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Tuesday Update On Fire And Ice

One of the student says he know one guy and people call him Micheal
Jackson and he will perform with her. Twinkle asks if he will come on
short notice? The student suggests to call him and ask. He calls him up.
Just then, Yuvi arrives at the place and the student point to him that
he is here.
It’s none other than Yuvi dressed as himself not as Jassi.
Bodyguard plays in the background. Kunj thinks he must be planning
something. Twinkle asks Yuvi where he was and if he is fine? Yuvi says
he is fine and that he was fulfilling his promise to her. He asks
student who called him about the dance and the student tell him that
Twinkle is his partner, but he too refuses to dance with Twinkle as it’s
his promise to someone, he cant. Twinkle looks at him, everyone asks
Yuvi to perform but he says he can’t. Yuvi starts leaving, he thinks
Twinkle cant say no as understanding partner like him and he hopes that
Twinkle will stop him from leaving and call him herself.

Twinkle is
looking at him, he sits down acting like tying his shoe laces. He turns
to see Kunj coming to Twinkle. Kunj who takes the advantage of the
situation and requests Twinkle to dance with him and if she don’t mind,
he can be her partner? Sajna Ve song plays in the background. Kunj says
nothing personal, just for this institute’s respect. Yuvi looks at them
and sees Kunj extends his hand. Everyone asks Twinkle to accept, Twinkle
holds Kunj’s hand and accepts to dance with him. Yuvi thinks that he
can’t believe this loser took the chance and won, adding that he got
Twinkle without actually doing anything. Twinkle and Yuvi dances on Pyar
Ki Yeh Kahani Suno song. They do Salsa dance closely and Yuvi angrily
looks at them. Just when Twinkle is about to fall down, Kunj catches
her, they share eyelock and Sajna Ve plays play in the background and
confetti falls over them. Twinkle gets up, everyone claps and
congratulates them. Twinkle steal glances with Kunj. Yuvi thinks that
his plan failed and he instantly decides to use his disguise as Jassi to
impress Twinkle as backup and Twinkle will dance with only him.

Meanwhile, Anita comes to her room, she sadly looks at Yuvi’s picture
and says he loved Twinkle like crazy, he did so much for her happiness,
he completely changed himself and he spaced himself from her but still
he didn’t get Twinkle. Anita decides to help her son gain Twinkle so
that her son gets his love and she get her son back, Twinkle has to
become Yuvi’s even if she have to do anything for it.

shows Usha pictures of Kunj when he became Rocky. Twinkle comes there
and asks his mom how she is? Usha asks what she is doing here? Twinkle
says she bring medicine for Bebe and she used to bring it every month.
Usha asks why she is showing off? That at one side she don’t want to
accept Kunj and on the otherside she show right on his family? And asks
what is the need to leave her house and family to go to college? Twinkle
says she is not showing off anything but she just brought medicines.
Pallavi says she saw the prescription and brought the medicines herself
and no need for her now. Twinkle leaves. Usha tells Pallavi that it’s
good she answered Twinkle well. Pallavi says she don’t understand why
she pretends in everything. Anita comes there and calls out to Usha.
Usha gets angry seeing her. Anita says she know she don’t like her but
she know Usha is miffed with Twinkle and she have come to give her idea
to get rid of Twinkle.

Leela asks Twinkle why she is upset?
Twinkle says she went to Sarna house but Usha mom scolded her. Leela
says Usha is blinded by her love for her son, she has forgotten her
daughter sacrifice, her love and care. Twinkle says she also think she
took the wrong decision? Leela says no but she (Twinkle) will have to
soon take action. Meanwhile, Anita tells Usha that she can give her idea
to separate Kunj and Twinkle but Usha says she don’t need her ideas and
tells her to leave. Anita says she will need her help. She tells her if
she knows Twinkle and Kunj are getting really close in college and that
did Twinkle tell her that Kunj and Twinkle are taking part in college
fest together? Usha gets angry listening to this. Anita leaves.

The college fest starts, everyone praises Twinkle and Kunj for the
arrangements. Yuvi is dressed as Jassi and thinks that Twinkle is
looking so pretty and she can’t let Kunj dance with her at any cost.
Twinkle is wearing white sleeveless dress. She comes to Jassi, he
compliment her that she is looking really nice, she smiles. The dance
performances start. The manager says to Twinkle and Kunj that everyone
is waiting for her dance performance. Jassi brings Twinkle aside and
says she is sweet and asks if she don’t remember what Rocky Sir did in
college room that day? And still she is dancing with him? Twinkle tells
Jassi that she is doing this for college and she can handle him, she
leaves. Yuvi thinks he have to think of something. The dance performance
ends and Kunj and Twinkle goes back-stage to get ready for their
performance. Yuvi in disguise goes behind too. He comes to them and
tells Twinkle that his mom says she should eat something sweet before
doing any work, he makes her eat sweetdish and Kunj smiles. Jassi tells
Rocky Sir to eat too, he offers him but deliberately puts it on his
shirt. He apologize to Rocky with an excuse that his hand shook and he
is so sorry. Twinkle says their performance is next and asks what will
happen now?. Kunj says he will come after changing soon, he leaves.
Jassi assures Twinkle not to worry that she taught him Salsa and they
will dance as partners. Twinkle is tensed and comes on stage and
everyone cheers for her.

Pallavi gives money to a goon and tells
him that the light should fall on Twinkle in today’s party, it should
look like accident and nobody should doubt him. He nods and says her
work will be done, he leaves. Pallavi talk to herself and apologize to
Twinkle that she don’t have other option to get rid of her and Kunj’s
daily college sessions and that she ( Twinkle ) is gone today, she
Twinkle gets on the stage, ready for her performance,
unaware that two men are all set to drop one of the flood lights on her
and everyone claps. The light man positions spot light right above
Twinkle’s head and Yuvi is standing back stage. The light man leaves
spot light, but just as the light is dropped on Twinkle, Kunj rushes
towards her and pushes her away to safety and they both fall down on
stage away from the spotlight. Twinkle looks at Kunj tensely and the
principal praises Kunj for bravery. Meanwhile, Pallavi gets call from
her goon and learns that Twinkle has escaped the accident and gets
furious with the men asking how did she get saved? She scold him that he
can’t do anything properly. By now, Twinkle sees Kunj injured, she
thanks him for saving her life and Kunj says if she really mean it and
asks her for a date in return that he want to talk to her. Twinkle is
forced to agree that she will decide place and time, he says fine but
Jassi is displeased seeing this and is tensed.

Twinkle sees Jassi
sitting on chair and she comes to him. Jassi (Yuvi in disguise) speaks
to Twinkle and apologize to her that he spoiled everything and he is
zero. Twinkle says it was not his fault. Jassi asks what if the light
fell on her? Twinkle says it didnt. Jassi says the boxer Sir saved her
and she is going on a date with him and asks how can she go on a date
with him? Adding that Rocky looks scary and what if he hurts her and
further asks if she isn’t scared? Twinkle says Rocky Sir can’t hurt her.
Jassi asks why? Twinkle says it’s a long story and she think she should
tell him. She tells him how she and Kunj got married, how they fell in
love, how Kunj drowned in sea and she got married with Yuvi then how
Kunj retruned after plastic surgery as Rocky and how Kunj asked her for a
chance again, how Yuvi asked for it too and how she rejected both of
them. She says she have decided to forget her past and complete her
studies. Jassi says hats off to her, after so much happening, she still
make people around her happy and he feel that Yuvi is better than Rocky
as he left everything for her happiness, he let her do what she want and
Rocky tries to be with her like magnet. He then asks what is this date
and all?. Jassi tries to tell her that Kunj could be the one who is
responsible for her accident to gain her sympathy as he wanted to be
hero. Twinkle tells Jassi that Kunj didn’t do it and further tells him
not to think too much, she then suggests him to come addressing him as
her cute best friend. Jassi says he will always be her best friend.

Pallavi is looking at her and Revant’s pictures and a flashback is
shows where Pallavi saying to Revant not to go. Revant says he will come
back soon and bid bye to her, flashback ends. Pallavi says she let him
go last time but not this time and if she have to make Twinkle loose
then she have to take steps carefully and that her favorite pawn Usha is
with her in this game, she smirks.

Kunj comes to Guradvarah
temple and thinks that he should have understood that Twinkle will call
him here to meet and this place is important in their story. Twinkle
comes there and talks with one woman. Kunj looks at her and smiles,
Tujhe Main Rab Dikhta Hai song plays in the background. He recalls how
he met Twinkle first time in the temple. Twinkle comes to Kunj and he
thanks her for coming and that he wanted to talk to her. Twinkle
suggests they pray first. Twinkle and Kunj starts serving food to the
poor and Kunj keeps looking at her. They clean Guradvarah temple and
looks at each other. Twinkle and Kunj keeps shoes in rack and their
hands touch. Yuvi is there as Jassi, he says this loser is going for
sixers and decides to do something otherwise his Twinkle will make her
house again and he will be left alone. While Twinkle is working there,
her shirt’s back zip is opening, Jassi and Kunj sees it and they both
run to cover her. Jassi strikes with one man so Kunj reaches to Twinkle
first. He hugs her from behind and closes her zip, Sajna Ve song plays
in the background. Usha and Pallavi comes there and sees them like that.
Yuvi in Jassi disguise is jealous seeing that. Usha wonder why Kunj and
Twinkle are in the temple?. Twinkle turns and looks at Kunj, they share
eyelock. Usha leaves, Pallavi asks her to stop. Usha says Twinkle is
making Kunj dance to her tunes. Pallavi tells Usha that she can’t stop
Twinkle but she can try to stop Kunj. Usha says she is right and promise
to talk to him. Pallavi says she know he won’t listen against Twinkle
and he will ignore her and further tell Usha that she have to do
something indirectly and if she need her help to separate them then she
is available. Usha thanks her and thinks about it. Pallavi thinks
helping Usha is helping herself only, she smirks.

Kunj is in
college and asks Jassi to do boxing with him and he asks Jassi to fight
back when other student beats him. Kunj insists Jassi to fight back.
Jassi thinks that this student is nothing, he dont know what Kunj is
teaching him, and that one hit by him and he will be gone. Jassi acts
like trying to save himself from the student and Kunj asks Jassi to hit
back. Jassi acts fighting back but doesn’t hit the student. The student
punches him on his eye and Kunj asks if he is fine?. Twinkle comes there
and asks Jassi if he is fine? He cries. Twinkle stares at Kunj. Jassi
thinks Kunj should get ready for Twinkle’s attack now but Twinkle
doesn’t say anything to Kunj and she suggests Jassi to come with her
that she will apply bandaid to him and she takes him from there.

Jassi tells Twinkle that Rocky Sir is forcing him to do fighting and
that student beat him so much. Twinkle assured him that he will be fine.
Yuvi says Rocky Sir is possessive about her and he doesn’t like that he
is her friend, adding that he is jealous. Twinkle says nothing like
that, she asks him to sit, she gives him water to drink and he says he
think her second hero is best. Twinkle says Yuvi’s name? He says yes,
that Yuvi is a good boy and he doesn’t pressurize her. Twinkle agree
with Jassi that he is right and she thought Yuvi wont leave her alone,
he will pressurize her but he did the opposite and gave her space. Jassi
says yes, that he didn’t ask anything from her for 5 years, he even
back out when she asked and if someone does all that for her then he
loves her for real and that she is stupid to not see it. Kunj listens to
all this and is shocked. Twinkle says she have class, she leaves. Jassi
talk to himself that they will meet but this time, he will meet her as
Yuvi and not as Jassi.

Twinkle is buying some groceries at the
market where some goons spot her. The goons start teasing her and seeing
this, Twinkle warns them that she will teach them a lesson and asks
them to leave. She takes off her sandal and just when she decides to
beat up the goons, one of the goons holds her hand. At the same time,
Kunj spots Twinkle and realizes that she is trouble. Kunj rushes to help
Twinkle but is held back by Yuvraj and asks if he think Twinkle is some
weak girl?. He further taunts Kunj if he have any idea how many goons
she beat? He proudly says Twinkle is his tigeress, he cheers for Twinkle
and asks her to beat them. Twinkle frees her hand and beats the goons
with her sandal, they call her sister and run from there. Everyone claps
for her. Yuvi proudly says that is like his fighter. Kunj asks Twinkle
if she is fine? Twinkle ignore him and asks Yuvi if he is fine and asks
where is he all these days? Yuvi says he is fulfilling her wish to stay
away and it can’t happen that she ask him a thing and he don’t comply,
he further lie that he is busy with friend’s marriage. Twinkle asks him
to take care, she leaves. Yuvi comes to the goons who eve-teased Twinkle
and gives them money. Kunj sees this and understand that it’s all Yuvi
doing. Yuvi says now her score is more than Kunj.
Kunj is sitting
on his bed and says Yuvi is clever, he knows how to trick people but he
can try alot but his wife will never be his. He calls Twinkle up.
Twinkle takes his call and Kunj thanks him for coming to meet him at
Guradvarah temple but they couldnt talk, and she know they have to talk
once. He plead with her if she will go on date with him again? Twinkle
says she have assignments. Kunj says no pressure, he tells her to come
when she have time, he the ends call.

Anita shows some photos to
Yuvi and tells him to choose one girl, then she will ask for the
marriage proposal. Yuvi asks his mother what’s wrong with her? Anita
says she can’t see him go around Twinkle like that and making him
understand that he was never important for her. Yuvi clearly tells his
mom that there can’t be any other girl in his life other than Twinkle
and says end of discussion, he leaves. On the other hand, Kunj looks at
his and Twinkle’s photo, he says he know her heart and even he can play
games too but he want to win her heart with truth and he will win it one
day. Yuvi on the other hand says to himself that he will do anything to
win Twinkle’s heart, he promise himself that he won’t lose her this

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