her limits by raising his voice. Kunj comes to
his uncle that he is their elder and why will they not want him to be
happy but they just want him to think before taking this step as these
people can stoop to any level to destroy Twinkle and her family. Surjeet
says if Anita has a rivalry with Twinkle and her family so what should
he do but he only care about himself and his love.

Leela admit that
she don’t have right to say anything but she know her from a very long
time as Anita wants to take a revenge from her due to a misunderstanding
in the past and further mention that Anita’s son tried to kill Kunj.
Anita tells Leela stop and again point out that she is trying to snatch
her happiness from her. Leela tells her that she is not doing it as she
hadn’t done it in past but now she is interferring in her daughters
life. Anita point out how she snatch her husband from her.

Leela raise her voice to Anita that she didn’t snatch her husband and
asks her to stop her allegations now and this is lie. Adding that it was
fine till she was behind her but now she is after Twinkle. Anita tells
Leela that she feel she want to destroy Twinkle’s life? if she wanted
that then she would have done that very long back and asks why would she
destroy her marriage when she herself is marrying now and she honesty
just want to start afresh. Twinkle says marriage is lovable relation but
she love only love herself and she want to poison everyone’s life.
Surjeet says that is enough as he won’t hear a single word against Anita
and announce that he will get engaged to Anita the next day at any
cost. Bebe comes to Surjeet to use his mind and think before its too
late. She points out to him that Anita hates Leela’s family and asks how
can she love him so much in this short time? Adding that its her plan
to come in the house and destroy Twinkle’s life and she also know she
has another motive behind this. Surjeet asks his elder sister if she
will teach him about love, he asks if she have ever loved anyone and she
didn’t even married as she don’t know about love and she is telling him
this and further says he guess she cant see them happy. Bebe is hurt
with his harsh words to her. Manohar is upset with his elder brother and
finally speaks up against him to stop. He reminds him that Bebe raised
them like mother and he is talking like this with her. He admit that he
just left the house but he ( Surjeet ) have crossed all limits today.

upset Surjeet ask him to shut up but Manohar refuses that he will not
and asks what will he do? He then asks if he is going to hit him again
because of Anita. Surjeet is furious and just when he is about to slap
Manohar, Kunj stops him by holding his hand. Cherry is upset seeing how
Kinky holds his dad’s hand. Bebe tells Surjeet that for Anita, he
insulted her today and also raised his hand on his younger brother. She
tells him to marry Anita if he want to but she won’t bless him for this
marriage, she angrily leaves. Seeing that the entire family is against
his decision to marry Anita except the support of his son Cherry,
Surjeet however is adamant and announce that tomorrow he will get
engaged at any cost and leaves from there with Anita. Raman asks Leela
why all this is happening, Leela says this shouldn’t have happened as
love makes everyone blind. Leela ask Kunj if Anita will live them and
asks what will happen now? She tells him that Anita will make their life
hell, she trust Kunj but not that Anita. Twinkle tries to talk to her
mother but Leela stares at her and says they should leave now, she
leaves with Raman while Twinke is sad and looks at Kunj.

brings tea for Bebe while Bebe is sad. Twinkle says she know she is hurt
with Surjeet’s words but he said it in anger, and she know he hates all
of them but he respects her alot and she is sure that he will come to
apologize for sure. She then tells Bebe that she know she is the
youngest in the house but today she was not able to keep quite and tells
her that she knows Anita since childhood and she is taking advantage of
Surjeet uncle. Surjeet comes to his sister’s room and asks Twinkle to
go out. Twinkle leaves, Surjeet sit in Bebe’s feet and apologize to her
that he did mistake today and she can beat him but to bless him, adding
that Anita is not bad and she told him everything about her animosity
with Leela, she loves and she is not marrying him for revenge. He
further says Leela and Twinkle doesn’t have proof against Anita and she (
Bebe ) always do justice after seeing proof and asks why taking
decision against him today without proof. He asks her to forgive him and
bless him to start a new life as he cannot do this without her
blessing. He reminds her that she know when Cherry was 3 years old, his
first wife left him and ranaway with her lover, he hates love from that
time but after meeting Anita, he is seeing a light of hope and he
realized that he can love again, he lived loveless life but he don’t
want to die alone and she know what loneliness it and again asks him to
forgive him. Bebe forgive him and tells him that it’s not that she don’t
want him to be happy but she is not happy with this decisions of his
with Anita but she won’t interfere in his life, if he think Anita is
good and will take his loneliness then she approve his decision and she
just hope Anita keep him happy and he is proof right.

Pinni meanwhile
tells Leela that this is a very bad news that Anita will live with
Twinkle now, she will make her life hell and will take revenge from
Twinkle. She reminds her how Anita did so many things when she was their
neighbour and she wonders what she will do with Twinkle and further
asks what if she brings Yuvi with her. She have to think if Yuvi shift
to Sarna mansion then what will happen to Twinkle. Leela says it cannot
happen and that she don’t know why God is taking Twinkle’s test. She
wonders how Twinkle will face all this?

While Twinkle is in her
room, Anita comes to her and says she know what she is thinking about
her that she is very bad but she is not, as Twinkle took her to the
hospital and saved her life and asks how how can she think bad about
Twinkle. She is beginning a new life and she want her support, she hugs
Twinkle and tells Twinkle to trust her and forget old memories and start
a fresh. Anita is hugging her, Twinkle sees her face’s reflection in
the mirror, she finds Anita smirking and thinks that she thought to
trust her but her doubt was correct that Anita want to destroy them but
she wont let it happen. Anita thinks that her only mission behind this
marriage is to destroy Twinkle like her mother did to her. Twinkle
thinks that she wont let this engagement happen. Anita thinks that she
will do this marriage and Twinkle won’t be able to do anything and she
will come to the house and destroy her life by being her cousin

Kunj and Twinkle are tensed in their, both talk at
the same time to discuss the incident that happened today, Kunj tells
Twinkle to talk first as nothing stays in her stomach. Twinkle says they
need to stop the marriage of Surjeet and Anita. Kunj says to Twinkle he
thought she has a plan, but as usual she has no plan all she does is
talks all day long even in her sleep. Twinkle says she doesn’t talk in
her sleep. Kunj says she does in her sleep and she says he is so good
looking and that he is so lucky he married her etc.. Twinkle gets angry,
she tells Kunj stop talking nonsence and they should think of a
solution for the problem, Kunj calls her Drama Queen. Twinkle takes Kunj
wallet out, takes a coin out flips it and she says whoever wins they
get to choose a solution. The coin is on the floor both Kunjand Twinkle
bend down and they bump their heads. They both have eyelock Sajna Ve
song plays in the background. Both Kunj and Twinkle get up, both asks
what each other are doing? Twinkle says Kunj can’t do a thing right,
Twinkle says she’s going, Kunj tells her to go as she have snatched the
bed from him. Twinkle says he always cry for his Bed and he should
married his bed. Twinkle leaves.
While Leela is sadly sitting,
Anita brings engagement card and gifts to Leela House, she tells Leela
to come to the engagement. Leela asks why is Anita doing this? She tells
her the fight is between them and not bring Twinkle in this, as Twinkle
saved her life and she is still not listening and hell bent to destroy
her, and asks why? Anita doesn’t listen and tells Leela that Usha who
will keep fighting with daughter-in-law that she will be a modern
mother-in-law but she will keep an eye on Twinkle, and she will see her
smallest mistake, in which her daughter will be safe in her hands. She
further tells Leela to do what she only want and she leaves. Leela is
upset and worried.

Surjeet comes to Cherry that he have taken the
biggest decision of his life that he is going to marry Anita and he
didn’t ask him about it, and asks him if he is happy with his decision,
Cherry says he is very happy with his decision and if anyone tries to
break this marriage then he will not spear that person. Twinkle says
since she has become a Sarna her brain has stopped working. Kunj asks
Twinkle what is her idea? Twinkle pretends to Kunj as she thought of a
good plan. Kunj gives her Juice and Twinkle tells Kunj why is he acting
as a good husband. Kunj says to her to drink it first, Twinkle drinks
the juice, Kunj asks her what is her plan? Twinkle says she has no plan.
Kunj says he mixed something in her Juice so she tells the truth. Kunj
tells Twinkle his plan is to mix the medicine in Anita drink so she
confesses her plan to everyone and this will save their family and they
will stop the engagement. Twinkle and Kunj were about to do hi5 to each
other but they didn’t. Twinkle says they can’t let Surjeet get fooled by
Anita, Kunj makes face at her and leaves.

Raman and Leela are on
there way to Surjeet and Anita engagement, Raman tells Leela that they
should not go for the engagement as Anita will think that she won if she
sees them there and also Yuvi will be there. Leela tells him to think
about situation and says they have to go for Twinkle as she doesnt want
Anita to annoy her, so she will attend with fake smile as she don’t want
to give Anita one more chance to taunt Twinkle, and she will do what
Anita want and they don’t have any choice.

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