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Tuesday Update On My Lost Home

Jeet devises a plan to trick Cherry and she immediately falls for
his trap. Cherry tries to reach someone on the phone but is unable to do
so. She figure out that since Jeet forgot to take the address with him,
he will be delayed and she can get there first to take care of the
matter. She leaves and Jeet sees her leaving.
He tells Shabd that Cherry
has left. Cherry reaches the place where the goon is supposedly kept.
It is set-up so that it appears the goon is on an oxygen mask and he is
unconscious. Cherry gets there and says so he is the one to spell her
secret. She basically admits everything she has done everything
including the fact that she is responsible for Veer’s death. She takes
the oxygen mask off the guy only to realize that it is an imposter. She
turns around to find Jeet and company there. Mahi shows her the tape
recorder and Cherry has seen a ghost all of the sudden. Mahi says that
they were searching for evidence against her but she is stupid enough to
admit everything herself. Mahi slaps Cherry and basically lectures
Cherry about ruining Soni’s life and taking her unborn child’s father
away. Jeet says that she has to pay for her sins and they call the
police-in to arrest Cherry. The inspector advises Jeet to hold onto the
tape as it’s their only proof. Back at Mr Khurana’s house, everyone is
listening to Cherry’s taped confession. Lovely says that they will
pursue this is in the court and ensure that Cherry pays for her crimes.
Mr. Khurana says at least now he can look into his Veer’s eyes and say
that they have found his murderer.

Durga cries out loud saying that this
is all her fault as she is the one who brought Cherry in the house as
her daughter-in-law and she wishes she had never brought Cherry in her
house. Jeet says that they all have to pay the price for their sins and
as for Cherry her fate has been sealed as he stares at the tape
recorder. When Shabd’s whole family is sitting in the living room,
Shabd’s uncle says that at least they have caught the culprit and now
Veer’s soul can rest in peace. So-called Moni is sitting and lost in her
own thoughts throughout the scene. Aunt Billo consoles Soni. Soni says
that she never harmed Cherry in any way and she took the father of her
child away and vow that she will never forgive Cherry. Kamya agrees with
her and takes Soni to her room to rest. Shabd’s uncle tells everyone to
rest and prepare for court tomorrow. Everyone leaves except Moni and
Mahi. Moni tells Mahi that she is having a hard time coping with this
and she will never forget this. Mahi says none of them will ever forget
anything and tells her to go and rest but she tells Mahi that she wants
to pray a little and question God as to why he did this to her child.
Mahi leaves and Moni is left sitting in her own thoughts. Harry leaves
the Khurana’s house saying that his niece is responsible for Veer’s
death and it makes no sense for him to hang around.

On the day of
hearing outside the court, Cherry is brought to the court as the entire
Khurana family watches her with anger. Durga confronts Cherry in-front
of the court-house. She tells Cherry that she brought her into the house
as her younger daughter-in-law but she took her son away from her.
Durga screams at her and further tells stunned Cherry that she only
found her Veer to kill in the entire world and tell Cherry to pray that
the court doesn’t spear her because if they do, she won’t. Cherry tries
to defend herself again laying the blame on Soni but Durga doesn’t
listens to her and continues to curse her for her deeds.

the court, the lawyer argues that this is an open and shut case as the
culprit is Cherry. The lawyer recounts the incidents leading up to
Cherry’s confession and the recording. The lawyer plays the tape with
the confession and to everyone shock, the tape has been switched and the
judge yells at them saying they have wasted his time. Jeet tries to
tell the judge that Cherry’s confession was in the tape but however the
judge basically scolds them for wasting his time and free Cherry. Cherry
has a winning smile on her face while everyone looks on with disbelief.
Durga begs the judge to punish the murderer of her son but he leaves
the court and Durga goes to attack Cherry while the guards hold her
back. Everyone leaves the court and Cherry stands there with a
determined and cunning look on her face.

At Shabd’s residence,
Shabd is wondering what happened to the tape but no one has a clue as
far as what may have happened to the tape. They conclude that the tape
was switched some time at night and that Cherry is not operating alone.
Moni on the other hand has a strange look on her face, lost in her
thought. Mahi tells everyone that it has to be someone from the family
to know how to enter and exit the house. Back at the Khurana’s
residence, the family is wondering how the tape was changed. Parmeet
tells them that since Cherry was in the jail at the time, then there has
to be someone associated in helping her. Parmeet adds that they have to
find the tape fast before it’s too late. Durga blames God for the
injustice in court. As she is cursing Cherry, Cherry comes home and says
that anything and everything that she does from now on will be right in
front of their eyes. The entire family is shocked to see her there.
Durga tells Cherry to leave their house but Cherry says she is not
leaving, because by law, she is still the daughter-in-law of the family
and Cherry challenges her. Durga goes to slap her and Cherry holds her

It appears that Cherry has an accomplice, as the person has
their ear on the ground for her when Jeet figure out that someone broke
into his room through the window to steal the tape. Jeet confirm his
doubt when he then finds a part of a key-chain outside the window and he
wonders if this piece of evidence can lead him to Cherry’s partner in
crime? Jeet takes the key-chain to the police. The inspector tells him
that the key-chain will serve as a starting point for their
investigator. He asks Jeet to keep the key-chain with him and that they
will continue to investigate the case.

Soni is leaving the Sareen
house. She hugs and takes blessings from the elders. Soni expresses her
gratitude to Mahi and the rest of the Sareen’s family. Shabd tells her
to take care of Veer’s last memory, his child. Mahi and Shabd tell her
that their house is her paternal house and she should feel free to visit
them whenever she wants to. Soni leaves with Mr. and Mrs. Khurana.
While Jeet and Parmeet are talking, Jeet tells him that he found a minor
lead to the culprit and Parmeet asks him what it is. Jeet is about to
tell him when Lovely interrupts them and tells them Soni has returned.
Durga remember how she kicked Soni out and she stops Soni from stepping
into the house. She repents for her actions and says that she kicked her
out and that is why they are going through this. Durga does the Aarti
and brings Soni into the house as a daughter-in-law should be welcomed.
Soni takes her in-laws blessings. Everyone else hugs and welcomes Soni
back including Jyoti. Durga genuinely tells her that she did wrong
before but she asks Soni to start a new life in the house and she should
live in the house and not just her daughter-in-law but also as her
daughter. A lot of emotional scenes as Soni sees Veer’s picture with
garlands. Soni goes to her room and cries looking around. Durga comforts
her to stop crying and that she can understand her pains. Soni thanks
her for keeping the room as is because it is full of Veer’s memories and
that no-one can take from her. Durga asks her to rest and leaves. Soni
cries remembering her memories with Veer in the room while the song Tum
Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise from Tum Bin plays in the background.

Back at
Sareen House, Mahi, Shabd, and Jeet discussing that whoever is helping
Cherry is someone in the house. Meanwhile, someone is shown walking in.
As Mahi is talking, they see someone’s shadow behind the curtains and
then the doors closing. Shabd and Jeet open the door when someone pushes
Shabd down. He has a mask on and holds a gun to their face. The entire
family comes into the living room and the guy tells them all to keep
their hands up. He puts the gun to Shabd’s forehead and Mahi comes
forward to beg for Shabd’s life. The guy gets distracted and Shabd and
Jeet grab him. They are about to beat him when the guy tells Shabd to
please stop. Shabd gets curious and takes the mask off the guy. The guy
starts laughing and Shabd calls out his name “Angad”! He punches him in
the belly. Kamya also says he is never going to get straightened and
there is a light moment between them. Kamya calls him “Papeete ka ped”
and he calls her “Gobi ka phool”. Shabd inform them that Angad is his
friend from abroad and that they went to school together. There is more
nok-jhok between Angad and Kamya. Shabd introduces Angad to each member
of the family. Angad compliments Shabd on his choice (Mahi) and asks him
to find someone like her.

At Khurana residence, Soni is sleeping
when the alarm goes off. Soni by default says “Veer to wake up”…she
continues to wake him up and then says she have to get up. As she sits
up on the bed and sees herself in the mirror, she realizes the bitter
truth. The song from Baghban plays in the background (Mein yahan Tu
Wahan…Zindagi Hai Kahan). Soni cries and Durga watches her from the
door. She feels sorry for her seeing her in that condition, she comes in
and consoles Soni about the fact that it has been a month since Veer
passed away. Later, there is some kind of ceremony (Pooja) taking place
at the Khurana’s house. The guests begin coming in and leave their
bags/purses on a table by the entrance. Durga goes upstairs to bring
Soni down. The Khurana family does the pooja and the priest asks Jeet to
bring more Ghee when Jeet sees someone’s keys on the table near a bag.
He recognizes it has the other part of the key-chain. He wonders whose
keys they and as he realizes the person that has been helping Cherry is
currently at his house, he is determined to find out as he keeps watch
on them.

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