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Season Finale Of Bride With Benefits Episode 120 -123

The contractor offer 50 lakhs in exchange of a tender to Payal. Payal’s inner good soul suggests her not to accept bribe and bad soul suggest to accept it as it will save her family house. She calls the contractor and says she does not need his money. He reminds her that she has to save her house.
She says if she cannot save her house with her loyalty, then definitely she cannot save it with his fraud. Santoshi praises Goonjun in front of Jagadev that she alone shooed all the goons. Goonjun gives her father-in-law tea and asks him to have it and rest next. She then tells her mother-in-law that they will prepare bhindi sabji today. Santoshi says it is a good idea. Aditya silently watches changes in Goonjun. Rajath on the other hand holds his father’s feet and pleads to apologize to him. Indu says he wanted to become like Payal. Balaram says with his sin, he cannot even come closer to Payal and he tarnished his image in the society and asks how can they face people now.

Payal informs his family about she rejecting the contractor’s bribe. Santoshi and Goonjun says she did right as money earned wrongly cannot bring them peace. Jagadev starts yelling that she lost good opportunity and would have accepted the bribe. Dev interferes and says Payal will never accept bribe but Jagadev asks what about him collecting 4 crores illegally and Phul Singh took their house illegally. Santoshi says Jagadev always scolds Payal, but she keeps quiet and she should also confront him. Payal says hatred is not a solution and only love can change her father-in-law and she is sure soon he will realize his mistake and will be most loyal in their house.

Rajath informs his family, Payal and Dev that he will go to the police station and get his boss caught. Dev says he is thinking right and police will tackle his boss properly. Dev asks who is his boss. He says earlier he thought Thakur is his boss, but Phul Singh is the real boss and he is behind is arrest. On hearing this, Payal says he is the one who snatched their house. Dev says he can become government evidence to get Phul punished. Rajath says he will go to the police station in the morning. Phul’s goon hears Rajath’s conversation and informs Phul that Rajath is going to the police station against him on Dev and Payal’s insistence as he is becoming government evidence. Phul asks his goon to keep an eye on Rajath and Dev and tells his assistant he wants Dev to be killed to teach Payal a lesson. His assistant leaves to inform his goons. Payal thanks Dev for his help and hugs him. Dev gets emotional.

Payal gets a call from someone. She tells Satish that her loan is approved against provident fund and have to send the documents today itself. Satish offers to courier the documents. Payal hesitantly agrees. Dev tells his mother that he is going to office. Santoshi makes him eat food forcibly. Aditya sees them and asks his mother that she didn’t make him eat food lovingly. Goonjun assured him that his mother loves him very much, the way his father loves him. Dev says bye to everyone and leaves. The goon sees him leaving from the house and informs other goon. The other goon come to the PCO and talks to the killer on phone that he left home. Payal who has come there to get the documents xeror, finds it strange as the goon has mobile and talks through public phone. Payal sees Dev’s photo with the goon and gets suspicious. She follows the goon. The goon reaches Dev’s office and keeps an eye on him. Payal thinks why did he come to Dev’s office. Dev comes out of the office talking on phone. Payal sees the goon taking out gun from his pocket and gets shocked.

Payal runs and saves Dev. The goon didn’t shoot and waits for the opportunity. Payal tells everything to Dev. The Police comes there and asks him not to stay alone. Jagadev gets tensed hearing about the attack on Dev. Santoshi thanks Payal for saving her son’s life. Goonjun asks how did she know about it? Payal tells her that she went to the PCO to get the papers xerox and everything. She tells Goonjun that she has to submit the papers today itself else they will not get the loan. Santoshi asks if it is not in her destiny then they can’t get their home. She thanks the God for her family’s safety. Rajath calls Dev up. Dev tells him about the incident. Rajath asks him to take care and disconnects the call. He tells Alka that someone tried to kill Dev. Rajath asks her not to tell it to his parents, else they will get tensed. He apologizes to Alka and says he couldn’t understand her. Alka asks him not to apologize to her. Rajath hugs her and says he loves her. Goonjun says her brother is not in the city, else he would have given her 1 crore money. She asks if she can talk to him. Aditya asks him not to talk to him, and is worried thinking how he will repay 4 crores money. He says he have to do it himself. Goonjun says she is feeling good hearing him and that he is really a good man and hugs him. Balaram thinks about Payal’s childhood incident and thinks her dreams have been shattered as he couldn’t do anything and can’t see her pain hidden behind her smile. He admit that she didn’t tell him when he met her before marriage. He curses himself and thinks what did he do God. Dev drops Guddi on the way. Guddi says she will go by walk as it is one way. Once Dev leaves on his bike, some goons follow Guddi. They say they will trouble her. Guddi is shocked.

The goon misbehave with Guddi saying her father and brother troubled them and it is their time to trouble their family. On hearing this, she shouts her brother’s name. Dev passes by in his bike and stops. He rescued Guddi and shouts at the goons that troubling one’s women is not a solution for their problem. He leaves from there taking Guddi. The commissioner tells Payal that he tried his best to help her, but he could not. Payal says there is only one way now. The commissioner asks her to rethink once. She says she has and will send him the papers after completing them.

Dev reaches his office. Jagadev and his family see the electricity cut at their home. Jagadev’s creditors surround him and request to get their money back from Jagadev and Aditya. The reporters also surround them. An old man holds his legs and pleads. Dev gets him up and assures him that he will get his money soon. The reporter asks Dev what will he say about the situation. Dev says he will fight for their rights and gets into his office. Phul fumes thinking he could not kill Dev and will see what Payal does to gather 1 crore.

Payal writes her resignation letter and completes other formalities. Seeing that Payal signs on some papers. Satish asks if she have decided after thinking? Payal says she is sure. Satish again asks her to rethink. She says there is no other way to go. Satish calls Dev up and informs him the situation. Dev is shocked. Indu asks Balaram break their FDs and give that money to Payal. Rajath says there is no need for that. Balaram gets angry and asks why is he stopping him when Dev and Payal helped him so much. He says as far as he knows, Dev is just like Payal and will not take their money. He says as he says, they will struggle and reach their goal. Balaram hugs Rajath and says he is talking like Payal.

Satishi informs Dev about Payal’s resignation. Dev says he will reach there right now. Payal speaks to the commissioner and says she sent resignation and remaining papers to him and requests to finish the formalities soon and get her 1 crore rupees of VRS. Dev reaches and asks Payal how can she destroy her dreams. Payal who realises that there is no honest way for her to get the money and so she makes a move that even Dev cannot believe. She says her family’s dreams are more important than her dreams. He says she may not be able to rejoin PWD as engineer. She says there is no other way to gather 1 crore. He emotionally hugs her.

Payal informs her family about her resignation for VRS money of 1 crore. Jagadev asks why did she do that and falls in Payal’s feet. Payal gets him up. He starts praising her that he always troubled her and even after knowing his lies from the beginning, she came to his house. He continues praising and shedding tears. He then apologizes to Go on Jun and then Santoshi. He also apologizes his children. Dev says he does not have to apologize as his truth is seen in his eyes. Dev and Payal reach Phul’s house and return 1 crore. he says he will not return their house and it is his now.

Dev with Payal reaching Phul’s house and returning his 1 crore debt but Phul says he will not accept it and confesses all his mistakes and laughs. He asks Payal to join him. She says with her loyalty, she will punish him. He continues his coffessions and says her brother is also part of his crime. Rajath reaches with the police on time and Dev says he has recorded Phul’s confession on his mobile. He plays the recording and hands over the phone to the inspector. The Inspector arrests Phul and Phul says he is a big shot in this city and he cannot arrest him. The inspector says nobody is greater than law and drags him handcuffed.

Payal reaches the land owner’s office from whom her father-in-law leased land and proposes to hand over 2 floors apartments in exchange of remaining
7 crores. The land owner agrees to her terms. Dev and Payal then reach home and inform Jagadev and family that they got Phul arrested and even cracked the land deal. Jagadev thanks them and praises their loyalty. Dev’s financier comes and says he saw news about him helping his family, so he trusts him now and is ready to give loan for his coaching center. The whole family expresses their happiness. Dev says he will come after some time and finish the formalities later. Rajath reaches home and informs his parents about Phul’s arrest and Payal getting back the house after paying 1 crore. Balaram asks how did Payal arrange 1 crore. Indu says they are going to Payal house now and will ask her directly. Rajath inform his father that he got a clerk job in college. Balaram hugs him happily and says he got his son back today.

Jagadev reaches home with the whole family. Jaiswal joins them and says he is feeling good seeing them back at home togeter. Guddi tells Payal that she also wants to do a job and needs her help. Payal says she will get her some job. Santoshi praises Payal and Goonjun starts promoting Sarojini serial. Jagadev looks at his often repeatedly while conversing with his sons and Jaiswal. The priest comes to perform pooja. Payal’s family reaches there. Jagadev apologizes to Balaram for his mistakes and thanks him for giving him a devi as a daughter-in-law. Indu asks Payal why did she not go to office. Dev informs her that Payal took voluntary retirement to arrange 1 crore. Balaram says the family is more important than job. Dev informs him that he got loan to open is coaching center. He then gets a call on Payal’s number that Payal got a chief engineer job in Jamshedpur’s big company. Jagadev who finally taste the bitter results of his sick greed then gives some moral gyan about respecting woman and considering them as house’s laxmi…etc. The serial ends on a positive note with Jagadev moral gyaan.

            The End!

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