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Thursday Update On My Golden Home

At the dressing shop, Kanika deliberately spills some drink on Abha’s top. The manager asks her why she did that. Kanika tells the manager that it was an accident and that Abha will wear the same top for the party. Kanika adds that the stain is just on a small part. Abha is surprised.
Shelly goes to meet grandma and tells her that she doesn’t like the new secretary “Tasveer”. Shelly tells Saraswati (grandma) that she had seen her in Kanika’s room and her cupboard was also open, but Saraswati tells Shelly that Tasveer is a nice girl and she likes Tasveer. She  adds that Tasveer is very softspoken and a nice girl. Meanwhile Abha comes there and gives flowers to grandmother.  Saraswati ( grandma) feels impressed whiles Shelly feels jealous.

Abha arrives at Swarn Bhavan and sees Karan sitting at her table. Karan has been waiting for her but the moment he sees her, he pretends that he is studying. Abha goes to him and he gets up but before she could sit, he dusts the chair for her and tells her that girls always require boys.
Karan intentionally asks Veer as to who is sitting there and that he invited all his guests. Karan asks his brother if Tasveer wouldn’t get an invitation? Veer replies that Tasveer has to be at the event through out. Veer adds that Tasveer has to come early and also be the last person to leave.    Abha asks Veer when the party would be over. Veer tells her  that it can continue until 4am in the morning.

Raghav is doing his calculations and Sheetal goes to him. She is about to go to the wedding and is wearing Chandra Prabha’s sari. Raghav gets very angry at her but Sheetal says that she has taken permission before wearing it. Raghav then tells her that he is going to Jabalpur. Sheetal too wants to go as her brother stays there but Raghav says that he is not going there to meet her brother. He tells Shelly that he is going for some other work. Sheetal asks him how she is looking in the sari. Raghav smiles and tells Sheetal that a ‘Koyla can never become a sona’. Sheetal looks at Raghav feeling irritated.

Abha asks her mother if she can return late the next day. Meanwhile Thakur Uday walks in. Abha changes the topic by saying that Sheetal would be coming late as she has gone for a wedding. Chandra Prabha asks Abha to speak to her outside.   Abha tells her mother that there is a party at where she works and she has to stay there for a long time.  Her mother asks her how late she will be there? Abha tells her mother that it could be 1AM or 2AM in the night. Chandra Prabha refuses to let her go.  Abha tries to explain to her mother by saying that she has grown up and can take care of herself. Chandra Prabha tells Abha that she is scared because she has grown up.

The next morning, Abha arrives at Swarn Bhavan. She has no duty in the office and the party preparations are going on. Abha’s mother calls her up and tells her that she can attend the party but she has to return as early as she can.

At nightfall, the party begins. A very nice and romantic song is been played. Abha is wearing the stained top and a skirt. There are guests present at the party. Abha sees Kanika and her friends having alcoholic drinks with them. She feels very bad that people are drinking in front of Bhagvan ji’s idols. Abha feels totally disgusted. The drinks area is set up just below her grandfather’s photo.

Karan sees Abha standing quietly. Karan looks very handsome in what he is wearing. He goes to her and sees the stain on her top. Karan is wearing a scarf. He tells Abha that he thinks she is sad because of the stain. Karan takes off his scarf and wraps it around Abha’s neck. Abha just stares at him. Karan again tells Abha that girls need boys help most of the time. Abha looks at him and she leaves.

Vimal asks Abha to get four drinks for him, Shelly and two of his guests. Abha is scared, sad and angry at the same time. A strange man constantly keeps staring at her. He has bad intentions written all over his face. He looks at her dress. After Abha gets the drinks he still kept starring at her. Jagmohan also asks Abha to get drinks for his guests. Abha feels sad and also wish she could cry. Meanwhile, Chandra Prabha is still waiting for Abha to return home. Thakur Uday Pratap asks her where Abha has gone to.  Chandra Prabha tells him that Abha has gone off to sleep. Chandra Prabha lies that Abha is sleeping with Sheetal as Raghav has gone to Jabalpur.  Thakur Uday looks quite not convinced.

At the party, the song “MAIN TALLI HO GAYI” is been played. All are drunk and are dancing. Abha feels bad seeing all this. Vimal, Shelly and Kanika are also dancing. Karan goes to Abha and tells her that it is very difficult to dance alone. He offers his hand to dance but she just ignores and leaves.

Meanwhile, Shelly is drunk and is dancing like a mad person. She has gone wild. Everyone notices her and Jagmohan feels bad and angry seeing this. He goes to Vimal and tells him to stop Shelly but Vimal is drunk himself and rudely tells his father that now they have to take his permission even before breathing. Grandmother cannot tolerate so much of the noise as she is in her room.

Jagmohan gets angrier and goes to Shelly and tells her to behave herself but Shelly is still half-unconscious. He tells Kanika to take Shelly and her friends upstairs as people are watching them. Kanika does so. Abha is then left alone with men at the party.  The song changes to “LOVE ME LOVE ME” and Abha gets surrounded by men on all sides who start misbehaving with her. Abha feels scared and starts crying. Meanwhile Karan pulls her out of the crowd and saves her.

Abha is relieved to see him. Karan again tells her that girls require boys to be with them all the time. Abha gets angry at him again. Karan tells her that she should not go to the party again as she is like a glass piece. Karan holds her hand. Abha asks him to leave her alone. Karan tells her that he will leave her hand only on the condition that she (Abha) will listen to his advice. He tells Abha to go upstairs and to change her dress and also he (Karan) will drop her home.  Abha looks uninterested. She opens the scarf he had given her and leaves. Karan smells the scarf and wears it around his neck.

Chandra Prabha is waiting for Abha as it is past 1AM in the night. Thakur Uday comes and asks her why she is still awake. Chandra Prabha replies that she just woke up and was passing time. Thakur Uday goes inside. Sheetal comes and acts scared as to why Abha has still not return home.

At Swarn Bhavan, Abha goes upstairs and the strange bad man follows her. In a lonely corridor she sees him behind her and starts crying but she keeps walking. She enters a room and closes the door. The man keeps knocking on the door, the door opens and the man finds Grandma in front. The man is shocked and greets her. After Grandma closes the door,  the man asks himself how a pretty girl suddenly turned into an old woman.

Inside the room, Abha thanks Grandma for saving her whiles they both hug each other affectionately. Grandma tells her to change her clothes.  Its past 2AM in the night, the door knocks and Chandra Prabha with Sheetal run to open it. Meanwhile Thakur Uday comes there and asks her to stop. Chandra Prabha is shocked.  Thakur Uday opens the door and finds Abha. Abha shivers and starts crying. Thakur Uday asks her where was she was? Abha tells her that she was at the NGO but she got late. Thakur Uday tells her about the condition he had set that if she ever returns late any day she won’t leave the house after that. Thakur Uday tells Abha that now he is changing the condition. He tells Abha that she has to return home everyday before sunset. Abha is shocked. Thakur Uday shuts the door leaving Abha outside.

Abha is standing outside whiles Thakur shuts the door. Chandra Prabha is shocked and asks him where the poor girl will go? Thakur tells Chandra Prabha that Abha is no longer their daughter. However Chandra Prabha gets Abha inside the house.

At night, Abha is sleeping and thinks of how can she tell her parent about her job? She tells herself that she cannot do so. The next morning, inside the kitchen, Sheetal is preparing tea and Abha is beside her. She asks Abha where she is working and why she had to come home so late? She smirks and asks her if she would be coming home late regularly? Abha says no. She tells Sheetal that it was for only yesterday. Sheetal asks her to take some tea for Thakur as she has nothing else to do. Abha is afraid.

Abha brings tea to his father. Thakur Uday sits angrily. Abha offers him tea and he smashes the cup. The cup breaks into pieces. Chandra Prabha and Sheetal comes there. Thakur Uday goes on scolding Abha. He tells her that he is such a person that would prefer to die rather than live on his daughter’s hard earned money. Abha feels very sad and she picks up the broken pieces of the cup and leaves.

Whiles Abha enters Swarn Bhavan,  Grandma watches her from the balcony. She likes Abha. Abha enters the hall and is shocked and sad to see that the place has not yet been cleaned up after the party. The tables were still placed at the same spot and the decorations were all scattered on the floor. Abha starts picking up the wine glasses and a sad song plays in the background. Meanwhile Grandma comes to her.

Grandmother tells Abha that she never saw Kanika and Shelly do such things which she is doing now (that was cleaning and tidying up the place) Grandmother tells Abha that she should have been the daughter of theie house. She adds that when Abha comes to the house, the place becomes alive.  She then asks Abha who she is (her real identity). Abha just keeps quiet and tells Grandmother that she called her granddaughter. Abha tells Grandmother that she should also treat her like her granddaughter.

Shelly is still sleeping in her room. Vimal tries to wake her up but all his efforts are in vain. Shelly tells Vimal that she is feeling very drowsy and wants to sleep more. Vimal asks her why she drank so much last night. On the other hand, Jagmohan tells Abha that she has to go to Mumbai for two days. Abha is shocked. He tells her that she has to attend to some clients over there. After he leaves, a lawyer asks Abha if she has ever discussed a case with a client before but she says no.

Sheetal is very upset that Thakur Uday broke her cup. She angrily says that the tea set costed her 1200 rupees. Chandra Prabha tells her not to worry as she will get all her money back. Sheetal takes out a notebook from the drawer and adds the cost of the tea set. She tells Chandra Prabha that she has to keep records of all the expenditure otherwise she might also forget. Prakash comes home and shows his mother a book and bangles which he got for her from his own money. Chandra Prabha is very happy.  Sheetal keeps on looking. Prakash takes out a pair of earrings which he bought for Abha.  Sheetal immediately snatches it thinking it is gold. Prakash tells her that it is artificial and costs only 25 rupees. Abha returns home in a while. She thinks of how to tell her parent that she has to go to Mumbai for work purposes.

Prakash tells his mother that he earned 840 rupees today. He then takes out the money. He is about to give it to Chandra Prabha when Sheetal snatches it and says that the tea set alone costed 1200 rupees. Prakash gets very angry and snatches his money back saying that he will give it only to his mother. Sheetal tells Prakash that it won’t be a difference if the money is with her or with Chandra Prabha. Chandra Prabha asks him to give it to Sheetal but Prakash refuses. Chandra Prabha slaps him and Abha is shocked.

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