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Wednesday Update On Iron Lady

Rishi alerts Indira that Sameer would avenge his insult as Indira
had insulted Sameer in front of his staff members. Indira does not pay
heed to Rishi, instead she asks him to leave. Before he leaves, Indira
hands over to him a huge amount and asks him to return it to Sameer.
Kutumb intervenes and questions Indira how she managed to get such a
huge amount. The family is surprised on learning that Indira has given
Sharma Niwas on rent for five days for a wedding ceremony.

at night, someone knocks the door of Sharma Niwas. When Indira opens the
door, she is shocked on seeing the goons, who were hired by Jhumpa,
badly assaulted. She finds a letter, which states that the person loves
her a lot and neither would the anonymous person allow anyone to touch
Indira nor allow anyone to create problems for her. The goons apologize
to Indira. Indira is surprised on learning from the goons that Rishi had
assaulted them. It is later revealed that Sameer had assaulted the
goons and had asked them to lie to Indira about Rishi. Sameer threatens
to kill the goons, if they tried to create problems for Indira in the
near future.

The next morning, Indira assigns work to her family
members as the new tenants would soon arrive. Meanwhile, Radhey brings
extra mattresses for the tenants. Inder is shocked when Indira asks him
to sign on an affidavit, which states that Inder will break all ties
with Jhumpa, if he wants to stay in Sharma Niwas. Indira gives sometime
to Inder to make a decision. Radhey secretly tampers the electricity
supply of Sharma Niwas.

Indira is puzzled when the electricity
suddenly goes off. She calls out to Radhey and asks him to check the
electricity fuse. She also asks him to call the electrician.
Meanwhile, Indira gets busy arranging the house as the tenants would
soon be arriving. Indira has rented her house for five days for a
wedding ceremony. It is revealed that Radhey had tampered the
electricity supply of Sharma Niwas at Sameer’s behest. Sameer disguises
himself as an electrician and comes to Sharma Niwas. He asks Radhey to
tell Indira that he needs to check the electricity fuse, which is
upstairs. When Radhey takes Sameer upstairs, Sameer enters Indira’s

Meanwhile, somebody knocks the door. Indira believes
that the tenant must have arrived. When she opens the door, she is left
surprised to see Manoj along with the police. She is further surprised
on learning that Jhumpa has lodged a complain against Indira alleging
that she has forced Inder to stay in Sharma Niwas. When Inder learns
about the complaint, he signs an affidavit which states that he was
breaking all ties with Jhumpa and wanted to willingly stay in Sharma
Niwas. Indira hands over the documents to the inspector. Jhumpa is
shocked on learning that Inder has broken all ties with her. After the
police leave, Manoj enters Sharma Niwas. He informs Indira that his
family had taken the house on rent for his sister’s wedding. The family
is left surprised. At that time, Sameer who is dressed as an electrician
intervenes and tells Indira that he has solved the problem. Ishaan
finds Indira upset and tries to pacify her. He also assures to take care
of her in the future. Sameer too wishes to take care of Indira. He is
determined to win Indira’s heart at any cost.

Rishi is furious
at the doctor as Viren was not recovering as per expectation. He
confronts the doctor and questions him about it. The doctor tries to
pacify Rishi and informs him that there were improvements in Viren’s
health. The doctor adds that Viren’s cognitive brain has now started
responding but he cannot exactly tell when Viren would completely

While decorating Sharma Niwas for the wedding ceremony,
the decorator asks his assistant to take the electricity connection
from Indira’s room. He adds that the electrician had repaired the
electric fuse in Indira’s room that morning. Rishi overhears their
conversation and gets worried. Rishi recollects that the electric fuse
in Sharma Niwas was downstairs and not in Indira’s room. He suspects the
electrician’s intentions and therefore rushes to Indira’s room. Ishaan
also follows Rishi.

It is revealed that Sameer has fixed a
CCTV camera in Indira’s room when he had entered her room dressed as an
electrician. Sameer monitors every movement through his laptop. He is
shocked when Rishi comes to Indira’s room. While Rishi searches for
clues to what the electrician could have been up to, Ishaan continues to
play with his ball. While playing, Ishaan’s ball hits the lamp, behind
which the camera was connected. After the lamp falls, Rishi sees the
camera. He understands that it was Sameer’s plan. Looking in to the
camera, Rishi states that he would never allow Sameer to succeed in his
plans. Sameer fumes with anger and breaks his laptop when Ishaan and
Rishi tease him.

Meanwhile, Indira comes to her room. She
gets furious on seeing Rishi. Ishaan intervenes and informs Indira about
the camera. Indira, however, believes that it was Rishi’s new plan.
Rishi gets furious and informs Indira that Sameer has fixed the camera
in her room to keep track of her movements. Indira, however, refuses to
believe him. To prove his innocence, Rishi confronts Radhey. Rishi
threatens to kill Radhey, if he failed to reveal the truth. Radhey
reveals that Sameer had come to Sharma Niwas dressed as an electrician
and had fixed the camera in Indira’s room. Indira gets shocked on
learning this. Indira feels sorry for accusing Rishi of fixing the
camera in her bedroom.

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