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Friday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 211 – 212

Kunj goes to check her inside their room. Yuvi refer Twinkle as his baby asking where she is ? Leela tells Anita that if anything happens to her daughter then she swear that she will not spare her and her son.
Yuvi proudly says Twinkle is shy, they have nuptials night remaining, he calls Twinkle baby that her Yuvi is calling her and asking where she is? Twinkle is seen walking on the road, Jag Suna Suna Laage song plays in the background, she recalls how she fell in Kunj’s arms on their first meeting, how Kunj saved her life time and again, how they celebrated Karvachauth, how he took care of her, she recalls time spent with Kunj, their engagement, how Kunj promised to be with her always. She recalls her marriage with Yuvi, she cries. Anita says to the guests that they invited them on short notice and they came. She adds that they want to invite them on tomorrow’ function, Yuvi says he couldn’t celebrate any function with Twinkle so they will have ring ceremony tomorrow. Leela comes there and says this is difference between him and Kunj, he is searching for Twinkle everywhere and here he is talking about this cheap marriage? Anita says whatever, they are worried about tomorrow’s function and she don’t want to spoil it so Leela can do anything but to find Twinkle. Leela leaves angrily from there.

Twinkle comes to the temple, she looks at Mata Rani and cries, she says she can’t wear wedding chain of Yuvi’s name, she hate him, she breaks her wedding chain and throws it away. Kunj comes there and says she kept bearing everything alone and didn’t even tell him anything, she should have atleast told him once and she could have tried to tell him. Twinkle runs to him and hugs him tightly, he hugs her back, Twinkle cries. Kunj says when shr went from Mandap, he went to their room and found this wedding chain. He tells her to look at the wedding chain which he gave her and this is the proof of their love and trust, he tells her not to let it go away from her, he makes her wear it, Sajna Ve song plays in the background, she smiles. Kunj says they were always together and they will remain together, they can’t be separated as their relation is made by God and these relationship can’t be broken like this, till his breath will go on, their relationship will remain intact and nobody can break it. Twinkle tries to explain to Kunj as to how Yuvraj cheated her and apologize to him that she wanted to tell him everything. Kunj stops her and wipes her tears, he calms Twinkle down and tells her that he can understand everything and she don’t have to give any explanation as her eyes are telling him the whole truth. He questions Twinkle that why did she ask Yuvraj to donate blood, she kept bearing everything alone, she trusted that cheap guy Yuvi for his blood, she could have told him, and they would have handled it together. Twinkle apologize to him that they didn’t had time and he needed blood. She says they found blood donor and then explains him as to how Anita Luthra bribed the donor and sent him away. She couldn’t understand anything, all she wanted is to save his life, she can go to any extent to save his life, she took Yuvi as his blood donor as she didnt have any other choice. Twinkle further tell him that she knew Yuvi was upto something, she had doubt on him but she didn’t know that he would stoop so much low and will do something like this, she again tell Kunj that she is sorry, she cries. Kunj holds her hand.

Kunj emotionally faces Twinkle, dressed as a bride, as they both eye each other romantically. Just then, her mother comes there and the rest of the family. She rushes to hug her daughter, while Twinkle fights back her tears. While hugging she vehemently apologises, for the situation that she is in. She asks Twinkle if she is okay, blaming herself, saying that she knew Yuvi and his mother could stoop down to any level, but she couldn’t save her daughter from becoming the ridicule of the town. She begs for her forgiveness, while Twinkle cries. Kunj says tell his mother-in-law that it’s not her fault Yuvi and she shouldn’t blame herself, as they are like that and are disgraceful people and if they hadn’t done it, they would have done something else but they would have spoiled the relationship. Bebe comment as to what they will do now, as they have planned this thoroughly. Usha says they have crossed all limits of shamelessness now. She informs them that they want Yuvi and Twinkle ring ceremony to happen. Leela gets furious and tells them that they would lodge a complaint with the police and put an end to this fake marriage of Twinkle and Yuvraj and that they will go to the court to prove that the marriage is a fake but Twinkle says that it won’t do any good, since Yuvi tricked her into marrying, and that now she will teach him a lesson in his own language. Leela asks her not to do this, as it’s no use, since Yuvi won’t understand it and is not trustworthy. Usha agrees with Leela. Twinkle says that she loves Kunj and will always be his wife, and Bebe’s daughter-in-law, but she needs to pretend to happily be Yuvi’s wife. Seeing that Twinkle decides to pretend to be Yuvraj’s wife, Kunj however supports her saying that he has faith on her and their love, and will fully support Twinkle in her plan to outsmart Yuvi. He begs them to be with her on this. They finally comply to help them, and all pledge vengeance and protection of their family from the attack of Yuvi and his mother. Twinkle says she will go through all the rituals of the marriage with Yuvi, she will teach him a lesson and show him what it means to be tricking Twinkle into marrying him.

At Yuvi’s residence, Twinkle eyes Kunj’s wedding picture with her, and gets nostalgic, as she dons the vermillion on her forehead, in his name. Yuvi comes in just then, and demanding his rights as a husband, he asks her to change her perfume since he doesn’t like it much. Twinkle who decide to show him what it is like to be forcefully marry to him fumes but suppresses her anger, and tries to convince him, that what happened to her was so sudden and shocking, that she needs to recuperate. She agrees to come down to today’s function, as his wife, but he should give her space. She stoically says that she needs sometime and that she will adjust to this new turn her life has taken. He says that she can have and take all the time that she needs, but she needs to ensure that, she doesn’t try any smartness or shrewdness as then he wouldn’t tolerate it and it won’t be good for her.
She silently complies and asks him to leave while she gets ready. He complies.

Later in the evening party, Twinkle finally descends down, dressed up for the function. Yuvi smirks, and extends his hand for her, but she pretends that her sandal strap is open, he bends down and gets it right, and then gives her his hand yet again, but she pretends to be oblivious of it, and walks away. he is tensed but nevertheless complies and walks after her, as they take their place on the stage. Meanwhile, Leela, and Bebe too arrive at the funtcion, and tensedly take their place. But Anita, with the intention of humiliating them, purposely attends to more of her guests, and gets them to the place where they are sitting, and makes them move from there, saying that this is reserved for her special guests. They are mortified, but comply nevertheless. Anita smirks with satisfaction. As the evening proceeds, Anita asks Leela to get the cake. Leela is in rage, but doesn’t say anything. She silently complies and brings it. Twinkle gets an idea, and intentionally making it look like an accident, she trips Anita, and she falls right on the cake, while trying to maintain her balance. The guests are amused, while Twinkle and her family enjoy the fun as his mother’s face gets smeared totally with cake, while all are amused. Yuvi watches the entire drama tensedly, while Twinkle eyes her satisfied. He is about to rush down to his mother, but Twinkle stops him. She asks Yuvi to wait, as she will help her mother-in-law, being an ideal daughter-in-law. she comes to her, and says that she will clear it. While all are amused, in the garb of cleaning it, she smears cake on her face all the more. Twinkle and her family is thoroughly amused. Yuvi’s mother frustratedly asks them to begin the ceremony, while she herself gets tissue papers to clean her face. Twinkle takes her place beside Yuvi on the stage. He is tensed and looks on the side table, to see that there is just one ring box and is shocked. He asks his mother where the ring box is. She says that it was right there. Twinkle is calm and cool, as she points the ring, stuck at the ceiling of the chandelier. He and his mother are surprised to see it there. A determined Twinkle thinks that now he will understand what it means to marry Twinkle Kunj Sarna. Yuvi tried to get the ring from the chandelier, he climb on the men shoulder but he couldn’t and fall down. Everyone make fun of him. He angrily stand up and just when he is about to climb the men for support, Kunj runs there and climb the men. He manages to get hold of the chandelier and get the ring out of it. Everyone praises him. Kunj kneel down in front of Twinkle and put the ring in her finger in the present of everyone present there. Both Yuvi and Anita are shocked while the Sarna’s family are very happy. Anita try to protest but Cherry stuck a piece of cake in her mouth. On seeing this, Yuvi is more angry as everyone is making fun’s of him and his mom.

Yuvi sees that his engagement ring is missing, Yuvi says the ring box was here. Twinkle says it’s there, she shows him the box on chandelier near the roof and says it’s there, she recalls when Anita fell on the cake, her mom hide the ring in themess and they placed it on the chandelier. Yuvi asks how did it reach there? Twinkle says how would she know and tells him to bring it down. Yuvi asks why him and how can he go there? Twinkle says he claim that he love her and he can’t even bring a ring for her? He asks if he don’t want to get engaged to her and order him to bring it down. Yuvi gets tensed, Yuvi’s friends tells him to show their sister-in-law that he have guts and they are with him. His friends team up and makes pyramid so that Yuvi can jump over them and bring the ring down but Yuvi is tensed, Twinkle smirks. Bebe thinks that Yuvi can’t bring down the ring, she will do something, she comes to the human pyramid and puts grease on the floor near their feet. Yuvi climbs the human pyramid, he comes closer to chandelier and is about to get the ring but on seeing this, Bebe says she just pray that he falls down and break his leg and die, all look on shocked. Just then, people are slipping due to the grease on the floor. Anita confidently tells Yuvi that he can do it. Yuvi extends his hand to get the ring but human pyramid falls down due to the slipping, Yuvi falls on them and all laugh at him. Bebe thanks God for all this, Cherry, Anand and all laugh. Twinkle makes sad face to Yuvi, she shows him thumbs up to try again, she tells him to come on and asks what happened that he lost in such small thing? She reminds him that people do so much for love and he can’t even do this? And that he was saying big things on their marriage day and asks him what happened now? She further taunts him if he is injured after falling down?. In order to upset him,  she says if it was her Kunj in his place then not even chandelier, he would have brought the ring from the sky for her. Yuvi’s friends make pyramid again and just when Yuvi is about to climb them again, Kunj comes there, he runs and jumps on the human pyramid, he holds the chandelier before the pyramid falls down, all are happy to see him, Bebe pray long live her lion. Kunj is hanged to the chandelier, he looks at Twinkle, Twinkle passes flying kiss to him, Yuvi and Anita can’t believe Kunj’s guts, Bebe says Kunj is her Dharmendar, Kunj moves up and takes the ring and passes flyinf kiss to Twinkle, Sajna Ve song plays in the background. Kunj jumps from the chandelier and land on the ground safely. Cheery proudly says long live their lion. Anita has her mouth wide open seeing his stunt. Kunj gets up, he comes to Twinkle and says she was right, not just this ring from the chandelier, he can do anything for her, he can bring anything, he sits on his knees and asks if he may? Twinkle extends her hand, Kunj makes her wear the ring and kisses her hand, Sajna Ve song plays in the background. Yuvi fumes in anger seeing this. Anita asks what the hell and just when she try to protest for her son, Cherry stuck cake in her mouth and says she isspitting poison but she is eating sweets. Twinkle asks Yuvi if he can see that her relationship with Kunj is not fake or not based on cheating, nothing can break their relationship. She tell him to listen to her carefully that he may have made relationship with her by cheating but she don’t accept this relationship and she don’t believe in it’s existence, she was and she is Kunj’s wife and life partner for births. She further tells him to listen to her that she was just faking everything till now but now she will make his life hell, she will frustrate him so much that he will plead for his life and this was just a trailer and tells him to get ready for full picture, Yuvi looks on tensed as Twinkle insults him and his mom really badly at the ceremonies.

Later, Twinkle is at home alone, she calls Kunj up and informs him that she is fine and  he should come after mandir darshan, she ends the call and the lights go off. Twinkle looks around, Yuvi comes there and says he is her husband, he grabs her hand and twists it, he reminds her that he told her to not play games with him and asks what she thought that she will insult him and his mom and he will bear it silently? Yuvraj tries to threaten her that now he will hurt her Kunj and her whole family will pay for your deeds, Twinkle takes a knife in her hand and warn him to stay away from her. Yuvi asks if she is trying to scared him with this knife? He asks if she will kill him? He further threatened her to kill him but Twinkle instead of hurting him cuts her hand and starts screaming, everyone come there. Twinkle tells them her husband has cut her hand, adding that he and his mom does so much violence on her and that they are so cruel, she cries. Yuvi gets tensed and says to the family that she is lying and he didn’t do anything. Twinkle says her husband has cut her hand and asks what can she do? She sheds crocodile tears and hints on her mom. Leela understands she is trapping Yuvi, Bebe says husband tried to beat wife and he should be jailed, they threatened to call the police, Twinkle laughs and asks Yuvi how was her acting? She tells him that it was all a prank and now she address him as her fake husband to think if this video leaks, then what will happen to his respect? Twinkle further warns Yuvi that if he try to misbehave with her or her family again and now that his video is recorded, she can leak it across the internet and they both won’t be able to show face to anyone and will file strong domestic violence case on him and his mother, they both will remain in jail for life and proudly says she is Twinkle, she just dont warn, she do what she say, Anita is stunned as Twinkle threatens to file for a domestic violence case on them. Kunj tells Twinkle that she is a great actor and she should try acting. Bebe says she did right, they should know that they are not weak. Leela says they know they are cheap and can do anything and they can’t leave Twinkle alone. Usha says she is right, that Yuvi can try to harm Twinkle when they are not around and this is a dangerous game. Twinkle says they both are right, he will try to do something in mehendi function but what they have, he doesn’t have. Kunj says it’s motherly love, infact they have love of two moms, their blessing will keep them safe and, it’s Yuvi who should shiver in fear, he hugs his mother and Leela, Twinkle hugs them too, they have group hug when Kunj tickles Twinkle’s back while hugging everyone, Twinkle feels tickling and moves here and there, they laugh on her.

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