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Tuesday Update On My Golden Home Oct9, 2018

Shaili tells Kanika that
Yashodhara should be happy that Grandma is no more. Kanika leaves the
ceremony but Abha stops her. On the other hand, Ranjit’s aide informs
him that Pratibha is missing from Thakur’s house. Pratibha goes to Swarn
Bhavan to attend the prayer ceremony meet and leaves a note for Abha.
Abha reads the note and comes to know that Pratibha is in Swarn Bhavan.

On turning back, Abha is shocked as she sees someone she never thought
she would see and it’s Pratibha. Ranjit panics and asks Pratibha to
reveal her face. Abha tells Ranjit that she is Grandma’s relative and
known to her. Abha is happy to see Pratibha. She asks Pratibha to hide
her face when Yashodhara, Kanika and Shaili arrive. She discloses that
Grandma had left behind her mementos. Abha seeks Pratibha’s blessings
but Chandra finds it strange. 

Yashodhara deliberately misplaces her necklace at the prayer meeting.
Ranjit accuses Pratibha of stealing the necklace. He asks her to unveil
her face. Abha runs to her rescue and declares that she will check
Pratibha if needed. Just then, Sheetal finds the necklace and hands it
over to Yashodhara. Ranjit’s plan to expose Pratibha’s presence is
foiled once again. Ranjit warns Abha against shielding Pratibha.
Meanwhile, Chandra is shocked to find that the woman working at their
place is none other than Pratibha. Pratibha reveals the whole truth to
Chandra. Ranjit gives an anonymous call to Sanskar and tells him that if
he wants to take revenge on Abha and Karan he should meet him as he too
considers them his enemies. Abha reveals to Karan that Pratibha is

Jagmohan suffers an asthma attack. Abha decides
to reveal the truth about Pratibha to Jagmohan but Karan stops her. She
decides to unite him with Pratibha. Abha asks Jagmohan if she can take
Karan along with her to meet Chandra. Just then, Ranjit tells Abha that
she should take care of Kanika. Abha recollects Ranjit’s threat. Karan
tells Abha that they will go the next day. However, Yashodhara tells her
that Karan would have to go with Jagmohan to Allahabad the next day.
Sanskar is shocked when he finds out that it was Ranjit who had
instigated him to seek revenge from Karan and Abha. Sanskar gives it a
thought and agrees. The next morning as Jagmohan prepares to leave, Abha
tells Yashodhara that Vimal would accompany Jagmohan as he is the
eldest son. Karan agrees with Abha’s decision. Chandra reveals to Thakur
that Nirmala is Karan’s mother, Pratibha and that her life is in

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