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Thursday Update On Iron Lady Oct 4, 2018

Sweta drags Indu saying that Indu is her daughter and how she may call her father is her problem and not the one of an outsider. Sweta takes Indu and is leaving but before leaving, Zara tells Rishi to meet her in the clinic after one hour. Sweta overhears Zara saying this. Munna is romantically involves on a phone call with his Mandhodhari/Savita who calls him up and complains about her father’s behaviour towards her.
She adds that her father was not allowing her to leave the house. Munna gives her the idea to wear burkha while she comes to meet him and sees Rishi leaving Sharma Niwas. He thinks where must he be going so late at night?. At the clinic, Zara is already waiting for Rishi. Rishi begins with his flirt with her and asks if she did not want to look at him then why did she call him so late at night?. Zara tells him to lie down and to unfasten the button of his shirt and he does so. She slowly begins to do the dressing of the wound he got by taking the bullet. Rishi holds Zara hands and asks her that the last time while closing her eyes she saw him. Zara has flashback of seeing him and they both have an eyeslock when Rishi notices Sweta at the door.

Sweta is angry and begins to curse Zara again. Rishi intervenes and tells Sweta that he may say what she did not want to hear. Sweta asks what he mean but she only knows that he never accepted her as his wife. Zara tells Rishi to stop as this is not a way that a man talks with his wife. She remind him that the last day itself he was lecturing her husband Malik Khan on how to behave with his wife. Rishi leaves from there. Zara tells Sweta not to worry that she knows how to stay within her limit and what she was doing was only part of her duty. Sweta tells her being with her husband is part of her duty. Zara tells her that it’s true and it was part of her duty but she can’t tell her anything more. As Zara begins to leave, Sweta holds her arm and tells her she may continue with her duty but she’ll not allow anyone to intrude in her family and in her husband’s life.

Rishi tells Zara that she could act as Jamwant in the Ramleela as it was the only character, whose face would be covered throughout the entire play. He reasons out that Zara could easily keep an eye on the terrorist activities. During the Ramleela, Shweta asks the women from the organising committee not to allow Zara to enter the venue as she may stop the Ramleela. Dressed as Jamwant, Radhey announces about the Ramleela play which would commence near Chandni Chowk about the Ramleela. Just then, someone drags him away. Dressed as a sage, a man in a Sadhu is shown going towards the Ramleela and a lady bumps with him, the garland falls down and he’s able to catch it. Mr Malik Khan is shown in his terrorist avatar preparing the garland with the bomb and he himself think if it falls it may explode. As he enters the Ramleela, Sweta stops him and he shows an id to Sweta and she lets him in. Mr Khan goes in and changes the garlands to be used in the Ramleela which were hanged on the wall.

Indu comes along with Zara who’s in bear disguise. Shweta gets apprehensive when she spots a certain person wearing Jamwant’s costume and wants to see the face of Zara so she asks her to remove her mask. Indu intervenes to save Zara with an excuse that he’s part of her group. Sweta though wants to see her face and asks her to remove the mask. At the same time, Rishi arrives there as the saviour and smartly handles the situation that it is Radhe. It is later revealed that Zara was wearing Jamwant’s costume and Zara also supports him by playing along acting and talking like Radhe. Meher who is on the road trips and falls in the arm of Jatayu/Inder who’s was coming together with Kutumbh who keeps on explaining him that he’s Jatayu. Kutumbh asks Meher if she only found her husband arms to fall to. Meher who happened to be Zara’s sister-in-law says she’s here searching for Zara. Inder accompanied her to the Ramleela.

Rishi brings Zara in and Zara tells him it is time to search for the bomb. He tells Zara on finding it to inform him. Zara asks Rishi to immediately inform her if he finds any suspicious item in the room. As the Ramleela begins, only a few persons are present and Shweta welcomes the audience who have come to watch the Ramleela. Inder with Meher are behind the curtain as it rises for the performance to begin, Inder and Meher begin with some of their dramas. Sweta sees Radhe roaming in the Ramleela and has flashback of Zara as the bear. Dressed as a sage, Malik keeps a garland in the dressing room and changing the garland while Zara is also searching for the bomb. She hears some noise and asks who’s it?. Mr Khan turns to see who it was and is surprised to see Zara. He tries to escape and Zara who spots a person dressed as a sage and tries to nab him but in vain as at that time, Shweta and few women from the organising committee arrive at the spot to capture Zara and she asks the women from the organising committee to lock Zara up in a room and asks two of the women to guard the room and that at any cost, Zara must not be out to ruin the Ramleela. The women follow Shweta’s orders.  Zara keeps on pleading while Mr Khan is all please and thinks no one can come in between him and his mission as it will get fulfills at any cost.

While in the room, Zara tries to use her phone but there’s no signals coverage and she goes near the window to see two men saying that there was only two garlands and now they are three. She is shocked as she overhears the conversation of two people standing outside the room. She comes to a conclusion that the bomb is hidden in the garland. Mr Khan enters his room while in the background of the Ramleela, some more few dramas are going on between Inder, Munna, Savita and Kutumbh. Mr Khan removes a suitcase and takes out a remote control that will be used for the explosion and says in the explosion the love rebels of Chandni Chowk will die and he has flashback of Rishi. Sweta asks Vanraj if everything is going on smoothly?. Vanraj says no that he’ll see that everything is fine and asks Sweta to dress as Sita while the garland with the bomb is lying near the Ramleela stage.

The Chandni Chowk Ramleela begins. Vanraj as the host presents the Ramleela show. The curtains raise and Munna as Ravan with Savita as Mundhodhari are shown. The audience is left confused as the Ramleela is going haywire with Mandodari’s swayamvar happening instead of Sita’s. They ask what a weird Ramleela where Ravan is shown. Savita turns up but Inder mistakes her for someone else and causes a huge upset with Munna on the stage as Munna explains that everytimes Ramleela is shown with the Swayamvhar of Ram and Sita and this time it will be different as he’ll show them Ravan with his Mundhodhari wedding and the never said part of their love story. Munna’s friends say if they want to watch the Ramleela then they may stay or they may leave. Among them Savita’s father is also seen and on seeing her, he gets angry so Munna friends throw him out. Munna lifts the garland with the bomb and is walking towards Savita which gives a mini heart attack to Mr Khan. He thinks that Munna will definitely ruin all his game and if the garland falls down it will explode. As Munna is going to make Savita wear it, her father in disguise as Mr Peter comes with his gun and prevents Munna from making Savita wears the garland. Munna asks why is he here and he scold Munna that he fooled Savita and bring her here in the Ramleela’s show. Munna goes and put the garland back in the plate again, which gives a big relief to Mr Khan. He takes a sword and begins to fight Mundhodhari father. Mr Khan expressions is seen as he’s being compelled to watch the fake Ramleela.

 Rishi and Indu are worried about the terrorist attack; moreover they are more tensed due to Zara’s absence asking where Zara is. He says she just disapppears from the spot. Vanraj tells Rishi that whatever is going on outside about Munna and Mundhodhari is not right etc. Rishi tells Indu to search for Zara and leaves for the stage. Indu is whistling while searching for Zara and she hears and see Indu through the window. Zara also whistles back and Indu thinks who could be copying her. She looks around and learns about Zara’s location that she is lock in a room. She thinks that Sweta is the one who lock her in and in signals language tells Zara to wait that she’ll make her best to get her out as she wants to help Zara in her mission.

While Rishi is practicing her lines for the Ramleela and is searching for Zara among the spectators, Sweta sees him and tells him the person his eyes are searching for is not there. The Ramleela begins and Mr Khan is please to see Rishi as Ram and Sweta as Sita. Inder and Kutumbh are playing Sita’s parents parts. Meanwhile, Indu makes a story with the two women guarding the door where Zara is lock in. The two women leave as Indu tell them their children are fighting among themselves. Indu opens the door for Zara who hugs her little assistant. Kutumbh gives Sweta the garland to wed Rishi in the Ramleela and an excited Mr Khan gets ready to activate the bomb.

Just before Shweta could step on the stage, Zara somehow manage to stops Sweta from making Rishi wear the garland. Mr Khan thinks from where Zara arrives to spoil all his game. Sweta is so adamant and keeps saying that he’s her husband. Both the ladies are fighting for the garland and Inder says there’s only one Ram to share him. In her stubborness she makes him wear the garland. Unable to keep the real issue to herself, Zara shouts to everyone that there is a bomb in the garland and a huge panic results there. Zara gets apprehensive as she decides to defuse the bomb and tells Rishi to keep holding it and she tries to locate it. Zara tells Sweta to leave the garland and she asks how can she leave her husband. Zara and Rishi makes her agree, Zara enters her neck in the other part of the garland while Sweta moves away near Munna and Indu. Rishi tells Zara this is true love when two person are ready to die together. Zara asks what is he talking in such a situation. She slowly removes a little scirrors to cut the thread and disactivate the bomb. Rishi tells her that his and indira favourite colour is red and corrects himself by saying their favourite colour is red. Rishi asks Zara to cut the red thread and hesitanly Zara also goes on cutting the red wire while Mr Khan is getting angry a lots as his plan flop.

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