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Saturday Update On Twist Of Fate 2 October 6, 2018

Sarla tells Pragya and everyone how she manipulated Mitali into playing the video and stopping Aaliya. Everybody praises Sarla for her quick thinking, who again apologises to Pragya that she slapped her. Pragya hugs her. Daadi reveals Aaliya and Tanu’s plan to malign Pragya’s reputation.
Meanwhile, Abhi is wondering who could have tried to ruin Nikita’s reputation and wants to find out the person who tried to defame her. He discusses his concerns with Purabh and asks him for some help. Purabh says that he completely trusts Nikita and tries dropping some hints about some people wanting to ruin her reputation in Abhi’s life but he doesn’t get it. Abhi says that he is alert now and he will not doubt Nikita ever, he will find out the culprit. Pragya comes to Abhi and he tells her that he is not able to concentrate on his music. She calms him down and asks him not to take stress. She asks him to make three promises otherwise she will leave him and go to Palghar. Pragya smiles and tells Abhi to promise and one is that he would never stress about anything and he will sleep on time from now onwards. Abhi agrees. She says he will eat whatever is cooked at home for him without cribbing. Abhi makes faces and says it is difficult to eat veggies but then he agrees on that too. He asks what is the third promise. Pragya says that she will ask him for the third promise at the right time. Abhi takes a sigh of relief. He asks Pragya never to leave him alone as it is very difficult for him to manage things without her. Pragya smiles and gets ready to go home.

He blurts out that even if she wanted him to marry her to stop her from leaving, he would oblige. Pragya is surprised listening to this and tells him that she is going home now. He tries to stop her and requests her to stay at his house. Pragya reminds him of his first promise. Abhi says he will sleep but tells Pragya not to come in his dreams and asks if he can accompany her. She stops him when he tries to flirt with her. Meanwhile, Nikhil and Aaliya are still fighting, Tanu asks them to stop. Nikhil tells Tanu that she will never succeed if Aaliya is around. They keep bickering as Pragya enters the room. She claps slowly and taunts them that they are losing the battle and are getting used to defeat. She tells them that now she will make sure they lose and suffer a lot.

She warns them and challenges Tanu to get married to Abhi. She gets angry at Nikhil and asks him to leave the house. On seeing that he make no attempt to go, she drags Nikhil to throw him out of the house when Aaliya stops her and tells Pragya that she is still a secretary and she should not forget her limits. Aaliya and Tanu remind her that Abhi doesn’t even remember her. Pragya yells that Abhi is her husband and she will decide who can stay in the house and who can’t. She tells them that she will never forgive them for what they did to her and warns Nikhil to leave the house or she’ll slap him. Aaliya and Tanu are shocked to see her like that. Aaliya tells Pragya that Nikhil is her guest and she cannot do such a thing with him.

Pragya again threatens Nikhil that she will kick him out. Aalia says she cannot kick you out, we are three and she is alone. Pragya tells that she will shout and call Abhi, she will tell Abhi that Nikhil was misbehaving with her and Aaliya and Tanu did not stop him. They both get shocked and nervous about Abhi finding out about everything. Tanu gets worried seeing Pragya’s confidence and they follow Pragya’s order. Aalia asks Nikhil to go. Nikhil stops and challenges Pragya to throw him out of the house. Aaliya, Tanu and Nikhil tell her that she will never do anything to harm Abhi. Pragya says that even if she has to call Abhi and tell him that Nikhil tried to misbehave with her, she will do it. Aaliya asks Nikhil to leave and Tanu also joins. Nikhil says Pragya is just bluffing, she cannot do anything but, Aaliya and Tanu both ask him to leave. Nikhil tells Pragya that he will come back for her. Aaliya warns Pragya that they will plan again and will throw Pragya out. Pragya smiles and says she knows how to spoil their plans.

Abhi is tensed and is wondering about Nikita and everything that happened in the past few days. He asks his Daadi about who could have plotted against Nikita and Daadi decides to add fuel to the fire that Nikita can handle all the stress, but she only feels bad when he doesn’t show his trust in her. She tells him how much he is important to Nikita and tries to convince him that she loves him more than a friend or a boss. Abhi mocks her by telling her that she is being too filmy. Daadi gets upset when Abhi doesn’t believe her and tells him that maybe she really likes him whether he believes it or not. Abhi feels guilty for not believing Nikita and decides to make up for his mistake. She asks him to find out who tried to ruin her image and motivates him.

He bumps into Pragya on the way, who is impressed to see him ready early in the morning. He asks her what he means to her and just when she is about to say something, but she gets distracted by a cockroach. She screams, they panic and run and then they start laughing. She throws her footwear at the cockroach and asks him to give his shoe when she doesn’t aim right to kill the cockroach. She throws his shoe and the cockroach runs away. They somehow fall into each other’s arms and share a light moment with each other. Tanu sees them together and gets jealous. He tells Nikita that she looks good when she laughs. He tells her that Daadi told him that he is like God and she gets upset when Abhi doesn’t believe her. He tells her that he will never make her cry and that his Daadi has told him everything and now onwards he will take care of her feelings. Abhi gets a call from Purabh and he leaves the house. Aaliya suspects that Abhi has gone to meet the doctor.

Pragya goes to ask Daadi what she told Abhi about her and Tanu decides to follow her. Pragya is surprised to see Daadi sing and asks her what she told him. Daadi tells Pragya what she told Abhi about her. They discuss about how Abhi will only believe Pragya now and Tanu overhears them talk. Abhi tells Purabh that he wants to find the culprit eagerly and Aaliya overhears him. She panics and decides to do something about it. She bumps into Tanu who decides to tell her what she overheard and they start bickering.

Aaliya tells Tanu what she overheard and Tanu asks her to call the doctor asking her to leave the town. Aaliya calls the doctor to warn her again. When the doctor doesn’t pick the call, she plans to meet the doctor before Abhi reaches. Purabh is happy that Abhi is on the right track and soon he will catch Aalia and Tanu. He also motivates Abhi to find the culprit and tells him that the person might be someone from their house. Purabh explains how someone from the house could be involved in this and Abhi says that Aaliya and Tanu are the only ones who dislike Nikita. He refuses to believe that being women, they could do something like this to another woman and they can’t be so revengeful.

Aaliya and Tanu reach the doctor’s house and see a maid opening the door. They get in before the maid closes the door and check the entire house for her. They find her in the bedroom and Aaliya forbids her from saying anything to Abhi. The doctor gets angry when Aaliya threatens to destroy her clinic and says that she will not trust them again and further tells her that she will tell Abhi the truth no matter what. Aaliua gets tensed and helpless.

The doctor asks Aaliya and Tanu to leave. The doctor returns the money Aaliya had given her and tells both of them to leave. Aaliya tries to offer her more money but she doesn’t listen and asks them to get out. Purabh gets a call from Pragya. He tells her that they have come to doctor’s clinic as Abhi wanted to find who are Nikhita’s enemies. Tanu asks the doctor not to tell anything to Abhi otherwise he will cancel his marriage with her. Doctor tells Tanu that her marriage will definitely break with Abhi as she will tell Abhi about Aaliya’s planning and that Tanu doesn’t deserve to get married. Aaliya says it won’t give her anything and as it is he is coming here to give punishment to the doctor. He will not say anything to his sister and his fiancee. Aaliya asks her to rethink and threatens her. Someone knocks on the door. Abhi sees Tanu and Aaliya inside doctor’s house. Purabh gets happy to see them.

Abhi gets doubtful and asks them what are they doing here. Aaliya fumbles. Both she and her bestie are speechless. Purabh asks Abhi not to waste his time on them and instead talk to the doctor. Aaliya and Tanu get worried. Tanu tries to talk to him and wipe his sweat but he pushes her back. Purabh scares Aaliya by making her think of the consequences and goes inside to check her room. The doctor gets scared too and she runs away.

Pragya massages Abhi’s Daadi’s back. Pragya tells Daasi that Abhi has gone to the doctor to find out Aaliya’s reality. Daadi get excited thinking that Pragya will soon come back to their house.

Aaliya tells Abhi that they had also come here to find out why did the doctor lie. Abhi says she will find out himself. Purabh comes back and tells Abhi that she has run away from the back door. When Aaliya hears that the doctor has fled, she gets confident and starts behaving innocent in front of Abhi. She scolds Purabh for not being able to stop her. Aaliya tells Abhi that she will find her anyhow. She tells Abhi that being a girl she can understand Pragya’s condition and she will support her in this case. Abhi gets disappointed and leaves the place angrily. Aaliya taunts Purabh that he failed yet again.

Purabh is disheartened and tells Pragya about it. Beeji asks Pragya why is she looking so sad. Pragya shares the disappointment with her mother and Beeji that Abhi had gone to meet the doctor today but couldn’t meet her and Aaliya once again succeeded. She asks Beeji why Aaliya and Tanu get safe every time. Beeji tries to console Pragya that they will soon get caught. Her mother tells her that she should be happy that Abhi is so concerned about her. She assures her that Abhi will not leave Aaliya and Tanu. She adds on that she is confident that Abhi will get to know about his sister’s evil plans. Pragya smiles and hugs her mother.

Aalia and Tanu return home and thank their stars. Tanu asks Aaliya how did she do it. She says she didn’t do anything, probably the doctor ran away because of fear. Aaliya tells Tanu that she spoke to the doctor and she has gone out for some days and asked them to finish the matter soon. Tanu gets happy. Aaliya asks her not to get relaxed so soon. They decide to plan one more trouble for Pragya.

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