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Zee World: This Week On Iron Lady

Here are teasers of what is expected this week on Iron Lady showing Monday to Sunday, September 3 – 9 on Zee World.

Monday 3 September 2018
Episode 60

Indira confronts Dulari about her scheming ways but surprisingly, Indira’s
family doesn’t support her. Left with no choice, Indira is forced to do what
she has never done before. What will become of the Sharma house now?

Tuesday 4 September 2018
Episode 61

While business seems to be going well for Dulari, an interesting guest arrives
at the house. Although the entire house is influenced, Dulari quickly discovers
what this guest’s real intentions are. How will she respond to this?

Wednesday 5 September 2018
Episode 62

Indira soon comes to find out what she has in her possession. However, Dulari
resorts to an all-time low when she mistreats a family member to try and get
her own way; but Indira will not go down without a fight.

Thursday 6 September 2018
Episode 63

After the devastating news of her brain tumor, Indira realises it’s time for
her family to take care of themselves. How will Indira handle this immense
responsibility? Will she even be able to tell her family the truth of her

Friday 7 September 2018
Episode 64

Indira comes up with a very clever plan to motivate every member of her family
to find work and start taking care of themselves. Indira begins to see changes
within her family, but there is one person she may have forgotten about…

Saturday 8 September 2018
Episode 65

In a desperate attempt to make money before she dies, Indira is on the verge of
selling her kidney. But what happens at the hospital may work against her. Loan
sharks are after Munna again, watch how low he stoops to escape them…

Sunday 9 September 2018
Episode 66

After Munna’s lies, the family is forced to hold a fake mourning session for
Indira – will they get away with it? Indira decides to enter a dancing
competition but something happens to her which causes Rishi to learn of a

episodes of Iron Lady air on Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 18h00.

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