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Monday Update On Fire And Ice

The next morning. Jassi reaches Twinkle’s place on his scooter. Yuvi
as Jassi is cleaning his bike outside Twinkle’s house. Twinkle asks
what he is doing here? Jassi decides to ake her along to the college.
Just then, he notices Kunj there and he instantly questions her if he is
her neighbour.
Jassi acts sad and asks her to leave with Rocky Sir on
his bike as his bike is so new and his scooter is old. Twinkle says
refuses. Pallavi comes to Kunj but just then, Pallavi slips on a banana
peel and lands straight on Kunj’s lap. Twinkle is jealous seeing this
but she is unaware that Pallavi purposely slip and fall into Kunj’s arms
to create rift between them. Kunj looks at Twinkle and tries to leave
but Pallavi, winces in pain. Jassi asks Twinkle if she Rocky’s
girlfriend?. Twinkle looks on, he asks why she is upset?. The next
moment, Twinkle decides to ride on Jassi’s scooter and asks if he can
ride scooter with her sitting behind? Jassi says he never rode with
anyone else before, Twinkle scold him that he don’t know double riding
then why did he come her place? Jassi says she is his best friend and
saved him from bullies that’s why. Seeing him panic, Twinkle says it’s
okay, she tells him to sit behind that she will ride it. Jassi asks if
she can drive it? Twinkle says she can do anything and proudly says she
is Twinkle Taneja. Twinkle sits on the scooter, Jassi sits behind and
says Ram Ram as she rides the scooter herself. Kunj sees them leaves, he
tells Pallavi that she should have been careful and Twinkle must have
felt weird. Pallavi says she fell mistakenly and that she came to tell
him that Usha aunty is thinking to get him married again. Kunj says what
and he thinks that his mom knows how he feel about Twinkle then why is
she doing this? He leaves his bike. Pallavi who try to use the jealousy
trick to crate rift between Kunj and Twinkle says everything is fair in
love and war and she don’t care if she have to lie a little to get Kunj.

Usha tell Bebe that Twinkle doesn’t care about society, she doesn’t see
how much Kunj cares for her and she have to set her straight. Bebe
tells Usha that it’s not her but her mother inside her is speaking, she
tells Usha to think about her, her problems and trust her. Usha says she
don’t trust her anymore, the girl who left her house, husband for
college and asks how can she trust her? Adding that she have to talk to

Twinkle and Jassi reach the college where, the other
students mock Jassi and telling Twinkle that the next ride is with
them. Twinkle asks Jassi to ignore them all that if they bully him then
to tell her and advice him that he need to build his self confidence and
just then, the two of them notice an notice regarding Salsa classes in
the college. She says she always wanted to learn it and drags Jassi with
her. Kunj is punching his bag in his training room and thinks why his
mom is thinking about getting him married?. The students come there and
Kunj asks where Jassi is?. The student inform him that he has joined
Salsa class with his bodyguard Twinkle and further tells Rocky if he
know he was sitting behind Twinkle on bike today, adding that he is
useless. Upon hearing that he is mocking Jassi, Kunj tell him to stop,
he thinks he have to do something else Jassi will become just a laughing
stock in college and he needs to learn to fight back.

Jassi and
Twinkle comes to the Salsa class, the trainers instruct them to steps
in, but Jassi says he can’t do this, he is not hero but zero. Twinkle
asks why he keep calling himself zero?. She says if he don’t know how to
dance then why did he join the class?. Yuvi who is acting as the
lovable and cute Sardarji boy Jassi in order to be close to Twinkle in
college says because her to asks him. Twinkle pulls his cheeks and says
he is cute and also promise to teach him. Twinkle puts his hand on her
waist and holds his hand, she sways with him to beat, Yuvi is mesmerized
by her, while Tum Hi Ho sad music plays in the background. Twinkle
enjoys the dance, and Jassi stares at her, she hints him and they end
the dance. Kunj comes there, the girls ask if he will make them learn
dance too? Jassi tells Twinkle that he must be here to ask him to learn
boxing, he will do any dance with her but he cant do boxing, he can’t
fight and request Twinkle to save her. Twinkle asks him to calm down.
Kunj comes to him and tells Jassi that called him for boxing classing
and asks him to come with him. Twinkle blunt out that he is no one to
take him. Kunj says he needs self defense training and Twinkle asks why
he is forcing him? Kunj says he is just suggesting that he needs to
learn to fight.

Twinkle asks if he is doing this to spy on her. Kunj
asks Jassi to go out of the room. Jassi leaves and smirks. Kunj asks
Twinkle to listen and she asks why should she listen to him?. She
reminds him that he don’t listen to her, she tries to open door but its
locked. She realises that they both have been locked up in a room by
some unknown person and this lead to a clash between the two of them as
someone from outside says Rocky sir that they have locked the door as he
said. Kunj says he didn’t ask anyone to lock the door, he knocks on the
door and swear that he didn’t ask anyone to lock the door. Outside
door, Yuvi who is a step ahead of Kunj says Kunj need self defense now
as he will make him do Salsa, as he is stuck with Twinkle like magnet
and now rumors will spread through college that he got stuck with
Twinkle in a room and she wouldn’t want to see his face. Twinkle is
angry with Kunj behave rudely with him that she can’t believe he would
go so low and ask him to stop his cheap tricks in order to be close to
her. Kunj holds her shoulder and asks if she think that he will do this?
He asks if she don’t trust her Kunj?. He request her to look in his
eyes and say that she don’t trust her?

Jassi comes to the
students and inform them that Twinkle and Rocky are locked in a room and
the girls get jealous. Jassi who pretends to be an innocent boy
suggests they should help them to get out. All the students leave to
open the door, Yuvi in disguise smirks. Twinkle meanwhile tells Kunj
that she don’t trust him, she points out that in the last five years he
have changed so much that he can’t even read his eyes and asks why would
she trust him?. She throw the question back to him and asks if he trust
her?. She tells him that his eyes even cheated her and she can’t trust
him anymore.
Seeing that Twinkle is behaving rudely with him,
Kunj is pissed off with her statement. He puts his hands down from
Twinkle’s shoulder, he is hurt, frustrated and forcefully hit the door.
Twinkle is sad will Kunj keeps punching the door, she tells him to stop
it but he doesn’t listen to her and keeps punching the door and he
somehow manages to break the door open, thereby hurting himself.
Twinkle’s heart melt seeing Kunj’s injured state but feel sad that this
lead him to get an injury. Kunj comes out and asks who closed the door?.
Everyone is silent. The girls gossip what they were doing alone in the
room? Kunj asks them to leave and they all leave. Jassi comes to Twinkle
and tells her that Rocky Sir is strict, he feel like she stopped him
from making him learn boxing that is why he is doing all this but he
don’t like boxing and Rocky is staring at him. He says he is scared of
him, he don’t want to learn boxing and plead with her to save him.
Twinkle looks at Kunj and leaves. Jassi goes behind her.

makes a dramatic return and comes out of car outside Sarna house. Usha
and Bebe are outside the house and they both are shocked to see Anita.
Usha asks what she is doing in their house? Anita says she was missing
these expressions, she know they must have missed her too as so many
years passed but Usha still doesn’t have brain and now when her Kunj is
alive then there is no case or allegation on her so she is free. Usha
says she tried to kill him and he was not with them for many years.
Anita starts fighting with them and says atleast he is alive and that
Usha even got ready made son, which is her Yuvi, adding that the whole
Sarna family used her son, even made him marry Twinkle and accuses them
of treating Yuvi unfairly that now when her son has come back then she
have thrown him like hair from butter and that she have used her son him
nicely. Twinkle and Yuvi comes there and sees her too.

tells them that the Sarna family used her son and threw him out like he
is nothing and that she have never seen selfish people like them. Usha
blunt out that Yuvi is not a kid and they didn’t force him to do
anything and asks what about what Anita did? Bebe tells Usha not to talk
to this rubbish woman. Anita says even if she don’t want to talk to her
and demands to know where Yuvi is right now. Bebe says she she don’t
know. Anita who wants to meet Yuvi claims they are hiding him and she
will go inside the Sarna house to meet her son, she tries to go in but
Bebe stops her and says she won’t let her go in her house and they both
have physical fight. Twinkle and Yuvi who is now disguised as Jassi
stand as spectators and watch as the ladies go on to fight. Anita tries
to push her away but Bebe pushes her back and Jassi holds on to Anita
when she is about to fall down and since he is dressed as Jassi so Anita
doesn’t recognize him and Yuvi stops himself from crying upon seeing
his mother after a long while. He sadly looks at her and says nameste
aunty. Twinkle takes him away. Bebe tells Anita not to try to come to
their house again and find her son herself.

Meanwhile, the
college management speaks to Rocky and informs him that they need funds
for the college fest and that since Rocky have contacts, he can bring
sponsors for them. Rocky assures them that he will speak to his contacts
and just then, learns that Twinkle too will be trying to arrange for
the the funds as she is a business student. Kunj thinks he have to talk
to Twinkle if they want to work for fest together. Jassi is with Twinkle
and asks who was that woman? Twinkle says she was Yuvi’s mom. Jassi
asks who is Yuvi? Leela comes there and says she got to know that Anita
have returned but she won’t let them stay in peace and she asks who is
this guy?. Twinkle says he is her new friend Jassi. Pinni asks Jassi why
he don’t eat or drink anything? And that she mean he need some milk and
vitamin. Leela asks her to not tease him. Pinni asks Twinkle to decide
between Yuvi and Kunj, adding that this Jassi is very skeleton. Twinkle
sighs, Pinni and Leela leaves. Jassi asks why everyone hates that aunty
Anita? Twinkle ignore him and suggest they work on the fest.

Anita says to herself where Yuvi is as nobody knows about him. Twinkle
tells Jassi that nobody is giving them sponsor and asks what to do?
Jassi suggest her to call Chadda that he gave a great contract and it
was big indian fat wedding. Twinkle is stunned and remembers how she and
Yuvi arranged Chadda’s daughter’s wedding, she asks how he know? Jassi
says Chadda had big wedding so everyone knows about it and she also told
him she did wedding planning business and he even know his son, adding
that he have his number too. Twinkle says this is good idea and suggest
they call Chadda. Anita is worried for Yuvi and calls him up. Twinkle
sees Jassi’s phone ringing and inform him that his mom is calling him
but Jassi cuts her call. Anita thinks he hope he is fine. Twinkle asks
Jassi why he disconnect his mom’s call? Jassi lie to her that his mom
asked him to bring veggies and he forgot to bring them so she would
scold him if he did it. Yuvi thinks about his mom that he want to meet
her too but this is not the right time and he have to concentrate on her
plan and Twinkle should not know about his identity.

comes to Kunj’s room and says he injured himself again? She suggest to
bandage his wound but he says no need and tells him to shut up. Pallavi
sits beside him and does his bandage. Twinkle is in blacony and sees
Kunj and Pallavi sitting in Kunj’s room and Pallavi doing his bandaid,
she recalls how Kunj caught Pallavi in his arms when she fell down. Kunj
tells Pallavi that he is fine. Pallavi says she is doign this for Usha,
she leaves. Kunj says he have to call Twinkle and talk to her, he calls
her up and turns to the window to see her standing on her balcony but
she cuts his call.

The next morning, Anita comes to Twinkle and
says she know they don’t like her and Yuvi doesn’t want to meet her and
demand her to tell her where her son is? Twinkle says when she know he
doesn’t want to meet her then why is she asking? Anita says she is
worried for him as he is not picking non even calls her. Twinkle thinks
that even she don’t know where he is and that he is not seen after he
said goodbye to her. She decides to find about him after college today.
Yuvi comes there as Jassi and greets Anita, he thinks that he hope she
doesn’t recognize him. Twinkle tells Anita that she don’t know about
Yuvi and plead with her to leave their lives, she sits behind Jassi on
scooter says to Anita not to worry that her son would be fine, he
leaves. Anita says the boy reminds her of Yuvi.
The principal
says to college that Twinkle made Chadda agree to sponsor their fest. He
says Rocky is bringing his contacts too, Kunj comes there and Twinkle
asks if he going to work in fest too?. Twinkle and Rocky are appointed
by the Principal to organize the college fest together. Jassi tells
Twinkle that Rocky Sir came here too and he seems like coming everywhere
and asks her what will he do now? Twinkle tells the principal that if
Rocky is working on the fest then she is not going to organize it. The
principal asks why?. The principal point out that Rocky can bring his
contacts while she have management skills and asks why can’t they both
do this much for their institute? Everyone starts pleading with Twinkle
to organize it for the college, she contemplates but gives in and says
fine that she will arrange the fest and all are happy. Twinkle says she
have one condition that nobody should interfere in her work. Rocky says
he is in, he will arrange the budget and venue. Twinkle says she will
supervise the food and decorations and both say that they don’t need

The principal says great mission fest starts now and
everyone claps. Twinkle and Kunj stares at each other. Jassi sees his
mother Anita in college and gets tensed, he thinks what his mom is doing
here? And that if she recognizes him then his plan will fail and
Twinkle will hate her instead of Kunj, he tries to look at her
stealthily. Anita is tensed. Twinkle asks Anita why she is here too?.
She tells Anita to trust her that she don’t know anything about Yuvi and
if she get to know about him then she will tell her herself but she
don’t want any scene here in her college. Anita smiles at Jassi looking
at him. Twinkle suggests the guys to come along. Jassi tries to leave
with Twinkle as Twinkle has already gone but Anita holds Jassi’s hand,
he looks at her surprised, he tries to act like nerdy Jassi but Anita
who instantly recognizes that Jassi is Yuvi from day one takes off his
glasses. Anita confronts Yuvi about taking up the disguise of Jassi. She
tells him maybe nobody can recognize him but she is his mother and she
can recognize him in any avatar, from the first time she saw him, she
knew he is her Yuvi but she don’t know why he is hiding like this from
his mom?. She asks if he can imagine how she spent days without him?.
She asks if he is running away from her instead of hugging her?. She
then asks if she will not hug his mom? She cries and hugs him. Yuvi
feels sad but doesn’t hug her back fully, he pulls her back and says he
is happy that she is out of jail but this doesn’t mean she didn’t do
crimes, she was guilty and will always remain guilty. Anita says she
know she is and she is ready to rectify and pay for it but she just want
her son and asks what would she do for him?. She caresses his face.
Yuvi says if she need his forgiveness then to just leave him alone, he
is doing all this, hiding like this for Twinkle and he can’t lose her
like this, he is acting like this as Jassi for Twinkle and this is all
his plan to get her back, he then plead with her to stay away from him
till he don’t get her back. Anita sadly looks at him and gets
disappointed hearing this as her son explains that he is doing all this
only for Twinkle.

Yuvi pleads with his mother to not try to meet
him till he dont get Twinkle back as this will ruin his plan of gaining
Twinkle’s love, he will handle everything himself and further begs her
not to interfere. Anita puts his glasses back and says as he wish, she
tells him that she miss him, she cries and caresses his face, she asks
him to take care and she leaves. Yuvi is sad. Meanwhile, people are
talking to Kunj in college. He sees Twinkle working and stares at her.
Twinkle cheers for the guys who is about to show stunt. Meanwhile, the
dancers participating at the college fest are forced to back out as one
guy is about to jump in air but twists his ankle. Kunj says his ankle is
twisted and he cannot perform now. They take him away, one student says
his performance with Mala was final for fest too and asks who will
perform now?. Mala says she can’t perform with anyone else, she leaves
and the other students pester Twinkle to dance instead as she was Miss
Amritsar too. Twinkle agrees but does not seem to get a right partner
and says even she can’t perform alone and she need partner, she looks at
Kunj but he looks away. One of the student says he know one guy and
people call him Micheal Jackson and he will perform with her. Twinkle
asks if he will come on short notice? The student suggests to call him
and ask. He calls him up.

Just then, Yuvi arrives at the place and the
student point to him that he is here. It’s none other than Yuvi dressed
as himself not as Jassi. Bodyguard plays in the background. Kunj thinks
he must be planning something. Twinkle asks Yuvi where he was and if he
is fine? Yuvi says he is fine and that he was fulfilling his promise to
her. He asks student who called him about the dance and the student tell
him that Twinkle is his partner, but he too refuses to dance with
Twinkle as it’s his promise to someone, he cant. Twinkle looks at him,
everyone asks Yuvi to perform but he says he can’t. Yuvi starts leaving,
he thinks Twinkle cant say no as understanding partner like him and he
hopes that Twinkle will stop him from leaving and call him herself.
Twinkle is looking at him, he sits down acting like tying his shoe
laces. He turns to see Kunj coming to Twinkle. Kunj who takes the
advantage of the situation and requests Twinkle to dance with him and if
she don’t mind, he can be her partner? Sajna Ve song plays in the
background. Kunj says nothing personal, just for this institute’s
respect. Yuvi looks at them and sees Kunj extends his hand.

asks Twinkle to accept. Twinkle holds Kunj’s hand and accepts to dance
with him. Yuvi thinks that he can’t believe this loser took the chance
and won, adding that he got Twinkle without actually doing anything.
Twinkle and Yuvi dances on Pyar Ki Yeh Kahani Suno song. They do Salsa
dance closely and Yuvi angrily looks at them. Just when Twinkle is about
to fall down, Kunj catches her, they share eyelock and Sajna Ve plays
play in the background and confetti falls over them. Twinkle gets up,
everyone claps and congratulates them. Twinkle steal glances with Kunj.
Yuvi thinks that his plan failed and he instantly decides to use his
disguise as Jassi to impress Twinkle as backup and Twinkle will dance
with only him.

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