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Sunday Update On My Lost Home

Mahi is waiting in her room for Shbad to come back home. She falls asleep whiles waiting for him whiles Angad walks in. He is about to touch her but she wakes up. She see’s that there was no one there. She checks at the door and sees no one. Mahi calls Shabd and asks him where he was. 
Shabd tells her that he will be late and tells her to not wait for him. She turns around and sees Angad standing behind her. Mahi asks Angad what he was doing there. Angad says that he cant sleep. Mahi tells him that he was waiting for Shabd whiles Angad also tells her that they should both drink tea till then. While walking to the kitchen, Angad asks Mahi to help him walk.

Its Holi at the Khurana’s house. Jeet comes there and smiles at Soni. Cherr

y comes there and challenges Soni. Cherry comes to Jeet and asks him if he remembers how Holi is played and why. Jeet says how can he remember. Jeet asks Cherry to explain to him about the tradition. Cherry has trouble remembering the story. The Khurana’s help Cherry while Cherry tells the tale. Cherry tells the wrong tale and Soni tells the right one. Jeet says that this is a tale to celebrate for. Jeet says that they celebrate Holi to remind each other that bad deeds come to a wrong end and good deeds always gets rewarded. Everyone starts dancing around the holi fire. Soni stands outside. Soni gets scared of the fire. Buaji notices this and asks for forgiveness from Soni.

Shabd arrived home to find Mahi waiting for him in the garden with a set up for holi and a bonfire.  He goes to her and they do the rituals together. Shabd lights a diya on a plate.  They have a plate which they circle in front of the fire, then throw a coconut together into the fire and also walk around the fire while spilling some liquid on the ground together. Meanwhile Shabd was actually daydreaming as he was was just sitting in the car and watching a holi celebration.  He regrets the current situation in his married life and wishes Mahi would have trusted him more.

Mahi who was also in bed suddenly wakes up and calls out to Shabd and she was in tears,  Meanwhile Angad is watching her from behind a curtain.  The scene shifts back and forth between Shabd and Mahi being sad.  Whiles Angad was hiding in Mahi’s room.

At the Khurana house, everyone is celebrating holi with music and also dancing.  Cherry gets a phone call from one of the goons.  He threatened Cherry and also tells  her that he was at the Khurana lawn and she should pay him his money or he wont leave.  Cherry gets tensed and tells him that she has already paid.  He furthermore tells Cherry that they need more money because they were beaten up a lot by Jeet.  She gives in and requests them to leave but he denies.  Just as she hangs up the phone, Jeet asks her what was wrong.  She makes up a lie about having to change her shoes and Jeet smirk.

Cherry is talking to the goons who were hiding from the view by thick mist.  She throws the money at them and tells them to get lost after she says that they didn’t kill Soni either times as she had instructed them to do.  One of the goons steps forward and takes off his turban and beard and it actually turned out to be JEET hiding in the costume.

 The other goons were Crime Branch officers in disguise.  Cherry gets dumbfounded and shocked that Jeet would lie to her about his memory.  She feels hurt and said that he did this to her even though she loved him so much.  Jeet drags her to where everyone is dancing and throws her on the ground.  He tells her that she doesn’t know the meaning of love, she only knows to possess people. Jeet tells her that all that happened and how he remembered his plan and that now that she has confessed in front of the police and Jeet was recording her confession, He lists Cherry’s bad behaviour and crimes toward the family and says it was God’s will that Soni and Jeet were together.  He tells her she is now trapped till old age.  Everyone gets happy.  Durga becomes nice again to Soni and says that no one will call Soni unlucky or witch anymore.

 Everyone comes back into the house and Buaji suddenly starts yelling at Soni to stay out because she is cursed.  Durga quickly comes in with an arti and says no one will call Soni curse or unlucky even if it was a joke.  Everyone started laughing and Durga and some elders present give Soni and Jeet their blessings.

Mahi and the rest of the family are doing the puja of Soni’s death.   Both Shabd’s aunt and uncle wanted to go to the Khurana house for Holi but Mahi doesn’t go as she was not feeling well.  Aunt Billo and her husband decided that they will also not go.   Mahi tells them that she doesn’t want them to ruin their plans towards the holi veneration because of her,  Angad and Kamya also comes.   Angad pretended and tells them that he has pain in his back and cannot go anywhere with them. Angad tells them that he will stay back home and would take some rest, Kamya agrees and tells Angad to call her when he starts to feel sick.

At the Khurana residence, Jeet and Soni comes and the family asks about how their Holi celebration was? Soni says that it was very good and that he will never forget the Holi for the rest of her life. Durga says that they will all go together for the Holi next year.

On the other hand, Mahi found a newspaper and there is a photo of Angad inside and she looks at the date and it says that it was the same date when Sapna died and Angad was in Singapore so she asks herself how his photo was in the newspaper?

At Soni and Jeet’s room, Jeet comes and saw Soni sitting down quietly. Jeet tells her that she cannot believe that after all that has happened, they were still together, and he asks her in a beautiful manner if he was dreaming??Soni tells him that he wasn’t dreaming as everything was real.  Jeet hugs Soni affectionately.

At Angad’s room, Mahi comes inside the room with tea and tells herself that she will try her best to find Angad’s passport and also prove that the day Sapna died, Angad was not in Singapore but in India.   Mahi found the passport but Angad comes. Angad sits on the sofa and  Mahi asks him as to how come he knew she was inside the room.  Angad says that it was because of the smell of her perfume.

Angad asks her what she was doing there in the room??Mahi tells him that she had come there to ask if he might need anything?  Angad takes the passport from Mahi’s hands and says it was his.  Mahi says yes it was.  Angad takes his passport and Mahi leaves.  Angad takes the tea and was going to drink but Mahi came back. Mahi asks him how he got to know that she had kept the tea there?Angad tells her that she told him when he had entered the room.   Mahi tells him that maybe she had forgotten.  Mahi runs to her room and Angad smirked.

At Mahi room, Mahi tells herself that it actually meant that Angad was not blind and he was acting all those times.  Mahi quickly calls Shabd and tells him that Angad was not blind and he has actually killed Sapna.   Mahi tells Shabd that she had just seen his picture in the newspaper as he was there the day Sapna died and he has taken the tea by himself.    Shabd doesn’t listen to anything and says that he had a presentation in  the next 4 hours so Mahi should let him concentrate.    Shabd furthermore tells her that he won’t be coming home tonight.  Mahi tells him that she will be alone at home.   Shabd disconnect the phone call.  Mahi tried to call Shabd but it was off.  Angad comes and says that Shabd doesn’t want to talk with Mahi.  Angad tells Mahi that he has got a surprise for her. Mahi goes down and there is a dinning table with a cake and some candles.

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