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Monday Update On Bride With Benefits Episode 1 – 2

The story of this brand starts in Chaibasa, a district set up in
Jharkhand. The story revolves around Payal who is a PWD officer
engineer. People are shown praising Payal and asking their children to
become like Payal who is the heart and pride of her family that has a
heart of gold too.
Payal’s parents enter home angrily and Payal’s mother
enters the room and sees her son Rajat’s spouse dancing on Bollywood
tracks. Payal’s mother starts criticizing her daughter-in-law, but
somehow, Bhuvneshwar Rai her husband interrupts and controls the
situation and sends their daughter-in-law to get water. Rajat, Payal’s
brother, comes out and asks what happened. She asks him to control his
wife. Payal’s sister Neelu interferes. Payal’s mother scolds her also
for wearing shorts and playing volleyball. Neelu jokes that she would
have worn sari, but it is not yet pressed and ready. Everyone start
laughing. Payal comes to her sister-in-law’s rescue and calms her mother
down and tells her that Rajat’s wife was listening to few recordings
from her office function. Payal’s mother asks her not to support her
sister-in-law and Payal’s father lightens the situation by taking their
portrait. Later, Mr. Lal enters who happened to be Bhuvneshwar Rai.
Bhuvneshwar Rai, Payal’s father asks Payal to get snacks for him as his
friend has come. Payal gets him water and snacks. Mr. All praises and
tells Payal that she is an inspiration for the girls living in Chaibasa
and then taunt that Rajat is not doing his insurance agent job properly
and he is being blamed for hiring him.

Payal get her salary and
she distributes it to the whole family. She also gives pocket money to
her father, he says he earns alot, so he does not need pocket money. She
convince him that he spends the whole salary on his family and not
himself, so it is his turn to enjoy some pocket money. Bhuvneshwar Rai
is impress with his daughter and blessings her.

During lunch,
Payal’s father praises her. Payal’s mother asks Payal why she give
pocket money to her daughter-in-law. Payal notices Rajat eating angrily
and to lighten his mood, she says her half salary is kept idle in her
account and that she is planning to buy insurance policy for her
sister-in-law and Neelu and to get Rajat some business. Her mother
agrees that she can buy her sister-in-law’s policy but not Neelu as she
will be married soon and leave. Bhuvneshwar Rai asks his son Rajat about
his insurance policy business. But Rajat shouts at him, taunt his
father that he enjoy and leave off his daughter’s salary and walks into
his room asking his wife to get the food in his room. Bhuvneshwar Rai
sadly looks out at the terrace as he is upset with what his son say
about him. Payal comes there in order to comforts him and tries to cheer
him up. He asks if there is any defect in his upbringing. She asks why
is he asking and thinking when his both daughters are collector and
sports teacher and they are both doing well. He then asks why is Rajat
on a wrong path. Payal says in every person’s life, a bad phase comes
and it ups and downs will pass through soon. Neelu walk in and says
tomorrow they have to get up early as it is her sister-in-law’s birthday

The next morning, the entire family (Bhuvneshwar Rai
and his wife, Payal and Neelu wishes their daughter-in-law happy.
Bhuvneshwar asks his daughter-in-law what gifts she needs but his wife
says there no need for overspending. Bhuvneshwar says the gift will be
at home itself. Neelu suggests going to a fancy place to eat. Payal’s
mother says she will prepare chinese at home itself. Neelu says she
doesn’t want to eat colored noodles and her mother gives in. An uncle
comes in with gifts from the lab for everyone and Payal’s mother taunts
her husband that he is the principal and his lab boy is able to give
them gifts every time and he isn’t able to. Her husband reveals that he
steals them from the lab. The uncle asks Bhuvneshwar to not reveal his
secret in front of everyone. He then says everyone is saying that both
of them are enjoying Payal’s salary instead of getting her married.
Payal’s mother yell at her husband and taunts him for not getting Payal
married. Bhuvneshwar says he cannot get his daughter married to any
incapable person he sees. Just then, Payal walks into the house and
leaves with her files. Payal’s mother asks the uncle to find a suitable
match for Payal. He asks where is Rajat. Payal goes to a river bank on
official work and she sees Rajat busy gambling with his friends there.
Payal is shocked to see him gambling there.

Payal seeig
her brother Rajatt on the bank of river gambling with his friends.
Police reach the spot to arrest all the gamblers. Rajath runs into
water, but the police arrests him. The Inspector asks the constable to
kick him into the van. Payal who rush to rescue her brother reaches the
spot and the inspector recognizes her. She asks what did they do. He
says he got a complaint that some people were gambling. She asks if he
found money with money. He says no. She says that means they were not
gambling and were just playing cards. The inspector releases Rajat but
pushes him on the floor. Rajat leaves in his bike while Payal follows
him in her government car to calm him down. Neelu calls her and asks her
to come home right now.

Payal reaches home hurriedly. Neelu says
the groom’s family is coming with her alliance and she is surprised to
hear that. Payal’s mother tells her that her uncle brought this alliance
in a hurry and she could not inform her. Bhuvneshwar asks her to meet
the bride once friendly. The groom’s family comes and Payal’s uncle and
parents greet them in. The groom’s uncle asks Bhuvneshwar when his
daughter has become PWD engineer, why is he staying in college quarters.
Payal’s uncle says Bhuvneshwar likes simplicity. The groom uncle asks
to bring the bride soon. Neelu cracks jokes and tries to cheer Payal up.
Payal’s mother comes there and asks Payal to come out soon. Payal comes
with snacks. The groom likes her and smiles. Payal’s uncle introduces
her and Neelu. Her uncle asks the groom’s parents to question Payal.
They question her about her studies. Then, the groom’s father asks
Bhuvneshwar how much did he spend on Payal’s studies. Bhuvneshwar says
his daughter was always brilliant in studies. The groom’s father says
they have to talk first about dowry and says he has spent 50 lakhs on
his son’s studies, so he needs more than 50 lakhs as dowry. Bhuvneshwar
gets angry hearing that and says he made mistake by wasting their time,
so this relationship cannot happen. The groom’s father says if he
continues this arrogant attitude, his daughter will be unmarried for
life. Bhuvneshwar says they are his guests, so he is being soft on them
and says he could not save money for his children, but their education
is their biggest gift and strength. The groom’s people walk out angrily
yelling at Payal’s uncle and Bhuvneshwar.

Payal’s mother yells at
her husband Bhuvneshwar for breaking the alliance. Bhuvneshwar says he
does not want to marry his daughter in butcher’s family and her
education is her biggest dowry, and adds that he will not discuss about
marriage from today. Neelu says she called Rajat many times, but he is
not picking call. Rajat comes home. Payal’s mother asks him where was he
as the groom’s people had come with Payal’s alliance. She asks him to
get ready for dinner outing to celebrate his wife’s birthday. He says he
does not want to go and walks into his room. Payal goes to console him.
He says he is a waste body and does not want to burden her, and even if
he comes to the restaurant with her, people will pay attention to her.
She tries to convince him, but he continues yelling at her.
sadly comes out of the room after speaking to Rajat and telling Indu
that her husband Rajat’s mood is not good due to the client issue, so
they should drop their lunch outing plan. Bhuvneshwar says today is his
daughter-in-law’s birthday, so they should not cancel it. He tells his
daughter-in-law that Payal is right, as she will go and prepare food.
Bhuvneshwar gets sad but did not show it. Later at night, Neelu knocks
Rajat’s room door and tells her sister-in-law that her mother is calling
her. She then takes her to the terrace where Payal is waiting with
decoration and surprise. She gets very happy seeing the surprise. Payal
makes her cut the birthday cake and sings happy birthday to her. They
all 3 dance happily on the song….Hum to aise hain bhaiya.

The next
morning, Bhuvneshwar asks his daughter-in-law Indu to get her tea. He
sees the news paper and shouts Rajat to come out. Once Rajat comes, he
says now he realized why he did not go out to celebrate his
daughter-in-law’s birthday. Indu asks what happened. He shows her the
news in newspaper of Rajat’s arrest for gambling. He asks Rajat to learn
from Payal that she protected him at home and did not utter anything.
Rajat says she felt ashamed to call him brother when the police arrested
him. Bhuvneshwar says he is insane to think that his sister think that
way of him and instead of being ashamed he is blaming Payal. Rajat’s
boss comes there and says he has sunspended Rajat and asks him to come
and finish his discharge formalities. Rajat tells his wife Indu that he
does not like insurance job and wants to start transport business, so
she should get him at least 1 vehicle. Indu informs her father-in-law
Bhuvneshwar, but he does not agree to spend 10-12 lakhs on Rajat. Payal
asks her assistant to help her buy a commercial vehicle on loan. He
gives her Bharath motors address.

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