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Friday Update On Twist Of Fate 2 Oct 5, 2018

Abhi tells Purabh that he has to find out about Pragya’s mysterious boyfriend. Purabh tells him that Abhi is misunderstanding the entire situation and is about to say something but Pragya stops him. Purabh gets frustrated and leaves. Aaliya tells Nikhil that he has to make an appearance in the house tonight itself at Bunty and Babli’s party.
Nikhil tells them that he has to go for a business meeting and they start bickering about implementing their plans as soon as possible that they will announce him as Pragya’s boyfriend in front of everyone. Eventually he agrees to cancel his meeting. As Sarla returns, Daadi sees Daasi drag Sarla in her room. Sarla tells them about her conversation with the doctor that she is not able to convince the doctor to confess. Dadi gets disappointed.

They see Mitali’s shadow and Sarla opens the door and she falls as they catches her spying on them. Daasi and Daadi scold Mitali for gossiping and eavesdropping on them. Purabh tells Pragya that he is upset because of her. He says he doesn’t want her to suffer anymore and she shouldn’t have stopped him from telling Abhi the truth. They argue for some time and he tells Pragya to allow him to tell the truth to Abhi. He warns Pragya that Aaliya must be plotting something worse for her, and Pragya should now tell Abhi everything about their past and Pragya denies. She tells him that she doesn’t want to take any risks with Abhi’s health and further asks Purabh to wait for evidence which her mother Sarla is arranging. It will be easier for them to prove her innocence once they have the evidence in hand. Just then, Bunty and Babli come to greet Pragya as they are very excited for their birthday party and inform her that Abhi is looking for her. Raj and Mitali decide to behave cordial with each other for their kids.

Raj and Mitali buy the same gifts for Bunty and Babli who remind them that they still love each other. Nikhil is wondering about his life and his plans to ruin Pragya’s life. Abhi asks Nikita to help him with the decorations. She climbs the ladder but he stops her, saying that she shouldn’t be doing such work in her state. He asks her to take rest as she is expecting. He gets very caring and starts doing the decoration work. She admires him for helping her out and wonders about their future kids that one day they will unite and Abhigya or Prabhi will come. Nikhil is driving to Abhi’s house. He is happy that Pragya’s life will be spoiled after the announcement.

Sarla and family entering to wish Bunty and Babli for their birthday. Aaliya and Tanu spot Pragya alone and taunt her about making her a maid in the house. Pragya is wondering where Sarla is but Aaliya and Tanu’s constant comments do not stop. They drop a hint and Pragya tells them that she won’t sit quietly if they insult her more. Aaliya scares Pragya telling her that her mother Sarla might be too shocked to even live. Daadi, Daasi and Sarla are discussing about Aaliya and Tanu as they look at them taunting Pragya. Sarla heads towards them and takes Pragya away.

Sarla asks her to not worry when Pragya tells her that she needs to take care of her health. Sarla tries to tell her something when Abhi sees them and asks Sarla to not bother Pragya. Abhi and Pragya start bickering and Abhi takes Pragya away. Abhi mocks Nikita’s mother for scolding like a school principle and then, gives her one of those party caps. But she hurts herself and they share some cute moments as Daadi looks on. She prays that Pragya and Abhi get back together soon. Aaliya and Tanu give Nikhil instructions about taking some controversial pictures with Pragya that they will show on a projector at the party. They ask Nikhil to act like Pragya’s ex-boyfriend who is willing to get back together with her. They talk about how Pragya will never be able to say anything.

Daadi overhears their conversation and decides to come up with a plan. The party begins with kids playing musical chairs as Daadi is looking for Pragya. She sees Pragya talking to a bunch of guests and drags her in a corner to tell her everything. Just then, Bunty and Babli ask Pragya to dance with them but Abhi stops her because he thinks she is pregnant. He forbids her from dancing at the party. Pragya gives them their gifts and they thank her by calling her ‘aunt’ shocking everyone and Abhi.

Mitali interferes and takes the kids away when Abhi asks Nikita why they called her aunt. She tells him that they called him uncle too and he calls the kids back to confirm. But Daadi interrupts saying that it was nothing. Mitali’s mother-in-law, Pammi jokes about the kids calling Tanu ‘brahmarakshas’. Tanu storms out when Abhi also joins in and mocks her. Daadi tries to tell Pragya about what she overheard but couldn’t since Aaliya was right there. The kids then cut their birthday cake. Abhi tells Pragya that she has cake on her mouth and he tries to remove it.

A jealous Tanu looks at them with a frown on her face as they feed each other cake. Aaliya explains to her that in some time, the smile will fade away. Meanwhile, Daadi is worried and wondering how to tell Pragya everything. Just then, Purabh asks Daadi why she is worried and she tells him everything that she overheard. Purabh and Daadi decide to stop Aaliya and Tanu from doing whatever they are planning.

Aliya and Tanu come up with a plan to make Pragya’s situation worse, little do they know that Sarla is already a step ahead of them. Aaliya snatches the mic from the emcee of the party while Nikhil bumps into Pragya, who is furious to see him. She lashes out at him as he keeps taunting her that she will never do anything. He leans closer so the pictures look controversial, as per his plan with Aaliya and Tanu. He drops a hint about what’s going to happen tonight and holds her to threaten her. Just then, Aaliya makes an announcement wishing Bunty and Babli for their birthday. She then announces Abhi and Tanu’s sangeet and moves on to announcing Pragya’s pregnancy. Before she says anything, Mitali stops her and tells her that she wants her to play the special video for Bunty and Babli.

Mitali and Aaliya bicker as she asks her to play the special video for Bunty and Babli first. But instead, Sarla’s secret recording of her conversation with the doctor starts playing. Aaliya asks the emcee to stop the video but Abhi and Daadi force them to continue the video. Everyone is shocked to find out that Pragya is not pregnant. Abhi scolds Nikita for not telling him the truth earlier and they start bickering. Daadi interferes and hugs Pragya. Everybody starts praising her and Abhi wonders who tried to malign Nikita’s reputation. He asks Nikita if she has doubts on anyone, which scares Aaliya and Tanu. Sarla decides to tell Abhi the truth but remembers what Daadi had told her about Abhi and his health.

Abhi applauds Sarla for sneakily shooting the video to tell everyone the truth. He tells her that he is wondering who would want to ruin Nikita’s reputation and he swears that he will find whoever did this to Nikita. He, then, apologises to Nikita for not believing her and promises her that he will find out whoever did this to her. Pragya thanks her mother and hugs her as they share an emotional moment. Daasi lightens the mood by saying that they should be partying now.

Sarla reveals that the idea to record the conversation with the doctor was Beeji’s, her mother-in-law. Daadi asked Sarla why she didn’t say anything earlier when Sarla tells her that Mitali had interrupted them before or she would have told her earlier. Meanwhile, Nikhil and Tanu taunt Aaliya and crib about their plan failing. Aaliya shuts them up and blames it on them that she did a mistake by joining them in her plan. She adds on that she can’t bear to see their face. Aaliya and Nikhil start fighting with each other. Nikhil also says he is even bearing her because she is Tanu’s friend.

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