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Thursday Update On My Golden Home

Sania’s father tells her to take their new car, and Sanskars plan flops. Samarjit threatens Lata on the phone. Abha, Karan, Sanskar and Sania go out for dinner. Sanskar tries to get closer to Abha.

Sanskar forces Karan to get drunk. Sanias father talks to Abha about Sanskar and Sanias alliance. Sania and Abha chide Sanskar for getting Karan drunk. Abha gets upset seeing Karans condition. Sania persuades Abha to forgive Karan.

Abha gets ready to go to the temple and decides to go to Sanskars house first. Sanskar is surprised to see Abha at his house. The police arrest Lata and the inspector tells Thakur that there is a hearing in court. Jagmohan decides to fight the case related to the Thakur family. No lawyer agrees to fight Latas case. Jagmohan arrives at the court. Meanwhile, Abha wishes to see Sanskars bedroom. Sanskar stops Abha from seeing his bedroom. Jagmohan presents Latas bail orders and declares that he is fighting her case.

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