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Friday Update On Begusarai

Mithilesh tells Bindiya to get out from the house, he grasps her arm and tries to drag her out of the house but Priyom stop his elder brother to stop it otherwise he will forget how to behave with elders. Mitlesh asks if he will hit him?
He says he can expect that from him and asks if he have applied emergency in the house now. Adding that their next generations shouldn’t know that there was a daughter-in-law bali in whose time women took everything in their hand and now he’ll write the story. He will pick up everyone and tells them to start the countdown. Mithilesh leaves after expressing his disappointment towards Priyom and later the entire family is left worried regarding the peace in the house. Choti Amma asks when will the peace of the house return and that she is really worried.

Bindiya recalls what Mithilesh said about her and she is in tears. Priyom comes in and sees her crying. Priyom her not to try to conceal her tears. He later apologizes to Bindiya for being helpless before his elder brother and request her to forgive him. But Bindiya tells him not to do that. She should apologize and accepts that she is the reason behind all the problems in the ‘house and that since she came to the house, she became a curse for his family. Priyom hugs her. She says Mithilesh was saying everything correct that she was a dancer and when Mithilesh said that she felt like someone has sold her dignity in a market. Priyom tells her not to say that. She requests him to let her speak, and if she don’t speak in front of him then who would listen to her and she felt like her past will never leave her. Priyom assures her that he is there for her. Bindiya says she don’t need money, she always wanted a respectable life and always wanted love. She would dream of someone loving her and when she came to the house, she felt like she can get love and respect here. But when Mithilesh said it she felt like her dream will remain a dream. She care about Guddi and promised her till she is alive, she won’t let anything happen to Guddi or her child. Priyom makes her sit and wipes her tears.

Meanwhile, Poonam comes to her room and sees Lakhan sitting with Dolt’s asthi. Poonam still refuses to stay with Laakhan and believes that he is responsible for Dolt’s death and ignores him. She takes out her clothes. Priyom tells Bindiya that his grandmother was proud of her today when he ate all the food she made and when she took care of Guddi. Even when Mithilesh was insulting her ( Bindiya) and they felt like it was same as Poonam or Maya and they all love her. He then asks her why she care about one person who doesn’t respect her. He assures her that they will fill his place and he will give her so much love that nothing bad will come to he and one day, Mithilesh will also accept her as a part of this family. He then offer to bring her water as she have shed so much already. Bindiya says in her heart that Mithilesh will never accept her. But if she go talk to him and tell him that she have changed then maybe he will accepts her and decides to talk to him.

 Lakhan holds Poonam’s hand and she angrily tells him to leave her hand. He asks why is she talking to him like that and request her to come to the room. Poonam believes that he is responsible for her brother’s death blunt out that she won’t go to that room and she have nothing to do with her brother’s murderer. Although Laakhan tries his best to prove himself innocent that he was going to stop and save Dolt. Poonma then asks how was he crushed?. She shoves him and tells him to leave her alone and if he can’t go then she will. Laakhan leaves as he fails miserably in doing so to prove himself innocent. Poonam sits there in tears. She talk to herself that he is not only her brother’s but her love’s murderer as well and she will never forgive him. Badi Amma tells Lakhan Poonam has lost her brother and has suffered so much. She has handled all this, she is running faster than time and she needs time to calm down. Lakhan says it’s not about time but she thinks he have killed Dolt. He got hit by a truck and he was trying to save him. He was his brother and why would he kill him. He loved him as much as Poonam did. Badi Amma says when heart is full of sorrows it keeps looking for answers and in that moment argument only aggravates things. She tells her grandson to give her some time and everything will be fine.

Someone knocks Mitlesh’s door. He tells his wife to go and sleep in the kid’s room and warn her not to disturb him. The door keeps knocking and he is dazed to see Bindiya at the door. Mithilesh tells Bindiya that she came to the wrong room and have no interest in talking to her. He then tells her to go from here. Bindiya who goes to Mithilesh to ask him to accept her says she want to talk to him but he says he don’t talk to a woman so low like her. Bindiya holds his feet and assures him that she have changed and plead with him to forget whatever was between them in the past. She tells him that she is Priyom’s wife now and when he insult her, the whole family is insulted and begs him to stop doing this. Mithilesh laughs and everyone hear him laughing. Mithilesh tells Bindiya that she have ruined the peace of this house and have created this cold war between brothers. He add that now she is emotionally blackmailing him?. He asks if he should kill her or what?. He shoves her on bed and locks the door. He starts taking off his belt that he will remind her old relationship and he comes towards her.

 Mithilesh makes up his mind to punish Bindiya and he takes out his belt to whip her. He tells Bindiya this is his house and who is she?. He comes close. He asks if he should show her his power?. He slams the belt at her but she saves herself. Mitlesh shoves her on bed. Priyom knocks at the door and begs his brother to open the door. Mithilesh tells Bindiya he feel so good when she scream and his soul has cried because of her. Poonam Lakhan and everyone comes there. Mithilesh says he want to kill her. Badi Amma tells Mithilesh to open the door. Mithilesh on the other hand tells Bindiya that she ruined his family. Priyom and Laakhan who rush towards Mithilesh’ room tells him to open the door. Mithilesh says it’s not a sin to kill her. Badi Amma tells Priyom to break the door. Both Priyom and Laakhan are forced to break the door in order to get in and save Bindiya. Just when Mithilesh is about to slam her, Priyom grasps his collar. Rekha hugs Bindiya. Poonam asks if she is okay?. Priyom asks how dare him. Mithilesh asks him that for her he’ll hit him?. Priyom gets furious with Mithilesh and says to hell with the brotherhood and that today is either Mithilesh or him. An upset Priyom raises his hands on his elder brother. Badi Amma tells Priyom to leave him. Priyom insist that he will kill him and he repeatedly hits Mithilesh. Mithilesh is completely shocked to see that Priyom has disrespected him. Lakhan takes Priyom out. Priyom expressing his disappointment towards Mithilesh that he would have killed him if he didn’t care about Maya and the kids. They all go out. Badi Amma scold Mithilesh that he have done something even more shameful than Guddi and that it’s shame on him. Priyom lovely tells Bindiya to sleep now and assures her that he won’t go anywhere. She holds his hand.

It turns out that Mithilesh’s actions are being controlled by someone else as he later secretly meets Manohar ‘tauji’ and asks where he is? Rekha on the other hand tells Priyom that she is so worried as Bindiya must be very upset. Priyom says she is fine. Badi Amma tells  him to take care of her. Maya apologize to Priyom on Mitlesh’s behalf and that she know it’s unforgivable. She would have separate from him for his behavior but she is helpless for her kids. Priyom says she don’t need to apologize and it wasn’t her fault. He further tells Maya that he is proud to have a sister-in-law like her and asks her to forget what happened. He tells her to go to the kids and sleep with them as it’s late. Priyom tries to console Bindiya not  to blame herself. He swear no one will insult her after today. He hugs her and makes her drink water. Priyom tells her to stop crying now and sleep for sometime. He covers her with a blanket and caresses her face.

Manohar tells Mithlesh never take enemy weak as Mithilesh is there to handle it. Mithilesh says he is not scared of anyone because he know how to control them but his brother doesn’t know and he hit him today for that Bindiya. Manohar tells him that Priyom didn’t do good and Mithilesh ends up surprised when ‘Manohar tauji’ decides to make him the ‘Bahubali’ of Begusarai and from now on to do as he ask. Mithilesh nods. He tells Manohar  that to shove all these dogs out of their palace, he have to become bahubali. Manohar says the war has errupted and tells Mithilesh to listen carefully that he will stay here and Mithilesh will execute and work there and do whatever he can. Mithilesh promise to do what is better for Begusarai.

Badi Amma sees Mithilesh doing pooja in the morning. Mithilesh admits all his sins and wants to atone for it. He says from same belt that he hurt Bindiya, he will hurt himself now. Badi Amma asks what he is doing? He says he is purifying himself. He want negativity to be extracted out of him and Bindiya is the daughter-in-law of the house as well. Badi Amma tells not to do this. At the same time, Priyom and Bindiya come there. Mithilesh comes near them and a scared Bindiya hides behind Priyom.

Mithilesh hands over the belt to Priyom and asks him to punish him, for his behavior towards Bindiya. He begs Bindiya to pardon him and he is asking for her forgiveness and says he hold her feet. But when Priyom refuses to do so, Mithilesh punishes himself and he whips himself with the belt. Maya couldn’t bear it and stops him asking what he is doing. He tells Maya to please forgive him and also tells Lakahn that he was right that he couldn’t respect his own father then how could he respect someone else. He sits in Maya’s feet and asks her to please forgive him. Maya is concern for her husband and begs everyone to pardon him and request Badi Amma to give him a chance but she is unaware of her husband intention to take Priyom’s place and rise as the ‘Bahubali’ of ‘Begusarai. Badi Amma nods but she is not convince enough about her grandson. Rekha says in her heart that this is what she is seeing for the first time.

Badi Amma tells Choti that time will reveal if he is pretending or has actually changed. Later Manjeeta comes out of haveli to meet Badi Amma and tells her that he can’t come inside till last rites of Dolt. He invites them to attend the prayers for Dolt’s last rites and request her to let Poonam come to her brother’s last rites. Badi says this is Poonam’s right. But seeing Manchita’s sad condition, Badi Amma asks him to organize the prayers at the ‘haveli’ itself. Manjita says he was his son and he can’t forget what he has done. Badi Amma says he has left them, he made a mistake but he can’t be punished like that. She agree that what happened was not right and the truth is that he was like their kids.

As the prayers begin, Guddi starts crying. Laakhan gets up to participate in the prayers, however Poonam refuses to let him do so. Badi Amma stop him that if he don’t she will. Poonam stands up and says he won’t do any rituals. Lakhan says he was more than a brother to him. He takes the arg and does the ritual. Poonam stops him and says this is not his right. Lakhan does it anyway. Poonam tells him to go from here. Lakhan asks why and where?. She instead accuses him of killing her brother and his killer can’t do this. Manjeeta asks Poonam what’s wrong with her. Poonam says she is not wrong and he has killed her brother in front of her eyes, he shoved him in front of the car. She raise her voice at him and call him a murderer. Priyom tells Poonam that Lakhan can’t do this and their must be a misunderstanding. Poonam tells Priyom to ask Guddi. Guddi nods. Seeing that he is not succeed in explaining himself to Poonam, Lakhan gets fed up with being accused of Dolt’s death and says no one will interfere today as she has accused him publicly and he will answer her publicly as well. He thought she is upset because her brother has died and he thought as the pain ends she will get his love for him and he could die for him. He says every coin has two side and he haven’t killed her brother but he only ran to save him and he came under the car. Poonam says he is lying and asks why couldn’t he save him when he saw the car coming. Lakhan says he don’t know about Dolt but he know what the truth is. He add that God knows that she talk about all the time and he know one thing for sure that she have murdered their relationship today. He says that today he vow in front of the fire that all the relationships between them died today. Everyone is shocks as he makes this statement.

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