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Tuesday Update On Iron Lady

Munna confronts Indira for transferring the power of attorney of the
house on her name by fooling him and Kutumb. Indira replies that she
does not regret fooling Munna. Kutumb gets furious and states that if
Indira does not allow Inder to stay in the house, she must leave the
Indira decides to leave the house. Before leaving, she threatens
to lodge a complaint against Kutumb if she sells the house as she had
the power of attorney. When Indira is about to leave the house, Ishaan
tries to stops her but fails. Rishi requests the family to convince
Indira to change her decision of leaving the house but he too fails.

Inder tells Rishi not to interfere in their family matters. He hands
over the advance rent to Rishi and asks him to leave the house. On his
way, Rishi meets Indira and informs her about it. Indira feels sorry for
Rishi. Indira calls up Radhey and asks him to arrange a room for her.

Radhey arranges a room for Indira in a guest house. When the manager
of the guest house demands an exorbitant amount as room charges, Indira
asks him to show the rate card. She also threatens to lodge a complaint
against him.

Rishi is about to leave, when Indira stops him
and asks him to rent another room in the same guest house. When she
learns that there was no other room available, she decides to share her
room with Rishi as he had always helped her. Later at night, the police
raid the guest house. Rishi gets scared when he learns about it. Rishi gets scared when the police raids the guest house, late at
night. Rishi decides to escape along with Indira. He drags Indira out of
the room.

While escaping, the police catch Indira. Indira
pleads innocence and requests the police to set her free but fails.
Meanwhile, Rishi comes to Indira’s rescue and poses as her husband. He
tells the police that Indira was his wife and they were unaware that the
guest room allowed illegal activities. To prove that they were married,
Rishi shows the marriage certificate, which was issued in Macau. After
going through the certificate, the inspector sets Indira free.

Later, a furious Indira questions Rishi why he had not torn the marriage
certificate. She asks for the certificate and rips it off. To sell
Sharma Niwas, Inder brings a dealer to the house. To convince Munna to
sell the house, Inder informs him that the dealer has brought an advance
payment. The family is shocked when they learn that the dealer has
decided to pay Rs 20 lakh as advance. Kutumb agrees to sell the house
and asks the dealer to give her the token amount.

The family
rejoices when Kutumb receives the money. Ishaan is surprised when he
sees Indira near his school and rushes to meet her. He informs Indira
about the dealer. He adds that the dealer gave money to Kutumb. Indira
is left worried. It is revealed that Jhumpa had purposely thrown Inder
out of the house so that he can convince Kutumb to sell Sharma Niwas.
Inder visits Jhumpa’s house and hands over some part of the money to
her. He also informs her that he was working according to their plan.
Jhumpa is surprised on learning that Indira has left the house. Jhumpa
rejoices as she believes that she would soon be the owner of Sharma

Indira calls up Vidit on his office landline number in
the US to inform him about Inder’s plan to sell Sharma Niwas. She is
left worried on learning that Vidit had not reported to his work for the
last one month. She is further worried on learning that the company had
terminated Vidit from the job.
Indira calls up Vidit’s friend,
Rahul and enquires with him about Vidit. She gets apprehensive when
Rahul too has no idea about Vidit’s whereabouts. He adds that he had
visited Vidit’s house but he failed to find him there. Meanwhile, Rishi
arrives at Indira’s office and finds her tensed. On enquiring Rishi
learns that Vidit had neither reported to work nor was at home. Rishi
asks Indira what Rahul told her about Vidit. Indira wonders how Rishi
knows Rahul and questions him. Rishi replies that he had read Rahul’s
message on her cell phone. Rishi suggests Indira to hire a lawyer in
order to prevent Inder from selling Sharma Niwas. Indira requests Rishi
to give her a lift as she has some important work. Rishi agrees but to
his dismay, she brings him to the Embassy of USA office to file Vidit’s
missing complaint.

Rishi tries to stop her but fails. When
Indira leaves, Rishi calls up someone and seeks help from the person.
Meanwhile, Indira receives Vidit’s call. She questions him about his
whereabouts. Vidit pacifies Indira and informs him that he had got a new
job in Texas. Indira is relieved on learning that Vidit was safe and
sound. On their way to the lawyer’s office, Rishi and Indira see Inder
along with Jhumpa. Rishi clicks the couple’s photograph. On seeing the
couple, Indira recollects the incident wherein Kutumb was trying to
convince her to allow Inder to stay in the house as Jhumpa had thrown
him out of her house. She also recollected the incident wherein Inder
apologized to her for abandoning Kutumb and his family.

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