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Thursday Update On Iron Lady

The competition starts and the organiser call for the first name. At the hospital Indu is forcefully kept for treatment. Indu lashes out at shwetha telling her that as a patient she has rights to choose her doc and she can even go against shwetha to court for what she is doing. Shwetha tells her that she too has rights as a doc.
Shwetha gives Indu and injection saying that she won’t feel giddy with this injection and she will also feel more energetic. Shwetha asks the ward boy to keep watch over indu and leaves with the nurse to get medicines for indu. Indu is angry and thinks how can she get out if this place.

A couple dancing on stage to the tunes of ‘Tujse Muhabbat hogayi allah maaf Karen”.. The couple gives a good performance. After their performance, the organiser gives an introduction of the next performer ‘the lioness of CC comes to roar on stage’ and takes Indria Sharma’s name. Audience applauds and welcomes the contestants. But when no one comes, every one looks around for indu. One guy from audience says may be the lioness is scared of roaring. Another guy says (sarcasm) how can she come and dance as last time she had a fall. How will she face the audience? At this time Indu and Jazzy singh (JS) enters. Organiser announces their arrival. JS helps indu to walk to the stage. Crowd welcomes them. One guy from audience sarcastically says how can she dance as one of her legs is broken. Few laughs at this. Another guy says she will dance with one leg like a disabled. Another round of laugh by the sarcastic guys among the audience. JS comes to indu’s rescue. He tells you guys are having good laugh right, but you don’t dance with your legs but with your heart. He will support indu and they will see how they dance with their heart. The organiser tells the audience that they are giving a dance partner to Indu on humanitarian grounds, so that she can give her best performance, and once again welcomes the couple to dance on stage.

Indu is sceptical about her performance and asks JS if he isn’t afraid that he will loose his chance on prize money if he dances with Indu. JS replies that he will never loose ‘coz of her. He asks her to give him a chance to repent for his bad behaviour to her. Indu is still sceptical. She tells JS that if she had her Rishi beside her, he would do anything to help her win the competition. She tells him that this is her last dance. JS looks on as she remembers Rishi. JS speaks in his mind that your rishi is with you sreemathiji, and this is not your last dance. You have to dance in our kids marriages; we have to do bangda in their baaraat, and so this is not your last dance. And this performance will be your best performance. Indu asks JS if they can win or not. JS assures her that they will win. He tells her that if he could bring her from hospital to this place on time, everything will go well ahead also.
Dance starts. JS starts from right side (his usual attire) and Indu from left on a wheel chair in a beautiful sky blue flowing suit. Voice over ‘ Their was a girl who was very ”… (in hindi sancheeda), will fill the blank when I get the meaning), and their was a boy who was fun loving, they met at a very beautiful moment (FB – Inshi first meeting for auto), first they fought (FB – Rishi’s chappal falling on Indu during their first meeting at SN), then the slowly fell in love (FB ‘ some inshilicious moments), and their love grew and they became each other’s (FB – All inshi marriages), and made a thousands vows to each other. They will never separate and will always live happily. JS and Indu moves towards each other. Voice again – but one day the girl told I am going to die and I have only 10 days of life left to live. Indu dances in her wheel chair. Music ‘ teri adhoori kahaani’.. An inshilicious dance follows with great chemistry and wonderful eye lock moments . Rishi lifts her from the wheel chair and swirls her in his arms .

Indu is reminded of her dance with rishi the other day, when he had made her stand on his feet and they danced together. (Flash back of many inshi moments sprinkled all over the performance ). During the performance Indu keeps remembering Rishi throughout her dance. Voice Over – the boy told, he will write off his whole life for you, will bow his head (in holy places), if needed will also fight with god, but wont let you go away”
Audience applaud. At SN every one is happy and applauds for Indu. Organiser announces that after JS and Indu’s performance the winners pick is a tough one. Every one eagerly waits for the announcement of the winner. Organiser asks all the three finalists to come on stage. He announces that its time to announce the winner and every one is waiting esp at SN with their hearts in their mouth. Organiser ‘ the winner of JBJ 2012 is …(long pause)…it’s a big surprise as she has crossed a lot of hurdles and won the hearts of the audience with her dance… JS and Indira Sharma. Every one in SN is excited and Indu’s reaction was first of disbelief and then of a happy acknowledgment. She looks at JS happily.
BG – ‘Abhi Mujmein kahin’.. FB – Munna tying rakhi to indu, indu’s chauta where SF have a sudden enlightenment, inders shop opening where they dance in merriment’..
At SF Sunaina is telling what will they do with so much money. Mandy is planning a shopping list . Organiser announces that the chief guest will give away the JBJ 2012 winner’s trophy (a white crystal dancing girl) and prize money of 25 lakhs to the winner. Chief guest comes and gives ways the prize. Every one applauds. Indu takes the money and hold it tight against her chest and has a very satisfied smile on her face. JS gets emotional seeing this and hugs indu. Indu gives him a pointed look and he moves out of hug fast.

 At JBJ venue dressing room – JS tells Indu you must be feeling great after winning the prize money. He asks her if she will treat herself with the money. She tells no, the money belongs to her family and her husband. She tells she needs more money, but 12.5 lakhs also will do a lot of her work. JS asks why she is spending money on her family when she needs it for her treatment. She tells him that even if she spends it on her treatment there is no guarantee that she will live, but if she leave the money for her family their future will be secured. I wont have any regrets even if I die coz I will have the satisfaction that I will go after securing a better life for my family. Indu smiles and rishi cannot control his emotions hearing this and hugs her.
Indu asks JS what he will do with the money. JS asks her what should he do? Indu tells him to utilise it where he will get maximum happiness while investing. Indu tells him that while we are born we have our palm in a fist, as all the happiness is enclosed in that fist. As we grow older, the fist slowly opens and the happiness slips out of our fist. She tells JS that you have got a chance, so enclose your happiness in your fist tightly and enjoy your life. Live your life. JS tells her that you are correct. Money should be invested where you get maximum happiness. Hence I have decided that you should keep the money and use it for your treatment. And please don’t say no, coz if you do, my fist will be open (indirectly meaning his happiness will be lost). Indu is surprised hearing this and looks intently at JS. Rishi suddenly has tears in his eye and tells her that something has gone into his eyes and takes leave from her.

Indu comes home to a deserted CC. soon the whole of CC n SF comes out to congratulate her on her win. in the BG we hear ‘vande mataram’ (K3G style). rishi request indu to hoist the national flag. everyone is saluting the flag…ishaan is saluting indu because for him she is like bharatmaata. indu is touched. entire SF salutes her including rishi. radhey asks indu to saw a few words on the occasion of independence day & her win. indu says this day is extremely special for me. i may not be here for the next independence day…everyone is puzzled to hear this. she continues: says death is unpredictable …we never know when i might die. thank u for honoring me so much. rishi says a shayari here which means that the world will now watch the strength of my love…come what may…now ur love will fight on ur behalf as its difficult for the 2 of us to seperate. indu is touched on hearing this. she is about to go home when she is met by shweta. indu apologizes to her for leaving the hospital without informing shweta. shweta asks her to come to the hospital & start the treatment. indu advices her to concentrate on her other patients rather than wasting time on her. rishi comes up to shweta after indu leaves. shweta asks him to do some such thing that she will get her treated but wont come to know of it either. u will need to pay an advance of 20 lacs n d rest of the sum after the treatment. rishi promises to do every possible thing in order to get her treated. shweta is touched on hearing this.

19th day:
Shweta’s voice explaining that as promised Ricky started doing everything in his power in order to save indu. he tried to get a loan from his office but as he is a new recruit + the sum was tooo high (40 lacs) he was mocked & refused it. on the other hand indu is getting SN repaired ensuring that the leaks are fixed. indu has also reopened inders mithai shop now. on one hand indus each dream is being fulfilled while on the other hand ricky is trying his level best to fulfiill his dream. will ricky be able to accomplish the impossible?

20th day:
ricky goes to a bank but the manager says he cannot give the loan without any guarentee. if the diwans agree to act as his guarantor then the bank might approve the loan. ricky says he is in no way associated with the diwans. indu is spending her money getting a sewing machine for sunaina & hiring 2 girls to help her out with the sewing. indu has made an FD of 5 lac each for ishaan & seher…for their higher education. she hands over the papers to sunaina n asks her to use it when they need the money for further education…only for their education & only if ishaan & seher agree to break the FDs can sunaina touch the funds. sunaina is touched n thanks indu. sunaina asks her if this is the reason she isnt trying for children of her own? she asks indu to get her own kids soon. indu says ishaan n seher r my kids! sunaina says u r right…hence u will get them married off…u will do the kanyadaan of seher. now indu is touched!

 Munna is happy that the buffaloes have given more milk today. indu says she has purchased 15 more buffaloes for munna. she advices him to open his own tabela in the galli behind inders shop…she has taken permission for that as well. both bro n sis r happy that the brother will soon be a businessman.
indu sees mandy sitting lonely. she tries to cheer her up by finding faults in all the guys she has supposedly seen for mandy. mandy recognizes that she is lying. indu promises her that she will die only after mandys marriage. she hands her some cash & asks her to do some shopping. munna is eyeing the money. he asks mandy if she doesnt want to go to pappus place? he tells her munna will hand over the 40,000 he will earn to indu. mandy agrees to go n meet pappu n says she will shop for some nice clothes n comestics enroute…for good impressions! indu overhears this.

indu is thinking that her 2 major responsibilities r yet to be fulfilled. mandys marriage & rishis marriage to shweta. she sees some girls enjoying ice cream on the road. she positions herself in front of the videocam n begins talking with herself: if i had had more chances in life i too would have wore fashionable clothes like these girls n would have travelled & eaten lots of icecream. rishi is listening to all her day dreams. rishi promises to himself that he wont let her die. he will make sure that she lives all her dreams. he is wondering how he can arrange so much money which is needed for her treatment

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