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Monday Update On Iron Lady Oct 8, 2018

Zara is praying saying she knows well that she’s not allowed to think of someone else being a married woman but she loves Rishi and she cannot controls her emotions. Rishi overhears Zara confessing her love for him in the mosque She’s still praying when Rishi gives his present and tells her he said that she will confess her love to him within 24 hours. Rishi opens his arms and gives her a sweet smile and they hug. They are also blessed by the priest. He bless them of a happy life ahead together. Rishi says Zara and Rishi names will be written in golden letters in CC.

They make lots of promise together. He tells Zara to always become his and he will always keeps her safely in his heart with lots of care. He also add how will he take care of her as she’s herself Jhansi ki Rani and always protect him. He takes a thread and ties it around Zara wrist saying the same. Zara also takes a thread lying overthere and says, she too. They both look at the Dargah and leaves hand and hand.

When Rishi and Zara go to a nearby tea stall, Zara is about to fall and Rishi holds her and he keeps looking at her sweetly. They both sit under a tree and a tea seller offers a glass of tea to Rishi. Zara blows the tea of Rishi who tells her since eight long years he’s drinking tea all alone burning his mouth. She tells him since eight years she’s living in a sort of confusion and this is why she was never able to take her relationship with Malik Khan ahead. Zara continues that they love each other but the world know them as Zara and Rishi both married to a different individuals. Rishi says he does not care of the world or what they may say. Zara asks if he’s not worry about an innocent girl, Rishi says he understands she’s talking about Indu. Zara says yes and he assures her that she must be happy to know to meet her own mother. Zara says the DNA test did not match and Rishi says these are test which can be fake but what the heart says is always the true and his heart says that she’s his wife and Indu mother. It is after such a long time that his family is going to get complete. Zara remind Rishi that Indu knows Sweta as her mother and asks how will she accepts her. Rishi tells Zara that instead she must be happy to meet her mother after such a long time. He tells Zara she came to Delhi only for Indu and now she’s not returning back also because of her and asks her how she felt after meeting Indu. Zara says she never said it to anyone but now she tell tell him that when the first time she met her in Mumbai she felt like giving her all the love of a mother. Rishi tells her that she should try to change Indu’s behavior towards her and tells her to promise him that she will find a place in Indu heart. Zara reluctantly promises it to him.

Rishi is with Sweta on the bed and he says a flattering dialogue caressing Sweta hair and expresses his love to Shweta as he mistakenly believes her to be Zara. She’s very happy until Rishi calls her Zara. She gets angry on Rishi when he mistakenly expresses his love for Zara to her and tells him Zara is Malik Khan wife and she’s his wife. She tells him if he cannot respect her or Malik Khan but to at least respect Indu. Rishi tells her that she does not have to care about Indu as her true mother is back. Sweta gets angry and gets down from the bed. She threatens Rishi that Indu is her daughter and no one can snatch her from her. He tells her to analyse the truth and it will be better for her. Rishi leaves and she says she’ll see how he’ll snatch Indu away from her as she’s her life, she’s her daughter and this is the only true relationship in Sharma Niwas. While Rishi is drying his hair, he feels Zara is coming so he closes his eyes and Zara is really coming downstairs and he has a flashback of himself with Zara in the Darga while she’s slowly approaching him. Zara’s sister-in-law Meher comes between the two and they come to reality from their love paradise. Meher asks Zara about Malik Khan and they go upstairs to search for him.

Zara gives Rishi a sweet loving look while going. Munna is very sad and is singing a sad song as he receives a letter from Savita. Vanraj reads the letter for Munna as it was written in english and Vanraj tells Munna that Savita does not love him. Rishi arrives and asks Munna why is he sad and he tells Rishi that Savita did not write that she loves him at least. Rishi asks Munna for the letter and he reads it telling him that Savita writes that she loves him and wants to meet him. Rishi asks why was he crying in vain and he says the letter is written in English and he can’t read. Vanraj is not happy and tells Munna he only belongs to him. Rishi tells Munna to get ready fast and they need to go to Savita place to fix everything right. Seher hears them talking and runs crying to Indu room. She tells Indu that with the help of Rishi, her father will bring a new mother for her. Indu says mother is only one and new mother never exists. Seher reminds her that when she was in Mumbai, she told her that step mothers are evil and she also read it in books. She further tells Indu the whole Chandi Chowk is talking about Rishi and …Indu stops her and says Zara. Sweta overhear this from outside and is also angry. Inder, Rishi and Munna go to fix Munna alliance with Savita and Inder in his semi amnesia state tells the old man that he will be happy to get Kutumbh as his husband.

Munna gets angry and Rishi stops him. Inder continues to talk and tells him Kutumbh husband left her for a Bengalan lady. So the man tells Inder that the first time he’s seeing a husband fixing his wife alliance but he cannot marry her as he’s already married and calls for his wife to bring tea for the guests. She arrives under the veil and the old man tells them that he has no daughter but only his wife lifting Savita veil. Everyone is shock. In the clinic, Malik Khan is lying down on the floor and he says to himself that he feels like breaking the door and leaves right away but he cannot as the members of Sharma Niwas will begin to doubt him. He thinks if he would have got something to eat it would have been best. He gets up and opens Sweta medicines cupboard when he hears someone opening the door. He hides himself and Sweta enters in, she opens the cupboard and takes a bottle of sleeping pills opens and empty it,she keeps on looking at the pills while Malik Khan is looking at her. Indu and Seher go in Zara’s room and Indu, cut off some of Zara’s clothes and she also paints her picture black. She hears Kutumbh calling Sweta names and she runs in the hall and Sweta is sitting on a chair unconscious. Everyone run in the hall hearing Kutumbh shouting Sweta but they are unaware that Shweta pretends that she had consumed sleeping pills in order to gain sympathy from Rishi and the Sharma family. Zara wants to sprinkle water on Indu face but Indu stops her and does it herself telling off Zara rudely that she does not need her help. Sweta comes to her sense and tells Indu not to call her mother as she’s not her mother. Indu asks who decides so, Sweta gives a look at Rishi who looks at Zara and Rishi notices the empty bottle down. He picks it and asks Sweta after taking all these sleeping she’s still in a state to talk and answer back clearly. She says she’s a doctor and knows that sleeping pills has got different effects on every different individuals. Kutumbh tells Rishi to calls the doctor instead of discussing and Indu runs to Rishi asking him if he wants her mother to die to bring Zara in her place?. She’s also hitting her father. Rishi tells her Sweta is fooling and emotionally blackmailing her.

Indu asks Rishi if he wants Sweta to die. Rishi tries to explain but in vain. Indu says she knows well that Rishi want Zara in place of Sweta. Everyone seems to be shocked and Meher asks Zara what is Indu saying?. Munna tells Indu what she’s talking is wrong but Indu says she knows everything well and tells him not to try to explain and as well offer to bring the doctor for her mother. She runs out searching for the doctor. Zara tells Rishi not to be adamant on his decision and to call Dr Rustogi. Sweta who was faking opens her eyes and thinks if Dr Rastogi comes he will say whatever she wants and for the sake of Indu she will also have to play this card.

While Zara is trying to call the doctor, Rishi tells her not to do so as it is better to take her to the hospital. Sweta expression changes and Rishi lifts her and is leaving when Malik Khan enters with the doctor. He says sweetly with a pinch of his hypocrite act that on seeing the situation he went to find the doctor as Sweta’s husband is not interested. Indu is running outside in Chandi Chowk searching for the doctor. The doctor takes Sweta inside for the consultation and Sweta tries to explain that she’s also a doctor. The doctor cut Sweta off, saying she knows the situation as Malik previously explained it to her. Sweta is stunned on hearing the doctor saying so. The doctor tells Sweta not to worry as she knows what to write in the prescription. She tells Sweta to make noise as if she’s vomiting so that everyone outside can hear it. Zara and Rishi are looking at each other and Munna tells Rishi that after the in take of half a bottle of sleeping pills no one will survive and advice him to get ready to settle down with Zara as his path will be cleared. Rishi asks Munna how does he know that it was only half a bottle as Sweta said it was a whole bottle?. Munna tells him about the night he and Vanraj entered the clinic and he took some pills to feed the other members in Sharma Niwas so that he can make Zara confess his love. The doctor comes out and tells everyone to keep Sweta happy and not to give her stress and to do whatever she wants. Kutumbh gives a dirty look at Zara before escorting the doctor outside. Zara is feeling awkward but is still smiling. Sweta also smiles with her as Zara asks her about how she’s feeling and she looks away. Zara leaves. Sweta calls Malik in her room and closes the door to thanks him. Malik tells her not to thank him as they are both two true person and are fighting for the same. Sweta asks how did he get to know about all these as she did not share anything with anyone. Malik says he saw her in the clinic. Sweta says she has no options left that is why she’s doing all these. Malik says she does not need to give any explanation and to feel free whenever she wants any help. While leaving, Malik tells Sweta to be careful next time.  Sweta asks him what he mean. Malik shows her the pills which she threw on the floor in the clinic. Sweta is shock.

Kutumbh calls Sweta and she asks Malik to help her put the pills back. Indu is seen on the road reaches a Shiva idol, she prays to him for the good health of her mother and tells him she wants to stay with her. She begins to go then turns back and says she does not want the grumpy aunt in Sharma Niwas any more, but she herself can make her leave. She takes outher slingshot. Back in the clinic, Rishi is searching for the pills and Zara asks him what is he doing. Rishi tells her that after the intake of a bottle of sleeping pills, a person cannot be alive. Zara says may be she has taken it and Rishi explains about Munna taking the pills. Rishi is lots mentally disturb and Zara tells him to calm down. Zara sees the bandage with stain of blood lying down and she thinks everyday before the clinic is close and wonder how is the bandage lying down?. She picks it up and put it in her pocket. Rishi asks what is this?. She says nothing. They continue to talk about Indu when Zara asks why are they snatching her mother from her. Rishi explains that Sweta is emotionally blackmailing her and Zara says she feels like showering Indu with all her motherly love. Rishi says this is the difference between her and Sweta who’s caring only for herself using Indu. He says he wants Indu to live a happy life with her parents. Rishi tells Zara he can’t fight this situation alone and asks Zara to promise him to stand by his side. Zara promises Rishi, who wants to hug her when Indu enters and asks what are they doing?. She hits Zara with her slingshot and hurts her. Rishi gets furious and slaps Indu. She continues to question and runs to Sharma Niwas calling everyone down in the hall saying she saw Rishi and Zara in the clinic and asks again what they were doing?. Zara is explaining about her wound to Malik and says unintentionally she got hurt but Indu says to tell the truth she did it as she wants to take Sweta place. Indu informs the family that Rishi wants to marry Zara and hence wants Shweta to die.

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