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Thursday Update On My Golden Home Oct 4, 2018

Sanskar who is waiting for Sania as they both need to go to hospital, Sania comes there and just when they are about to go, Pratibha who’s there warns Sania not to wear high heels during this time, as it may not be safe. Sania thanks her for her concern and plead with her do tells her if there is anythng she is not doing right.
Lata comes there and gives Sanskar’s camera that he need to take Sania’s photos every month and these are sweet memories that they have. He says okay and is ready to take her picture. They want Pratibha too to have photo but she refuses. Sheetal drags Pratibha and all of them take family picture.

Saraswati ( grandma) makes her way to the Raghav’s house while all of them are having photo. Pratibha becomes conscious and hides her face. All of them welcome Saraswati ( grandma). Pratibha instantly recognises her mother-in-law, she goes and takes her blessing. Saraswati is shocked to listen to the voice, she gets worried about who she could be. Chandra comes there and takes Saraswati ( grandma) to her room. Back in Swarn Bhawan, some people come and asks Jagmohan what are the things required as today is Pratibha’s death anniversary but Jagmohan says this time they are not doing anything. Vimal refuses him and insist that they will follow the tradition as usual and they leave.
While Chandra is talking to Saraswati ( grandma) who came to say that she wants Jagmohan to get married again, Chandra too agrees and asks who that women is?. Saraswati says it’s Yashodhara, Pratibha’s sister who is staying with them now and she think she will take care of the family now. Chandra says okay. Just then, Pratibha comes there with tea for them and she listens to all their conversation. She prays to God to please show her the way and then tells Chandra that she will go to the temple. Chandra permit her to go. Saraswati tells Chandra that she must help to make Karan accept for this relationship.

Pratibha is at the temple while all arrangements have been made for Pratibha’s ceremony. As Pratibha is praying, the entire Jagmohan’s family comes there and they reside for prayer. Pratibha sees them and as she is about to go, she kicks out somethng there, Jagmohan gets angry at her but she covered her face. Karan calm his father down that it’s okay and tells him to let’s the woman go. Jagmohan feels he will not be able to do this and goes to give arms to the poor. Pratibha sits in between them and receives daan ( arms) given from her husband. Abha sees her  and she is shocked. She quickly calls Karan and informs him that it’s the same woman here but the women has already left. Karan says he’s correct that she is here. Abha tries to convince him that she is harmless.
Pratibha overhears someone talking about threatening Karan. She wonders to whom she should confide in. Abha tells Karan that she wants to go to Delhi to meet Dr. Batra. Since Kanika wants to go out urgently, she calls Prakash to give her a lift. He sees Kanika with a guy. Pratibha awaits Grandma near the temple but Ranjit notices her and manages to catch her. Pratibha tells him that she knows that he had sent a killer behind Karan.
Ranjit gets hold of Pratibha. Kanika on the other hand comes to meet her boyfriend and is about to leave in Prakash’s auto but the auto has to be repair. She gets angry over it and threatens Prakash that she will tell everyone about his real profession if he tells anyone about her and gives Prakash money to repair his auto and leaves. Meanwhile, Ranjit taunts Pratibha that she is finally back from jail and address her as his dear sister. He goes on saying that as Karan is regaining his past memories of what he saw when he was a child, he must not be alive.
Pratibha confidently tells Ranjit that he can never be successful in his plans as his mother is there to save him and will do anything to save Karans life. She adds on that by God grace, Karan came to same hotel in Singapore where she was working when she came out of jail. She remembers in the past when she holds knife in her hand to save him from that person whom Ranjit hired to kill Karan. Ranjit asks Pratibha who’s going to believe her now as she is dead to her family and no one is going to save her from him now. A flashback is shown in Singapore where Pratibha is with Karan singing lullaby to him, Ranjit’s son Bunty too is there playing. Ranjit arrives there and had tried to force Pratibha to convince Jagmohan to save his criminal friend from illegal offenses.

Pratibha reply Ranjit that she can never do that and scold him that what he is doing is wrong. Pratibha then called the police saying that it’s better he surrender and become the witness. Ranjit gets angry as she had refused. He asks how dare she do so, he goes and grabs Karan and holds him from terrace of the building and had threatened to kill Karan. Pratibha tries to stop Ranjit from hurting her son, where Bunty too comes for Karan help. He holds his hand but accidentally, in this attempt, his own son, Bunty, had lost his life as she slips from the terrace. Ranjit who attempt to kill his sister’s son is shocked to see his own son dying, he runs towards him where Pratibha gets hold of Karan. She shows him a knife and tells little Karan to forget whatever he saw here. Ranjit starts to cry by seeing his son dead, Pratibha too arives there. Later the police arrives there where Ranjit lie that Karan killed his son by pushing him from the terrace but Pratibha takes the offense on herself that she pushed him and goes with the police.
Ranjit asks who will believe her now and how will she save her son now. Pratibha says God is there and he will help her. Ranjit gets angry and had then tried to strangle Pratibha, but she had managed to escape by seeing Kanika who’s passing from there, he leaves her and hides his face while Pratibha escapes from there. Abha is with the doctor discussing about Karan. The doctor says it’s may not be the entire truth and tells Abha to ask Karan to remember every incident with calm mind then it may help. Kanika is seen with her boyfriend who is inviting her to party. He agrees and tells her to meet him in the evening and after she leaves, he talks to Ranjit over the phone, and informs him that he had done what he asks him to do. Adding that in order to do the rest, he need more money to tackle Kanika as instructed. Pratibha watches all this and hears the guy convincing Kanika to come for the party and gets worried about her daughter, Kanika. Pratibha decides to tell Grandma about it.

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