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Zee World: Happening This Week On Sacred Ties

Below is a brief summary of what is expected next week on Sacred Ties showing Monday to Sunday, April 16 – 22 on Zee World.

Monday 16 April 2018
Episode 51

Archana and Vaishali arrive at the hospital trying to find out what had happened
to Sachin, but the painful truth is everyone holds Archana responsible for what
happened to Sachin.

Tuesday 17 April 2018
Episode 52

Varsha goes to Manav’s garage with the hope of making Manav forgive Archana by telling him everything. Shalini tells Manav that even though she never married Sachin, he left her with a part of him.

Wednesday 18 April 2018
Episode 53

Varsha tells Satish that the only way to help Archana and Manav reconcile is to put up a false act of them getting engaged. Mr. Girish tells Savita that the only solution to their problem is for Manav to marry Shalini.

Thursday 19 April 2018
Episode 54

Savita pays the family a sudden surprise visit to hand over a gift from Sachin before passing on. Varsha and Satish work together to prevent Archana and Manav’s divorce from being finalised.

Friday 20 April 2018
Episode 55

Vinod gives back the money Rasika was about to give him all because the three sisters worked hard and made sacrifices to help him instead. Manav discovers that the wedding necklace he gave to Archana is now in his possession.

Saturday 21 April 2018
Episode 56

It’s the day of the court hearing, but what Archana says in court leaves everyone speechless. Archana reveals that it has been proven to her that Manav was framed by Ajit after hearing the voice recording of Ajit and Shankar’s conversation.

Sunday 22 April 2018
Episode 57

Archana is faced with a tough decision, whether to leave her parents’ home and go and stay with Manav or not. Manav tells Archana that things have changed and he has decided to marry Shalini.

Sacred Ties airs on Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 20h00.

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