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Thursday Update On My Lost Home

She is about to point to Shabd but faints. Angad is thinking that everything was going to spoil today. Shabd agrees. Agand tells Shabd to stay with Mahi and make sure her birthday party isn’t spoiled. Kamya and Aunt Billo ask Mahi to cut the cake. Mahi sees Shabd and the music starts.

Shabd sings a song for her. The song ends and Gauri comes in and tells Aunt Billo that Sapna is waking up. The Sareen’s family cherish their time together at Mahi’s surprise party, however, things soon turn sour when Angad goes to Sapna’s room and starts scolding her for what she did downstairs at the party. He asks Sapna to talk and seeing that she is not talking, he again forcefully asks Sapna who gave her the right to play with people’s lives. Then he realizes that Sapna is not on the bed instead Mahi is standing there in which he tells the whole truth to Mahi by accident. Since Mahi has heard everything, she says Angad’s name and he understands it was Mahi he was asking and not Sapna. Mahi is shocked as she finds out the truth about Shabd and Sapna.

Angad walks toward Mahi and asks whose room is this. He scolds himself for what he has done. Angad tells Mahi that the truth didn’t come out in the right way and asks Mahi to say something. He asks her to forget whatever he said. Mahi asks Angad if he was saying the truth. Shabd’s uncle asks Shabd to eat with them, but Shabd wants to come with Mahi. His uncle asks Shabd to get ready his surprise gift. Angad tries to tell Mahi to forgive Shabd. Mahi remembers all the past moments and walks away. As Angad runs after Mahi, he takes her and Mahi says that she was the only one who didn’t know the truth about her husband and Sapna. She says Shabd lied to her and adds that she will not trust anyone now. Angad says that he will tell her the whole story. Mahi says that she will have her questions and answered now. Angad says that Mahi has to listen to him first and says that Shabd lied because he was afraid that she will react just the way she is reacting right now. Angad says that Shabd might have lied but he is not unfaithful.

Meanwhile, Aunt Billo is getting the cake ready. Shabd is worried that Mahi has not come to the party yet. Angad tells Mahi that Shabd wanted to tell her everything but was waiting for the right moment. Mahi keeps taking everything Angad says the wrong way. Angad tries to defend Shabd but Mahi says she has lost trust with Shabd. She adds she will get answers to her questions. Angad tells her to stop. He tells her that she can’t commit another mistake on top of the one already made. Angad asks Mahi to give Shabd one chance and tells Mahi to wait that Shabd will come and tell her the truth. Mahi comes down and the light shines on her. She sees how happy everyone is and gets sad looking at Sapna and Rahul. Shabd comes and wishes her. Few minutes later, Angad is also stepping down from the stairs with his walking stick. On seeing him, Kamya goes to help him comes down from the stairs and make him sits in a nearby chair. Shabd asks Mahi to cut the cake. Mahi blows out the candles while they all sing happy birthday song for her and she cuts the cake. Shabd feeds her cake. Everyone feeds her cake and she also feeds everyone. Angad also clap for her where he is sitting. Shabd covers Mahi face with his hand that he have another surprise for her. He tell her not to open her eyes and goes to unveils his surprise gift and it’s a picture of Mahi and Shabd’s wedding in a big frame. Mahi is happy seeing this and sad at the same time. Mahi thinks to herself that Shabd have given her the most amazing gift but she is not happy because of Shabd.

While Mahi is lying on her bed, she remember when Angad told her everything thinking that it’s Sapna in the room. Mahi also remember when Rahul come to their home for the first calling Shabd his father, she recalls when Shabd save Rahul from drowning in the pool and calling him son and also when Shabd friend Vinay says to Shabd and Sapna that they have finally married. Mahi also remember when Sapna had Shabd photos whereby Sapna run after Rahul to take pictures from his hands and in the process of dragging it from him, the pictures scatter on the floor and when she told her that Rahul have already meet his father. Mahi recall when she confront Shabd about his relationship with Sapna in which he deny. She recalls when the lady doctor mistook Shabd as Sapna’s husband at the hospital and how she saw Shabd mistakenly hugs Sapna in their bedroom thinking it was his wife and asks herself why have Shabd do that with her and cried. Just then, Shabd come there and Mahi stop crying and wipe her tears avoiding him to sees that she is crying. Shabd again wishes her Happy Birthday Sweetheart, he thank her for coming in his life and give her another gift which it’s a locket but Mahi didn’t says anything as he help her to wear it around her neck. She is move to tears but she control herself turning her back at him. He notices that she is quite and ask her what happend and if she is upset? And if everything alright. Mahi asks if she have a reason to be sad? Shabd says no and proudly says she have got a good husband,who loves her and care about her. Mahi says she is very lucky because her husband gives her a lot of big surprises and further says a husband who never lies to her. At the same time, Angad and Kamya enters without knocking. Kamya apologize to them and says she hope they have not disturb them. Kamya saw the locket in Mahi neck and tell her brother that outside he give another gift to his wife and here he give another one. Shabd says of course because Mahi is his wife. Kamya ask what will he give her in her birthday. Shabd says whatever she want. Kamya says she have made a long list and it’s okay?. Shabd says of course. Kamya comes inside their room and hug Shabd. She happily tells him he is the best brother in the world. Angad smile but Mahi is sad.

At Khurana’s mansion, the lawyer is talking with Mr Khurana about the document of Veer of life insurance. The lawyer leave. Mr Khurana saw Veer photo on the life insurance document and gets sad. He is emotional as he cares the picture of the document. Durga and Cherry come there and Durga says to her husband to take some rest after consoling him. While Durga, Mr. Khurana and Cherry were leaving, Jeet come there and saw Veer name on the document and says Veer Khurana. Everyone turns around and gets a shock. Jeet saw Veer photo and remember some moments with him. Jeet ask his mother who is he and what has happend to him. But when Durga is about to tell him something, Cherry who is growing suspicious of Jeet that he could be regaining his memory back says to Jeet that it’s his elder brother Veer and he is no more. Cherry says he was a police inspector and died in the war, she adds that Veer was solving a case and someone shoot him. Cherry further adds that he died by saving someone else. Jeet ask who was it?Cherry lie that she don’t know but it was someone stranger. Cherry then take Jeet with her and leave.

At the dinning table at Sareen’s house, while Kamya and Mahi are eating, Sapna come there and Kamya ask her about yesterday that she scared them and asks how is she feeling today. Sapna is shocked and says she is feeling better now. Kamya advice her to go and tell the doctor what happend with her yesterday and ask Mahi if she is right?. Mahi says Sapna should take decision by herself and she leave. Both Kamya and Sapna are wondering what could be wrong with her. Kamya tells Sapna that to lets them go to the hospital for the checkup. Kamya and Sapna leave. While Shabd’s uncle and Rahul are playing with the pillow, Aunt Billo is laughing watching them but Mahi is upset. Rahul suggets Mahi to play with him along with Shabd’s uncle and aunt. Mahi tells him to go away that she dont’ want to play. Rahul goes and asks Aunt Billo if she will play with him and she says yes but and tells Rahul that he have to take her in his team. Rahul agree and they both play with Shabd’s uncle. Mahi is upset and is thinking till when will she suffer like that.

At Khurana’s residence, a doctor has come for the checkup of Jeet and ask if Jeet has remember something? Cherry says no but Durga informs him that in the morning Jeet saw Veer photo and he has remember something. The doctor says it’s a good sign and he think his memory is coming back slowly.The doctor leave with Mr Khurana. Durga asks Cherry what happend? She taunts Cherry and asks if she have says something wrong. Durga says she thought Cherry will be happy to know that Jeet memory is coming back. Durga leave while Cherry says to herself that she won’t let her plan to fail.

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