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Wednesday Update On My Lost Home

Back at the Khurana’s residence, the family is wondering how the tape
was changed. Parmeet tells them that since Cherry was in the jail at the
time, then there has to be someone associated in helping her. Parmeet
adds that they have to find the tape fast before it’s too late.
blames God for the injustice in court. Durga regrets bringing Cherry
into their home as she constantly brings pain and suffering to them. As
she is cursing Cherry, Cherry comes home and says that anything and
everything that she does from now on will be right in front of their
eyes. The entire family is shocked to see her there. Durga tells Cherry
to leave their house but Cherry says she is not leaving, because by law,
she is still the daughter-in-law of the family and Cherry challenges
her. Durga goes to slap her and Cherry holds her hand.

It appears
that Cherry has an accomplice, as the person has their ear on the
ground for her when Jeet figure out that someone broke into his room
through the window to steal the tape. Jeet confirm his doubt when he
then finds a part of a key-chain outside the window and he wonders if
this piece of evidence can lead him to Cherry’s partner in crime? Jeet
takes the key-chain to the police. The inspector tells him that the
key-chain will serve as a starting point for their investigator. He asks
Jeet to keep the key-chain with him and that they will continue to
investigate the case.

Soni is leaving the Sareen house. She hugs
and takes blessings from the elders. Soni expresses her gratitude to
Mahi and the rest of the Sareen’s family. Shabd tells her to take care
of Veer’s last memory, his child. Mahi and Shabd tell her that their
house is her paternal house and she should feel free to visit them
whenever she wants to. Soni leaves with Mr. and Mrs. Khurana. While Jeet
and Parmeet are talking, Jeet tells him that he found a minor lead to
the culprit and Parmeet asks him what it is. Jeet is about to tell him
when Lovely interrupts them and tells them Soni has returned. Durga
remember how she kicked Soni out and she stops Soni from stepping into
the house. She repents for her actions and says that she kicked her out
and that is why they are going through this. Durga does the Aarti and
brings Soni into the house as a daughter-in-law should be welcomed. Soni
takes her in-laws blessings. Everyone else hugs and welcomes Soni back
including Jyoti. Soni finally gets the deserved respect from her
mother-in-law, Durga as she genuinely tells Soni that she did wrong
before but she asks Soni to start a new life in the house and she should
live in the house and not just her daughter-in-law but also as her
daughter. A lot of emotional scenes as Soni sees Veer’s picture with
garlands. Soni goes to her room and cries looking around. Durga comforts
her to stop crying and that she can understand her pains. Soni thanks
her for keeping the room as is because it is full of Veer’s memories and
that no-one can take from her. Durga asks her to rest and leaves. Soni
cries remembering her memories with Veer in the room while the song Tum
Bin Jiya Jaye Kaise from Tum Bin plays in the background.

Back at
Sareen House, Mahi, Shabd, and Jeet discussing that whoever is helping
Cherry is someone in the house. Meanwhile, someone is shown walking in.
As Mahi is talking, calling everyone’s name in a dark home when they see
someone’s shadow behind the curtains and then the doors closing. Shabd
and Jeet open the door when someone pushes Shabd down. He has a mask on
and holds a gun to their face. The entire family comes into the living
room and the guy tells them all to keep their hands up. He puts the gun
to Shabd’s forehead and Mahi comes forward to beg for Shabd’s life. The
guy gets distracted and Shabd and Jeet grab him. They are about to beat
him when the guy tells Shabd to please stop and what is he doing
addressing him as friend. Shabd gets curious and takes the mask off the
guy. The guy starts laughing and Shabd calls out his name “Angad”! He
punches him in the belly. Kamya also says he is never going to get
straightened and there is a light moment between them. Kamya calls him
“Papeete ka ped” and he calls her “Gobi ka phool”. Shabd inform them
that Angad is his friend from abroad and that they went to school
together. There is more nok-jhok between Angad and Kamya. Shabd
introduces Angad to each member of the family. Angad compliments Shabd
on his choice (Mahi) and asks him to find someone like her.

Khurana residence, Soni is sleeping when the alarm goes off. Soni by
default says “Veer to wake up”…she continues to wake him up and then
says she have to get up. As she sits up on the bed and sees herself in
the mirror, she realizes the bitter truth. The song from Baghban plays
in the background (Mein yahan Tu Wahan…Zindagi Hai Kahan). Soni cries
and Durga watches her from the door. She feels sorry for her seeing her
in that condition, she comes in and consoles Soni about the fact that it
has been a month since Veer passed away. Later, Durga tells Parmeet
that today it is a month after Veer died and she decides to do a pooja
for the peace of her son’s soul. As the ceremony (Pooja) is taking place
at the Khurana’s house. The guests begin coming in and leave their
bags/purses on a table by the entrance. Durga goes upstairs to bring
Soni down. The Khurana family does the pooja as they put Veer’s in the
pooja and while the famly members are putting stuff in the fire, the
priest asks Jeet to bring more Ghee ( melted butter ). Jeet walks across
watching them when he sees someone’s keys on the table near a bag. He
recognizes it has the other part of the key-chain to the one he found
near his window. He is shocked. He wonders whose keys they are and as he
realizes the person that has been helping Cherry is currently at his
house, he is determined to find out as he keeps watch on them.

Everyone sit in the pooja while Jeet is looking around everyone and
trying to figure out who the culprit is. Shabd turns his head around and
looks at Jeet. He gets up, goes towards Jeet and calls out to him. Jeet
comes out of the trance with a yes. Shabd asks what is he doing and
remind him that they are asking for the melted butter (gee). Jeet tells
Shabd to please go and give it as he have just remembered an important
job and he need to do it. Shabds asks what job did he have. Jeet asks
him to just go and promise to tell him in a bit. Shabd goes with the gee
and sits down after giving it to his aunt Durga while Jeet walks around
and is looking for any clues to find out who the person is that is
helping Cherry. Jeet sits down near there where he can see the bag. He
says to himself that today they will definitely find out because who
ever picks up the bad is the person. The priest are praying and then say
that the Pooja was successful. He says now they all can stand up and
pray. Everybody finish praying and start to leave. Jeet quickly goes
towards the bags because the ladies are all going. He is waiting to see
who picks up the bag. Shabd comes up to him and asks what happened and
is it to do with the same matter? Jeet says they will know right now. He
turns his head while saying that and turns back to see the bag gone. He
is shocked and quickly runs towards the bags and searching for the bag
which he can’t find.

Then Shabd again asks what happened. Jeet asks for a
minute from him. He runs out while Shabd is trying to find out the
actual fact from him. Shabd is confused about what happened to him. Just
then, it’s raining out side and Durga and Soni are standing there with
umbrellas saying bye to all the ladies that attended the prayer. Durga
looks at Soni and is sad about everything that has happened. Jeet comes
running outside with the umbrella and is looking everyone for the bag
but can’t see anyone with it. He asks himself who could have taken the
bag. While Jeet is doing that, Cherry meanwhile is under an umbrella
watching all the people come out of the Khurana house, she says so
people are still making (matham) for Veer death and they should be since
he was the elder son and she is also the youngest daughter-in-law. She
is talking to someone whose face can’t be see yet. She further says
nobody remembers her or forgives her. She asks the mysterious person if
the person know that they took her out of her own house and that they
did not even think about how she must have felt as nobody cares about
her. She adds that the person that got her out of the house and far from
her husband is her. She points towards Soni and says they all think
that everything is finished and Cherry will not do anything but that is
their very big misconception. She vow never to leave their back easily
and that she will be very quickly to do her next attack.

Mahi, Shabd, his uncle and aunt saying bye to Soni and Durga. Shabd goes
up to Jeet and calls his name. He tells Jeet to just forget about
Cherry as she has no space or value in their lives and asks what will
she do by finding out who helped her? He further remind Jeet that they
have already lost their Veer. Jeet tells Shabd if they had the person
who helped her then they would have one evidence against her and they
could have made sure she got punished. He further tells Shabd that he
will not sit on one place until he catch the person who killed his
brother and swear not to spear that lady. Shabd’s uncle then calls Shabd
that they are getting late for their home. Shabd goes to meet them and
his uncle asks where Mohini is? Aunt Billo sees her coming and asks
where was she. Mohini says she just found someone she know and she used
to meet her in the mandir all the time. Mahi looks at her with
suspicious eyes. Aunt Billo says okay and tells them all to lets them
go. Soni and Durga turn to go in the house and just when Soni is about
to trip, Jeet calls out to her name. She just puts her shoe on and Jeet
advice her to be careful as the stairs are slippery. Durga tells Soni to
come and lovely address her as her child.

Shabd and his family
are sitting on the table eating while Mahi is serving everyone kheer.
Shabd’s aunt tells Mahi not to give her anymore because she will go fat
then. Mahi moves round to her seat and sits down. Shabd says it looks
like his brother likes the Kheer. Angad is seen eating the kheer so
nicely. Kamya says till when she remember he used to never eat Kheer.
Angad says that because he is eating proper Kheer today. Kamya and Shabd
smile. Angad praises Mahi that she is a great cook, especially her
Spinach Parathas are mind-blowing. Mahi says she did not make the
Spinach Parathas but Kamya made them. Angad looks at Kamya and gives her
appreciating looks. Kamya smiles at him. He says so she still remember.
Kamya says of course she remember and asks how could she forget the
person who used to take her tiffin in school. Kamya tells both her uncle
and aunt that whenever she had Spinach Parathas for lunch, her tifin
used to be robed. Aunt Billo smiles and everybody smiles listening to
the story. Kamya says she thought of making him Parathas today. Shabd
tells his friend to forget all this and asks where is he staying? Anagd
says the company have given him a whole pent house to live in and asks
if he can believe only one person living in a whole big pent house.
Shabd asks if he don’t think he is laughing so much and it’s not good to
laugh so much.

Angad tells Shabd that he is acting like a typical
married man. Mahi looks at Shabd and smiles. Angad asks Kamya if they
are allow to laugh aloud? Kamya says right. Angad asks what is right,
Kamya just looks at him. Angad asks who wants to laugh so much sadly. A
confused Mahi looks at him. Angad says its enough. Shabd who address his
friend as brother asks him if he is ready for marriage and he think he
is, otherwise he will stay a bachelor all his life. Angad tells him that
his dad has been nagging him about leaving the job and getting married
but because he has gone out for a few days he is okay, but when he comes
back it will start again, nagging him about getting married. Mahi asks
why don’t he get married and further asks him to tells them what sort of
girl is he looking for and they will find a girl for him. Shabd asks if
he will tells them what sort of a wife he want. Angads asks if he
should tell them. Shabd nods his head. Angad gets up and says he want a
life partner, a wife who is educated and modern but a girl who does not
forget her religion and upbringing. A girl that makes home lively which
makes him remember his mum. A girl that comes to a party with him that
does not look like a wife but girlfriend. A girl that looks innocent and
is very pretty. He want people to say that there is no girl like
Angad’s wife. Aunt Billo says unfortunately she have to say this that he
will be a bachelor for his life time because she is already married.
Everybody starts laughing.

Shabd’s uncle tells Billo to just leave it
because wherever she is married is a good place. Aunt Billo says it
burnt him. Shabd’s uncle tells Angad that the girl he is talking about
can be found in all the homes in Punjabi. Shabd says yes of course and
tells his friend to look at him as he have found Mahi. Mahi smile and
looks down. Shabd says actually in this matter he is lucky he have won
the lottery Angad never know so will his. Angad says who knows maybe he
might find his favourite wife

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