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Tuesday Update On Bride With Benefits Episode 45 – 47

Rajesh threatens to let the truth out but Jagadev has plans for him,
plans which run the risk of fully exposing his deceit to everyone.
Guddi goes back to the marriage hall after leaving Rajesh under Aditya
and his goons’s clutch. She sees Payal missing from the stage and asks
Payal’s uncle Guddan where are sister-in-law is.
He says she and other
ladies have gone for tree pooja outside. She gets tensed that Payal will
see Rajesh and rushes out saying she will call her. Payal while
performing pooja hears Rajesh’s plea for help while being beaten by
Aditya’s goons and walks towards him. Jagadev asks Aditya to stuff
Rajesh’s mouth and beat him. Payal walks nearby, but Guddi stops them
till Aditya and his goons hide Rajesh so that when Payal’s sees the
place, there won’t be anyone. Guddi and Santoshi force her and take her
from there. Once they leave, Aditya and Jagadev come out and Jagadev
thanks his son Aditya for handling the situation on time and asks him to
take Rajesh from here until the marriage finishes peacefully.

Dev feels uneasy not finding anyone and takes his father-in-law Balaram,
Rajath, and Guddan to check outside. He sees his father sending someone
in the car and asks who was it. Jagadev says Rajesh drank heavily and
was badmouthing about Payal and Neelu, so he sent him out from here. Dev
says he cannot believe Rajesh can do this. Jagadev asks if he thinks he
is lying. Dev says no and takes everyone in. Indu takes Payal to her
room and asks her to relax until the rituals start. Balaram comes in and
praises Jagadev that he handled the situation well and is very strong
in his values. Indu asks what happened. He says Rajesh got inebriated
and was badmouthing about Payal and Neelu, so he sent him out from
there. Payal says she canot believe Rajesh can do this after apologizing
to her. Dev on the other side tells his junior vamp Guddi, that he
cannot believe Rajesh can do this as he is his childhood friend. Guddi
says everyone cannot be good like him.

Dev thinks his father is
handling the whole situation alone, so he should call Aditya and Goonjun
soon. He calls Goonjun and asks when will she come. She asks where is
he. He asks her not to joke and says he is in Chaibasa in his marriage.
She is shocked to hear that and asks with whom. He asks to stop joking
and says with Payal Rai, PWD engineer, and asks where is she. Just then,
he sees his brother Aditya and children and asks if she is giving him
surprise and asks her to come out.
Dev tells his sister-in-law
that he can see Aditya and his children but not her and asks her to come
out. Goonjun angrily cuts the call. Dev then hugs Aditya and
thechildren and asks where his sister-in-law is. Mithilesh on the other
side tells Goonjun that Aditya and the children are not in the hotel
room. Goonjun says she knows they are not in the hotel and that she
knows where they are now. He asks where did they go then. She says
Chaisbasa and tells her senior brother that Aditya trapped her here to
not reach Chaibasa and tells how the whole incident happened where she
slaps the constables and being brought here. She says he profusely did
this. Meanwhile, Santoshi gets happy seeing Aditya’s children and hugs
them. Jagadev also hugs him and introduces Aditya and children to Guddan
and others. Guddan says he saw him in haldi from a distance. Dev asks
where his sister-in-law is. The children say their mother is in jail.
Aditya and Jagadev get tensed. Aditya asks Guddi to take the children
and feed them something and tells them that Goonjun joked that she is
stuck in Mumbai, so the children said that. Everyone smile. Dev insist
to call his sister-in-law but his father and brother stop him.

Dev and Payal’s marriage rituals start. During marriage rituals, the
priest asks Guddan to bring water mug as he is the bride’s uncle. Guddan
slips and mug falls down. Seeing that water mug falls as a bad sign.
The priest says it is bad sign. Everyone get tensed and Indu angrily
looks at Guddan but Balaram says nothing to worry and asks Guddan to
bring one more mug. He brings it and performs the pooja. After pooja,
Indu starts crying and says a big omen happened and yells at Guddan.
Balaram says when things are happening peacefully, why is she worried
about the Shagun and bad sign and asks her not to blame Guddan. Payal
consoles her mother and says everyone are so busy and working hard for
her marriage, then just one mug cannot ruin it. Payal’s backs his
daughter up. Indu relaxes and asks Alka to take care of Payal and make
her fast till morning as the marriage muhurath is of 4:30 a.m.

Aditya takes out his family and describes how he made a drama and sent
Goonjun into jail to attend Dev’s marriage. Santoshi starts her usual
overacting. Jagadev says he played a nice drama and trapped Rai family
and they think him as a great person. Jaiswal praises him too. Jagadev
says once Payal marries Dev, he will get regular income from her and
enjoy life. He says Goonjun should not come here. Aditya calls the
inspector and asks when will his wife Goonjun get bail. The inspector
says she will not get bail until court opens on Monday. Jagadev and the
whole family jump in happiness hearing this.

Dev while marriage
rituals insisting Guddi to call Goonjun. She informs her father who asks
her to tell it to Aditya. On the other hand Aditya is busy with his
goons who say they have finished Rajesh and asks what to do next. He
asks them to guard outside. Guddi informs him that Dev is insisting to
meet Goonjun. He says instead of solving problem himself, he has left it
on him now. He asks her to tell Dev that he is waiting outside for
Goonjun and once she comes, he will bring her. She informs Dev who says
he himself will go and receive Goonjun, but Guddi somehow controls him.
Jagadev asks Santoshi if she had thought she would see this day. She
says they had to do a lot of drama for this day. He asks her to go home
to welcome her new daughter-in-law once the pheras start. Aditya comes
in and signals his father that he will set the things right.

Suddenly a power goes off. Dev asks them to start the generator or bring
petromax at least. Indu yells that another bad sign started now. A
person wearing colorful clothes is seen entering marriage hall with
petromax. Jagadev asks to restart the mantras. Payal insists Neelu and
Alka to go and see the marriage rituals. They go out. Just when Jagadev
feels he has got away with everything, an unexpected guest crashes the
wedding with colourful clothes enters Payal’s room and locks the door
from insists. Payal in her room thinks Neelu has come, but she sees a
man comes in and locks door from inside and asks who is he. The person
removes her cap to reveal herself and it turns out to be Goonjun. She
says she is Goonjun. Payal reminisces Dev telling her his
sister-in-law’s name as Goonjun and tells her that she knows her.
Goonjun says she does not know her well and says her father-in-law
Jagadev and his family would have boasted them as too good and she as a
villian, but the reality is Jagadev and his family are greedy and con
people and will ruin her life. Payal thinks she is lying and asks her to
go from here. Payal says she knows she does not like Kagadev and his
family but they are against divorce. Goonjun says she came under
Jagadev’s trap and says they are too greedy and would do anything for
dowry, they took 1 crore cash (10 million) and truck full of goods from
her brother, so she started troubling them and when she slapped Guddi,
Jagadev made drama and sent her and Aditya out.

Dev sees Aditya
standing silently behind the pillar and asks the children to call their
father. They go and bring Aditya to the mantap who sits next to Dev.
Jagadev gets tensed and tells Santoshi he wants the marriage to finish
soon before his true colors are out. Goonjun meanwhile tells Payal if
she does not believe her, she takes her children’s oath and says in the
world, no mother would take her children’s wrong oath. Payal asks her
not to take fake oath of her children to prove her words. Goonjun says
she has gone blind and says she came to alert her, but she is hell bent
to be blind. She further says that all the car, house, etc are given by
her brother. Payal says Dev told her already that Aditya wanted dowry
and not her parents.

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