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Friday Update On My Golden Home

Sanskar stops Abha from seeing his bedroom. Jagmohan who shows up at the court of law let by-gones be by-gones and presents Lata’s bail orders and declares that he is fighting her case. Uday is in shock.
Sanskar lies to Karan that Abha is very angry with him. He then decide to goes in search for Abha to apologize. Jagmohan warns Samarjit against threatening Lata. Sanskar takes Abha for shopping. Karan and Sania come looking for Abha at the mall. Sania’s father, Naresh, finds files in Sanskar’s cabin and comes to know about Sanskar’s feelings for Abha. Karan tries to persuade Abha. Sania assumes that Sanskar has bought the pendant with letter `S for her. Some people abduct Abha from the parking lot. Sania’s father, Naresh decides to tell Sania the truth about Sanskar. Abha is left at an unknown place where she finds a note saying that it’s the time for their union.

Abha is relieved to see Karan awaiting her and that he was the one that gets her kidnapped. They both have a nice time together and finally consummate their marriage. Sania informs Sanskar that Karan and Abha are together. Naresh calls Sanskar and tells him that he knows the truth and he will tell Sania about it. Jagmohan calls Naresh but Naresh’s car goes out of control and he meets with an accident. Sania informs Sanskar about the accident. He breathes a sigh of relief after knowing that Naresh is serious.

Sanskar makes an excuse to leave from the hospital, and goes to call Abha and Karan. He gets upset when he realizes that they have consummated their marriage. The doctor informs Sania that Naresh wants to tell her something. Naresh tries to express his anger for Sanskar, but unfortunately breathes his last. Sanskar gets a letter from the doctor that was in Naresh’s pocket. It’s the same letter he had written for Abha. Sanskar’s letter accidentally falls and Karan picks it. Jagmohan gets shocked hearing the bad news. Sanskar tries to steal the letter from Karan’s pocket.

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