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Wednesday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 160 -161

Bebe is singing in her room and getting ready, Kunj comes there and dances on her song, she gets shy and asks why did he come so fast? Babe then lie that she was doing yoga as said by him. Kunj laughs and asks what’s the matter? She says nothing, Kunj praise her that she is looking hot.
Bebe asks really? Kunj says she always look hot but today she is looking way too hot. Bebe asks if more than Twinkle? He says no.. that he mean she is not even in her comparison. Bebe asks whats the matter that he is buttering her so much? Kunj asks if he can go with Twinkle on bike? Bebe praise him that he is so romantic that he want to take his wife on bike for movie and that he have her permission. Kunj is extremely happy and says she is not Bebe but babe, he thanks her and leaves. Bebe smile and sings. An excited Kunj comes to Twinkle and tell her to get ready fast as they are going on bike. Twinkle jokingly says she is not a boy but girl and girl take time to get ready and that he is forgetting his role. Kunj nods and goes to the balcony, he calls Twinkle from there and says Miss Twinkle, praising her that she is so beautiful that she don’t need to get ready. Twinkle who is on phone says he have upset her already and asks if she can cancel her date with him? Kunj says he want to see her soon as it’s been long that he saw her. Twinkle says he have to wait for her. Kunj reply that he can wait for her his whole life. Twinkle says he know how to butter people in talks. Kunj proudly says he is sweet. Twinkle says he will have to make her eat sweet caramel popcorn? He smilely says anything for her and they end the call, both smile to themselves, Ishq Bulava song plays in the background.

Bebe comes to Kunj’s room and sees it locked, she assumed they must have left. While all are waiting in the hall, Usha asks where Kunj and Twinkle are? Bebe says they have already left on bike. Yuvi gets angry listening to this, they all leave, Mahi takes Yuvi with her. Bebe locks the gate of the house and leaves with everyone. On the other hand, Kunj and Twinkle comes down in the hall, Kunj says he will bring his bike, he sees the gate locked, he realize that they get locked inside the house by the rest of the family by mistake and tell Twinkle that they have been stuck inside. She asks how can they leave them here?. Kunj says he think they got late so they left them. Seeing that they unknowingly locks them inside, and Twinkle feel bad. She called him useless, reminding him that he destroyed last date with that bad food and now this, and that if she was not married to him, she would have rejected him easily. Kunj says even she is drama queen and he would have rejected her proposal. Twinkle tells him to call Bebe and ask if the movie have started as she don’t want to miss any part. Upon realizing they are alone, Kunj tell her to leave the movie as they will not get chance like this, he comes closer to her and says they are alone in the house, just she and him. Twinkle asks if he mean to say that she should leave SRK’s movie and see his face in the house? She goes to sit and sees Kunj missing from the hall area, she calls out Kunj’s name and asks where is he?.

Yuvi is driving the car fast, Bebe asks him to drive slowly. Cherry says they want to watch movie and not to die. Yuvi thinks himself that why did they go alone for the movie? He made this movie plan so that their date is spoiled. Meanwhile, Twinkle is searching for Kunj in the house, Kunj comes there dressed as Raj of Dil Wale Dulhaniya Lejayengy, he plays the movie’s tune on Mandolin. Twinkle smiles seeing him enacting SRK for her. Kunj comes to her and smiles, she asks where did he find the hat, jacket and Mandolin? Kunjj says he bought it when he saw Raj with Simran and he was waiting for this moment. Twinkle is impressed and says he is SRK’s fan too? He admit he is but he is fan of.. he tells her to let it be and assures her that she will laugh. Twinkle asks him to say it. Kunj says he always used to think when he find his Simran, who is sweet, cute and innocent, he saved this getup for the day when he find his Simran but he didn’t get chance to wear it, and now he know that the girl he was waiting for his whole life and finally says Twinkle is that girl, both smile at each other, they recall their first meeting and their marriage. Kunj thinks to himself that when Twinkle smiles, she looks different, her face glows and she has shine in her eyes, and that he can do anything for her smile, Tujhe Dekha Toh Ye Jana Sanam song plays in the background. While Twinkle is smiling, Kunj comes close to her, she gets shy and starts to leave but Kunj holds her and says it’s okay Sanorita, small things happen in big cities using a dialogue from a movie. Twinkle admires him more.

The family comes to the theater. Usha asks where Kunj and Twinkle are? Bebe tell her to let them be, that they must be somewhere here, and she should  think about SRK’s movie. Bebe notices Yuvi silent and then asks him why he is lost in thoughts? Yuvi says nothing. Mahi asks Yuvi to come with her in the theater but Yuvi is in deep thoughts, she asks him what happened? he says nothing, he gets irritated with her and go with her. Meanwhil, the newly dated couple are enjoying living alone, both start their drama where Kunj tries to impress her and apologize toTwinkle that she missed the movie because of him, Twinkle says it’s big deal to miss SRK’s movie but he have impressed her a little. Kunj asks now what? He comes closer to her, she says it’s only their second date and warn him not to try to come closer and she pushes him away. Kunj tell her this is not fair that his heart wants to come closer to her. Twinkle reminds him this is not some movie. Kunj tries to speak in his favor that this is romance. She doesn’t know what to say, she tried to say something but she couldn’t. Kunj says now he will speak and she have to listen, he was saying that his heart wants to come closer to her.. more closer, he holds her from waist, both are really close, they look in each others eyes, Sajna Ve song plays in the background and just when he is about to kiss her, she moves away and says she is hungry and offer to make something to eat. Kunj notice she is nervous, he pulls her closer and asks if she is scared and if she want to go away from him? He then divert the topic that she make food for him everyday so he will be cooking for her today and they both decide to have a romantic dinner together.

Leela comes to the Sarna house, she sees the gate locked and remember Twinkle told her that  everyone is going to watch movie and she forgot it, she decides to come later, and just when she is about to leave, she listens to some noise coming from inside, she wonders if there is some thief inside and decides to call the Sarna’s about the same since she is unaware that Twinkle and Kunj get locked inside the house by the rest of the family by mistake. On the other hand, Bebe asks Yuvi why did he leave the movie in middle? Just then, Leela calls Bebe up and informs her that she is standing outside her house and theyes all are not at home but she is listening to some noise coming from inside and she think there is some robber inside. Bebe is shocked and tell Leela that they are coming there, she ends the  call and tells everyone about this and they all leave for home. Twinkle asks Kunj what he is making for her? Kunj who is cooking noodles for her tells her to just wait and watch what chef Kunj makes for her, he brings the noodles and she asks why noodles? He tells her he only know how to make noodles and promise to make it nicely. Twinkle glances at him and thinks that she will eat anything or everything he cook for her and the fact that she love it that he is cooking for her. Kunj sees her glancing at him and asks what is she thinking? She says nothing and then offering to help him cut vegetables, he tell her not to even think he is  cooking for her so he will do everything himself, he starts cooking, Twinkle is mesmerized by him. The Sarnas come back to the house, Leela is there waiting for them, she asks them to open the gate and see who is inside  as she is listening to noises and that there is someone inside for sure. Bebe gives the keys to Cherry and asks him to open the gate. While in the kitchen, Kunj is cutting the vegetables, he mistakenly cuts his finger with the knife and Twinkle quickly takes his finger and sucks the blood from his wound, Kunj looks at her in surprise, he sees her tensed for him, Sajna Ve song plays in the background.

Twinkle scold Kunj that she told him that she will cut the veggies but he hurt himself, she punches his shoulder and says now she will cut the veggies and warn him not to even try to stop her, she order him to boil the noodles and they will work like a team. Kunj glances at her. Bebe asks Cherry to open the gate but a scared Cherry asks how can he? He further tells Bebe that he haven’t gone to gym too in a while. Bebe understand what he meant and asks if she is scared of robbers? And order him to open the door, she also asks Yuvi to go with him. Yuvi says he don’t have any weapon and decides to bring his bat, he leaves. Bebe finds iron rod there, she tell Cherry that they all will go inside together and they will beat the robbers. Cherry says ladies first, Usha takes the rod too. Kunj brings the noodle to Twinkle, and they both sit in the hall to eat. Just then, the lights go off, Kunj thank God for this and she asks why? He says even God want them to have candle light dinner, she she tell him they should eat the food. Meanwhile, Bebe tells Cherry that the robbers don’t want them to catch them and that’s why they have turned off the lights. Kunj on the other hand, lits the candles and tells Twinkle that he have read it somewhere that they can test compatibility between with noodles and both partners should eat one noodle from each end and if it doesn’t break then they are compatible, and he think they should test it. She says okay. Kunj takes one end in his mouth and Twinkle takes one end in her mouth, she thinks in her mind that she should have understood God’s will as they met, she kept meeting him, they got married, she have spent so much time with him, she like to be with him and she is enjoying every moment with him. Kunj also thinks in his mind that she is with him from much time, he thank God that she is with him and it’s good to be with her, they come closer eating noodle from both ends. As they come closer, the entire family members and others break the door, come in and see them in such condition but Kunj and Twinkle are lost in each other, all look on. Cherry asks what is going on here? Twinkle and Kunj gets conscious and both get embarrassed. Kunj says they all went to watch movie. Bebe tease them that a better movie is going on here. Kunj says nothing is happening and points out that there is no light in the house. Leela asks what are they eating? Twinkle shyly says it’s noodles, adding that she didn’t make it but Kunj made it. Kunj says she was saying that she is hungry so he made it. Bebe tells Usha that her son have become chef. Leela says it’s good to cook for his wife. Kunj then says they all left them locked in the house. Bebe says he could have called them but he didnt, and if they knew that they both are enjoying romantic noodles, they would have come later. Kunj says with her that he can’t even bear her. Twinkle also bluntly admit that she can’t bear his company. Leela smile and says she is happy to see them both getting closer. Mahi smiles seeing all this, she romantically holds Yuvi’s hand. Twinkle shyly leaves and Kunj leaves too, all laugh at them while Yuvi angrily jerks off Mahi’s hand.

Twinkle comes to their room and scold Kunj that because of his noodle theory, she got ashamed infront of everyone. Kunj spark her back that she could have said no to him but she was enjoying it too. Twinkle reminds him that he asked her to enjoy their date with him at home. Kunj says he made food for her, he tried to impress her and now she is blaming him. She says she told him that they should go and watch movie but he stopped her, reminding him that he started this proposal and before marriage dates and all, and it’s his fault. Kunj says refuses and says it’s her fault and they both mistakenly bang head. Twinkle tells him that she will not do this date drama now. Kunj says even he don’t want it and now she will come to him. Twinkle angrily says not even in her dreams that she will never come to him. Kunj challenge her that they will see that and she will have to come to him, they both angrily look at opposite sides.

Yuvi looks himself in the mirror and laughs on himself, he says he can’t be Yuvraj Luthra, that Kunj and Twinkle are making fool of and he is not doing anything, he called himself a loser, saying his lover ( Twinkle ) is becoming Kunj’s and he is not able to do anything, he taunts himself that he call Kunj a loser but he is becoming a loser and he laughs on himself. Mahi comes there and asks why is he laughing? He says he is laughing on some loser, she them informs him that she have brought noodles and they should eat like Kunj and Twinkle as they were looking so cute. She admit she have issues with them but they do look good together. On hearing this, Yuvi says they can be anything and asks why should they copy them? He bluntly tell her that he don’t like noodles and he angrily throws them away. Mahi is shocked to see him react in such a terrible way. Yuvi realizes this, he hugs Mahi and apologize to her.

The next morning, Kunj’s friends come to his house, Kunj is happy to meets his friend Vandy and Rishab. Twinkle comes there and Kunj introduces everyone to each other. Kunj tells Bebe that he have project so they will stay in their house. Bebe agrees and goes to bring tea for them. Twinkle thinks that he introduced her as she is his neighbor and not his wife. Kunj tells Twinkle that Vandy is storm of the college and she is really good. Kunj starts working on his project as he has to make an ad and Vandy has to play the role of Kunj’s wife. Kunj sits with Vandy, Vandy holds his hand and Twinkle gets jealous seeing this and thinks when he has real wife here then why he is not giving her the role of his wife? Kunj who is acting with Vandy, tells Twinkle that she have to say her lines too, he explains that he will come close to Vandy and Vandy suggests they should pose together, Kunj says it’s a great idea. Kunj and Vandy comes close and say their lines, he asks Twinkle to say her lines and further asks why she is silent? Adding that she has to say her lines as him and Vandy will come close and she will say her lines. Kunj again enacts the scene with Vandy but Twinkle remains silent. Kunj ignore and suggest to let her be as she can’t do anything, and asks Vandy to say her lines too. Vandy says good idea. Twinkle thinks in her mind that he is coming too close to another girl infront of her and thinking that she will remember her lines? and this Vandy is coming so close to her husband and she purposely throws water on Vandy. Kunj asks what she did? She apologises to Candy as if it’s a mistake. Kunj asks her to bring another dress for Vandy but she blunt out that her clothes have gone to laundry. He asks if all the clothes have gone? Twinkle says yes and angrily leaves, Kunj goes behind her. He tells Twinkle that she insulted him infront of his friends and asks why did she behave like this with his friend. Twinkle asks what he want to listen to that she did wrong and she should behave well and all? Kunj says she didn’t do good but an upset Twinkle says she don’t care and if she don’t like it then she will do it again. Kunj insists that it was her mistake but Twinkle refuses and asks if what he did was right? She then point out that he was flirting with Vandy, he was getting closer too and didn’t even see his real wife standing there. She then asks if he isn’t ashamed? He says it was all fake. She says her emotions are not fake. He angrily asks what she want and what has happened to her? He then clearly asks her if a girl is coming close to him then why does it matter to her, reminding her that she say that she don’t care. Twinkle blunt out that she do care and she don’t like any girl coming close to him, she then reminds him that first it was Maya and now Vandy. Kunj asks why? Twinkle reply that she care because she… She stops from confessing her feelings and they both look at each other.

Kunj angrily tells Twinkle that is her problem if she see him with a girl? Twinkle says she have problem because.. she stops and leaves. Kunj recalls her words and scold himself that he is an idiot as he made her jealous but she is upset now. Kunj looks at Twinkle’s picture and apologize to her that he hurt her as he wanted to see her jealous for him and come to him but he was wrong and she was right, he again called himself an idiot and decides to pacify her but one thing is good that he got to know that she… he smiles and kisses her picture. While Twinkle is eating, she talk to herself what Kunj thinks of himself and he doesn’t know about her anger, she wonders why she is giving him so much attention. Kunj comes there and asks if she wants more chocolates? He holds her hand and apologize to her. She tells him she is sleepy and she goes in her room. Kunj comes to the bed and inform her that  he will make border line today. Twinkle says no need. He asks if she don’t want any line between them today? She takes the pillow to the couch. He says he won’t like it if she sleep on the couch. She correct him that not her but he will sleep on the couch as winters are gone now. Kunj apologize to her and tells her to remember the last two days were so nice and they behaved like couple before marriage. Twinkle point out that atleast she got to know that he is a flirt. Kunj says when she is around him then he don’t need to see anyone else, he then praise her that she is so beautiful. Twinkle then asks what it was today? He explain to her that he was making her jealous and plead with her to smile now but she refuses and says she won’t smile. Kunj then tells her that she looks good when she smile. Twinkle says she know that but she won’t smile. Kunj says okay and asks if she don’t want to smile then to let it be and challenge her that she will smile before tomorrow evening. She asks if he is challenging her? He says yes. Twinkle angrily goes to sleep on bed while Kunj goes to sleep on couch. She says he could have pacified her a little more but he wants to challenge her in everything. A determined Kunj says he will make her smile for sure.

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