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Monday Update On King Of Hearts 2 Episode 556 – 558

Things have changed a lot after 20 years. A family is shown decorating their environment on the occasion of Independence Day and as the flag raising ceremony is being celebrated countrywide, a woman is organizing this event and takes care of all the decorations that needs to be done.
Later, a girl meets the woman name Gangu Tai and praises her for her accomplishment in organizing the Independence Day decoration. Gangu Tai says it is their chawl’s India and must sparkle. A young girl Kajal comes there and takes her blessings, saying she is now a secretary because of her work towards the society. Gangu Tai thanks Sunil and Kajal for their support. Kajal gives the credit to her for the welfare and hugs her saying an orphan like her got a mother in her. Gangu Tai smiles.

A neighbor asks where her real son Satya is. Gangu Tai says he must be getting ready. She goes to check him. Satya is shown dancing with girls while the song Bachna Ae Haseeno plays but it turns out to be his dream. Gangu Tai comes to wake Satya (Karanveer) up and asks him to wake up. Satya says he was having a good dream. Gangu Tai beats him and says people laugh on her, that she is a secretary of this chawl and asks him to respect his position. She called him useless. Satya says he is made for big things. Gangu Tai asks him to get up and beats him. Satya laughs.

Mahi is introduced, she sees Satya written on the stage and checks the wiring. Mere Rubaru music plays in the background …….It comes as Satyamev Jayate. She thinks she want to make her happy. Now she will says…good job Mahi. She makes the arrangements of the the flag raising ceremony which is being celebrated countrywide, and asks the servant to change cold water bottle with normal water for her mother, Payal who happen to be Ria elder sister. Mahi makes the arrangements and thinks about her mother that she want everything to be good. Just then, Mrs. Payal enters, she says kids are like flowers and parents have to nurture them and give them good upbringing. She says her upbringing reflects in her children. The host says yes. A woman praises her elder daughter Mahi and says she is perfect. She then asks about her younger daughter Koel. Payal says she went for some charity work in Delhi.

Mahi sees the rope loose and tries to fix it. She mistakenly sneezes on Payal’s face and gets shocked. Naina and Mitul comes there. Seeing them, Payal doesn’t react. Mahi apologizes to her. She says she wanted to make everything fine, but ruined it. Payal says it is okay and asks the servant to take her. Payal tells him that she has an allergy with rose. She is about to eat something. Payal comes there and asks her to have it, saying it is okay if she delay the event. Mahi says no, as it is her mother’s event. The guests thank her. Payal asks her to bring speech from her car. Mahi goes. Naina says Payal will not get space even in hell, as she troubles an orphan child.

One of the goon laugh on Gangu Tai and asks if Satya is her own blood, as he has all the qualities of rich. Gangu tai is taken aback for a while and asks them to leave else Satya will beat him. Sunil asks him to leave. Mahi comes to the car to get the speech. She is going inside when she sees the drivers sitting, and asks them to go. She then sees news on TV. She is shocked to know about a criminal who uses paper knife to cut his victim’s neck.

Payal is the guest of honor and gives speech that they feel proud today, but she feel if women is free as woman is the future of the nation and should be respected. Naina and Mitul are shown hearing her speech. Mahi sees a man telling other to do the work and gives the knife. Other guy proceeds towards Payal. Mahi sees him and runs to push him. She then picks a sweets plate and throws it on his face, one of the sweets hits on Payal’s face shocking her. Naina smiles. Mahi asks if he want to kill her mother. The man replied that he is not a criminal. Naina says it is good, that this chudail should be treated this way. Mahi gets worried and says she will clean her face. Payal goes angrily. On the other hand, a neighbor asks Gangu Tai to pull the flag rope.

Gangu thinks Satya to come, and see how his mum is doing good thing. A goon taunts her when she couldn’t pull the rope. Kajal throws stone on his face angering him. Meanwhile, Mahi goes to stop Payal and apologizes to her. She says she have ruined everything, and she really thought that man is going to kill her referring to her mother. Payal says she is really disappointed with her, that she do so much for her, but today she have proved that she is not her real mum and haven’t given birth to her. She sits in car. Mitul also sits in car and goes. Mahi cries badly, thinking she has hit her mother. Gangu Tai shouts seeing the goons fighting. Satya wakes up, wears his shirt and open his eyes after touching her picture.

Satya get up, wears his shirt, comb his hairs in style, takes his mum’s blessings looking at her picture and jumps from the balcony to reach downstairs. He sees the flag rod about to fall down because of the goons, and holds it on time, Hindustani Naam Hamara Hai song plays in the background. Everyone claps for him. His face is shows, he looks exactly like Siddtharth being his son Karanveer. On the other hand, Payal’s daughter Mahi starts crying believing that she has upset her mother. Just then, her ‘deeda/ Naina’ reaches the scene and consoles her. Mahi tells her that she have hurt mother a lot and she is very upset. Naina also cries and feels bad for her, she assures Mahi that she has done nothing wrong. Deeda/ Naina tries to explain to her that Payal has never treated her as her daughter saying that Payal taunts her always even for the small things, she asks if Payal can’t see she ( Mahi) was busy in the arrangements since morning and that too hungry but all will go in vain in front of Payal. Since she wants her to see Payal reality and asks Mahi when will she see her truth. She asks where are her kids? And she further point out that Payal own kids don’t bother to talk to her and that Payal makes her ( Mahi ) do all the work, and that if her real mum Ria would had been alive then she would not do this. But Payal’s daughter Mahi continues to defend her mother that she trusts her and that’s why she gives her work to do and wants to regain her mother’s confidence. Naina tells her that she wonder why she couldn’t see her truth. Mahi keep saying her mother loves truly her and goes. Naina thinks Payal have given her everything, but not freedom which she actually deserves. She prayed to God to look after Mahi and asks God to show some hope in her granddaughter.

Meanwhile, Satya sees tears in Gangu Tai’s eyes and beats up all the goons when he tries to misbehave with his mother. He asks them not to make his mum cry and beats them as they were about to insults their nation’s flag. He shows his heroism and asks if he was Hritik Roshan before, and asks him to go. Satya sister, Kajal also praised him that her brother makes heroic entry everytime. Satya also feel that he is Hrithik Roshan and again beats the goons. Gangu Tai gets happy and thanks God. Satya asks the goons to stand there itself and celebrate independence day. He signal his mom, Gangu Tai to pull the thread. She tries, but couldn’t. Satya looks at the goons and understands that it is their work. He cuts the rope with knife. Everyone claps as the flag opens up. They sing Jana Gana mana and Satya a7lso sing song with the crowd. Meanwhile, some girls argue that they like Satya and praised him. Satya feels proud of himself and says he sees uniqueness in everyone face and says he will give time to everytime. Gangu Tai asks Sunil to give speech. Sunil is about to give speech.

Satya starts speaking about Independence Day in his Tapori style and he also said that the Independence Day means freedom to eat, rest, like and do whatever they like….Gangu asks what is he talking about? Satya says men have no tension to take and asks them to come to him. He says women is not independent/safe in this world. He touches Gangu Tai’s feet and takes her blessings. He asks her not to be sentimental as his speech is remaining. He goes on stage again and says he is hero and his story should be like it happens in films. He also goes on to praised his his mother Gangu Tai by saying that his mum have done everything for him and she actually gives him a good upbringing by washing utensils of other people. He adds that he worship her as his God and praises her a lot. He also praised woman by saying that they are not weak in fact they are the strong pillar of every man in his life and that women is made to stand with men and have equal rights. Kajal asks Gangu Tai what her brother Satya eat today.

Gangu Tai replied her that his favorite dish. Satya tells Deepu/goon to let the girls do what they want and says they will rest. He differenciate that rest have two advantages, and says dreams can be seen and will be fulfilled too. He further tells about his dream to have a luxurious life and one day he will surely be rich and asks everyone to clap for him. He announces that he is going to end his speech, but before that he want to tell that women should give bedsheet, matress and freedom to rest and they will give them freedom. He says he have taken a decision that after his wedding, he will give freedom to his wife and will let her do whatever she wants. He will make his wife and saas ( parents in-laws ) sparkle. He says if she don’t want to come here, then he will go to her house. Suddenly goons arrive and taunt him by asking if he will be Ghar Jamai. Satya replied him on his funny style that not Ghar Jamai but he will be Jamai Raja. Gangu Tai is shocked. He also announced that he will not bring his wife with him. But in fact, he will be settling there in his bride’s house with his bride as he is Jamai Raja.

Payal watches the news on TV and finds herself being insulted by the media. Mithul acts to cry and says Mahi has ruined everything and informs her that Mahi is coming. Just then, Payal sees her daughter climbing down and she pretends to have not seen her. She speaks to Mithul about the preperations for her daughter’s birthday and at the same time, Payal’s daughter Mahi feels guilty as she thinks the media is spoiling her mother’s mood and blames herself for the insult caused to her mother at the event covered by the media. She goes to her mother, Payal calling out to her. Payal asks her sweetly when did she come? Mahi asks if she is upset with her. Payal hugs her and also tells her that she is not angry with her. She asks her to enjoy her birthday and adds that she have explained everything to Mithul. Mahi asks where she will be today? Payal blunt out that she can’t handle the media today, and is going to the room as she don’t want them to joke about her, etc. She asks her to enjoy and goes. Mahi feel bad as she learns that her mother will not be a part of her birthday celebrations as she does not want to deal with the media. As Payal had accepted, her daughter Mahi decides to call off the birthday celebrations and tells Mitul to cancel her birthday party and declare that there is nothing more than her mother’s happiness and that she have to do something to make her happy.

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