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Woman Of Steel 3 Episode 1: Vicenta, The Passionate Coyote

 The new series, Woman of Steel 3 kicks
off with Vicenta (Carolina Miranda) a coyote helping a bunch of people across
the border.  They seem to want to cross
over from Mexico to the United States through a river.  She has the help of a friend who she calls
Nacho and another one she seems to know well called Juan Pablo (Alejandro
Speintzer)  among those who want to cross
the border are children,  men and

There is a woman who is pregnant and
Vicenta asks her if she is sure she wants to do this or might repent.  She tells her that the only thing she will
regret is not giving her child a better future. As they all strip down she
tells them that they have exactly twenty minutes to cross before the border
patrol finds them. Meanwhile Daniel Philips (Luis Ernesto Franco)  is part of the gringo border patrol is with a
colleague of his as they patrol the border, 
all they find is evidence of dead potential crossers.  His colleague tells him that there is nothing
there but a bunch if Mexican ghosts. Daniel is looking at the river with
Vicenta has a flashback; she seems to be
saving up the money she is getting from the people who she is helping cross in
order to save her mother (Laura Flores). 
Her mother seems to be suffering from Cancer. She is willing to risk
everything for the sake of securing her mother’s life even if it means getting
caught. Her mother doesn’t want her to die because she thinks the biggest
tragedy in life would be a child dying before their parent but Vicenta is
prioritising her health. They all start crossing the river in a file making
sure no one is carried away by the water but a small boy is carried away and
Vicenta and Juan Pablo go after him and save him.  Just then at the Mexican side of the border,
Larry (Jose Maria Torre), part of the cartel headed by Indio comes over and
shoots Nacho who had remained behind with the hopes of seeing Vicenta in the
weekend. Vicenta is freaking out and wants to go back to check on Nacho but
Larry keeps on shooting at her that she has no choice but time swim away.  Meanwhile Juan Pablo swims towards the
direction of Larry and is captured by some of the men.  Indio comes out if the car still short, ugly
and oniony as always (it’s been a while) he is saying that nothing is so bad
that it can’t get worse. Juan Pablo then gets to meet the famous Indio and it
seems he and Vicenta hate him for apparently killing someone close to them.
They hate Narco Traficant’s in general. Indio takes JP away and it seems they
want to use him for some work that he doesn’t seem to really be into. 
Daniel Philips and his friend spot the
crossers and Daniel tells him with a Texas accent that they should probably go
down there and get all of them.  This
gringo seems to be a sadist because he comments that he always likes to catch
them wet. Some new guy looking all villainy called Chucho (Sergio Goyri) is
busy man handling his horse that seems to have refused to get out of the
vehicle and some familiar faces Manuel and Erik walk over to him to try and
tell him to tone it down a notch with the horse. Chucho tells him that no one
tells him how to handle his things, be it horses or people. Some unnamed girl
comes over and it seems she is Chuchos daughter, she tells her father to take
it easy on the horses and then it seems she is Chavas girlfriend.  She asks Erik and Manuel why Chava didn’t
come with them.  They tell her that he is
probably preparing a surprise for her. 
She thinks the surprise better be good because she has been calling him
but he hasn’t picked up. (She looks bratty and snobbish) Am not really sure
what Chava and Doriga are doing but they have brought some money to some judge
accompanied by some hottie (a guy) who’s calling Chava boss.  Meanwhile Memin from the telenovela, ‘For Love
and Justice’ is also in this show and is one of the kids who were captured by
Indio and his men. He is acting up but when he hears that they might take him
to some other people, he prefers to stay and work for Indio. Indio with his
dark humour is feeling sorry for the squinkly Chucho is convinced by Erik to go
to the horse racing event because there are so many people from the press over
there. Manuel and Erik talk about something the horse racing event has started
and it seems Chuchos horse is winning. 
Meanwhile Vicenta is helping the pregnant woman cross.  She is still crying over Juan Pablo being
caught by the Narcos.  Vicenta is
cheering her along the way encouraging her to keep going for the sake of her
unborn child. The woman is becoming a pain and she doesn’t want to cross.  The car that is supposed to take them across
since they are already in the States arrives and Vicentas cousin comes
out,  she warns them that the border
patrol are coming for them and the whole group starts running.  This stupid pregnant woman is stalling her,
the rest of the group runs swiftly but it seems the pregnant woman has
forgotten the bright future she wanted to give her child.  Vicenta tries to help her move faster but the
woman is stubborn.  Vicenta asks her what
is going on and she finally admits she can’t cross.  Daniel and his buddy are coming
closer…  They almost have them. Vicenta
is still trying to talk sense into her but the woman is stubborn, she can’t
leave without Juan Pablo.  Her cousin is
calling to her, Daniel’s colleague almost shoots at them but he tells him not
to because the woman is pregnant. Daniel catches Vicenta and is shocked that
she is the coyote. Vicenta tells him that the woman is pregnant and she will
hold him responsible if anything were to happen to her. Daniel thinks he’s
nabbed her but she takes out something that scares his horse and it throws him
down.  On getting up he points his gun to
the car but the face of the child inside looking through the window suddenly
turns into the face of a girl child and we are made to believe that this is a
fragment of Daniel’s imagination.  He
puts down his gun and lets them leave as his colleague catches the other lady. Meanwhile it seems Chuchos horse won. 
So Doriga and Chava who’s looking yummy
(both are looking gorgeous) have paid up the judge and finally it seems like
after three years in prison, Araceley is going to be free. Araceley is busy
singing for the inmates and afterwards she gets the news that she will be free,
she can’t believe it!!  Meanwhile it
seems the driver of the bus that Vicenta and the other crosses used was her
aunt and she feels disappointed that both the pregnant woman and Juan Pablo who
is the pregnant girl’s brother were not able to cross. She doesn’t know what
she will tell some woman called Rosario. Her aunt thinks the cop is hot, she’s
never seen him there before.  
Vicentas boyfriend seems to be Chuchos
son and the man seems to have Vicenta’s sick mum Eldemira locked up in his
house.  The guy is shirtless on a horse
as he remembers his sweet moments with V and how he told her that he lives her
and how they spent time together, they seem to be really in love. He gets news
that Eldemira isn’t doing well and rushes to her aid. Eldemira tells him that
she has a feeling that her daughter isn’t well and wants him to protect her
from his father.  Meanwhile along the
way,  Vicenta seems to be very happy
about finally leaving for the states with her mother if Chucho will ever allow
that (she isn’t planning in asking for his permission)  they will finally be able to reunite with her
aunt and cousin.   Daniel is talking to
the pregnant girl who we now know to be Aida, 
he tells her that the coyotes who use their money and force them to
cross even while pregnant are the ones to blame for exploiting them.  The woman tells him that she was never
forced. Daniel wants all information on that coyote. It’s sad for Aida that she
will have to give birth back in Mexico where she claims that the narcos don’t
give them space to breath. 
Juan Pablo is taken in with the rest of
the kidnapped people and through he tries to defy Indio, Indio has to remind
him who is boss.  They are “Washed) with
water with a huge pipe poor people (modern day slavery). 
Chava and Doriga are
taking Araceley out.  She comes out of
the prison and is shocked to see Sara. It’s just Chavas imagination.  He hugs Araceley, it’s a beautiful reunion
and tells him that he now a fully grown man and his mum would feel very proud
to see him like that.  Chava tells her
that he was her and felt as if his mother was near. Doriga asks whether he
won’t be getting a hug and Araceley hugs him. 
He carries her up and are they kissing?? 
 I don’t know when this
relationship even started but she’s calling him my love… I feel like I might
have skipped maybe the part when they fell in love!! So they tell Araceley that
Mario is alive and that’s why they needed her out sooner, Araceley wonders how
they even managed but she’s free and that’s all that matters.  Mario is introduced in the old fashion Mario
way, he must be shirtless with a woman 😂 the woman is braless and is
massaging him. He is now calling himself Gustavo and gets bad news about his
business. He also receives the news that Araceley is out of prison and you can
imagine is explosive reaction.  His
assistant suffers for it. 
Rosario (Oka Giner) is a prostitute and
is waiting for her siblings when Vicenta arrives. She gives her the bad news; her
brother disappeared in the river while her sister Aida was caught by the border
patrol. Meanwhile some cop is busy harassing Aida without considering the fact
that she is heavily pregnant. Daniel the good cop comes in and corrects him and
tells him to give for a doctor.  She is
only the victim of the coyote who exploit poor immigrants.  The other cop leaves and Daniel who is
gentler uncuffs Aida and tells her that she will tell him everything she
Erik is drinking with Chucho celebrating
the horse winning. Araceley comes back to the house and greets everyone
including Josephina and baby Manuel.  She
has a baby from her last encounter with Mario, a cute girl called Isabel.
Josephinas boy has also grown but it seems she is still after Erik and is
depressed that he is out having fun. 
Baby Manuel is still in the business of listening in on the cartels
conversation and hears Onion man talking to someone over the phone,  he thinks the person sounds a lot like Chucho
and thinks that Chucho is actually having businesses with Indio.  He tells this to Doriga who btw is just
looking amazing with Araceley.  
Chava comes over to apologise to his
oversabi overgrown baby of a girlfriend who is pregnant (or thinks she is)  she is even telling him that the baby is
kicking and Chava tells her that it’s impossible since she’s only a few weeks
pregnant. Chucho her father comes in and the girl is acting sad,  Chucho doesn’t want Chava doing anything that
would hurt his daughter. Chava doesn’t look happy with this bratty kid. 
Tutiparrot is still alive and
kicking.  She is staying inside some
small house poor thing with her little dolls and obviously hasn’t paid rent for
some time.  Her landlord comes over,  the guy is fatter than a hippo and Tuti still
having that sex appeal tells him he can pay him another way meanwhile some big
shot,  the guy looks rich seems to have
seen Tuti in a commercial and wants her, 
he thinks she is exactly what he needs. 
(Her luck might be about to change.)
Poor JuanPablo and the small boy seem to
be really suffering at the hands of Indio and his idiots…
Vicenta talks to Rosario who tells her
that she knows her sister is head strong. Vicenta promises her that she is
going to get her across but both don’t think they are ever going to see JP
again. Her boyfriend comes over and she is worried that her mother might be
dead.  He tells her that everything is
okay.  Daniel is busy describing the
coyote woman to some artist who draws a perfect drawing of her.  Meanwhile Vicenta changes her appearance with
a blonde wig, some very light foundation and green contacts.  She is calling herself Margaret Thompson and they’re
on their way back to Mexico with her boyfriend. 
Daniel Philips is Manning the cars that are passing across and Vicenta
spots him.  She is scared that Daniel
might recognise her from their confrontation at the border.  He reaches their car and asks if he has seen
her before,  Vicenta pretends that she
can’t speak Spanish even though her English is wanting  he shows them the drawing of the girl and
Vicenta tells him they have not seem anyone like that. He almost let’s them go
but changes his mind and gets her boyfriend out if the car in a hurry to frisk
him.  Vicenta is worried and tells him
that she can show him her passport. She takes it out and gives it to him. They are now face to face so worried he’s gonna recognize her.

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