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Wednesday Update On Begusarai Oct 10, 2018

Lakhan tells Poonam that he have to catch Choti Amma but she refuses and insist to come with him. He also refused her. She says they will live and die together. He finally agree with her with the condition that she will stay behind him. Both Lakhan and Poonam comes inside Choti Amma’s room but they can’t find anyone there. He tells Poonam that Choti must be in Komal’s room. Lakhan and Poonam comes inside Komal’s room but they can’t find anyone there. Lakhan comes to Bindiya and asks if she sees Choti Amma or Komal?. She says no and remind him that he asked her to stay in her room.

She offer to help them find them too. Badi Amma and Guddi comes to Lakhan and informs him that they are not seen in the house. Badi Amma adds that this must be their trick and maybe they are waiting for the. right time to attack them. Lakhan says they have to be careful. The next morning, Lakhan is standing in hall with his gun and as Mithilesh comes there, Lakhan asks where he was?. Mithilesh tells him that Choti Amma’s goons tried to kidnap him and Bhushan but they all ranaway and promise to find his uncle Bhushan. Lakhan tells him that his father is safe and Choti Amma has runaway from the house and that he is also protecting the house. Mithilesh is impress by this and says it’s a good idea. Badi Amma comes there, Mithilesh asks if she woke up so soon?. Badi Amma says she couldn’t sleep and this is new morning as Sarkar is gone and now they have to bring love back in Begusarai. Bindiya comes there and touches Badi Amma’s feet, she apologize to Badi that she can’t be part of this. Maya asks her what she is saying?. Bindiya informs them that she is leaving Begusarai forever and all are stunned. Poonam declined her and tells her that the house is hers and she have right on it. Bindiya says not now that the time she came in Begusarai, the peace, love and everything is gone, its better that she should leave. Badi Amma tells Bindiya that what she did, she was forced to do it and she know even after being blackmailed by Choti Amma, she helped them.

Guddi lovely tells Bindiya that she have lost Priyom and her kid, but now she don’t want to lose her. Bindiya says okay that she have one condition, that she will not live here as Begumsarai but will stay in the house with them as daughter-in-law of Badi Amma only, she touches her feet again. Badi Amma blesses her, Bindiya promise to stay like others, she will work in the kitchen and will massage Badi Amma’s feet. Badi Amma is touch and asks what about paan?. Bindiya says she will make it too, she gives the house keys back to Badi Amma and says now she have to choose Begusarai. Badi Amma says this is not easy decision for her as both her sons are capable for this. Lakhan says he have said it earlier too that he don’t want to become king and request his grandmother to give the responsiblity to Mithilesh. Badi Amma taunts Lakhan that she didn’t ask her suggestion. Mithilesh tells Lakhan that he need him, he want him ( Lakhan ) and him to take care of Begusarai and asks if he will now support his elder brother?. He further tells him that he can’t allow him to choose other option and he hugs Lakhan. Everyone claps and smiles as the entire family unite with love and affection. Badi Amma admit that Mithilesh is good in business and Lakhan is powerful, she adds on that Mithilesh uses his mind and Lakhan understand feelings and they both have guts to be the king. Badi finally announce that from now on they both will be kings of Begusarai. Maya happily says she will bring sweets. Badi Amma asks Lakhan to bring Rekha and Bhushan back soon and that she want them to be part of this happiness too. Poonam thinks to tell this to both her father and mother too.

Poonam comes to her house, she tells her father Manjeeta that she came to meet her mother but he doesn’t allow her to go inside the house. Manjeeta tells his daughter that some friends are inside and he don’t want her to come in, he goes in and closes the door. A curious Poonam thinks why did her father react like this and she leaves. Manjeeta comes in his room and Komal is seen pointing gun at Manjeeta’s wife, Vimla. Komal compliment him that he did a good by stoping Poonam and warn him to listen carefully, that till everything doesn’t get fine, herself and Choti Amma will stay in their house and if he try to tell this to anyone then she will kill both his wife and daughter. She further order him to go and bring food for them. Manjeeta complied as told.

Badi Amma calls the priest and asks about the prayer. Guddi asks her grandmother why is she doing the prayer?. Badi Amma reply that it’s for peace, they need to thank God for everything and will start life afresh. Bindiya smiles. Maya asks her to taste Kheer ( punding). Badi Amma says she trust her that she would make it nice. Bindiya asks her to taste gulab jaman. Guddi cautious her grandmother that if she praise one daughter-in-law then the other can get jealous and she will mix spice in her sweets. Bindiya smiles listening to this. Bindiya says now only happiness will be in the house. Just then, Poonam comes there and thinks that there must be something else and his confident that her father won’t do this as he didn’t allow her inside the house. Badi Amma sense that she is lost in thought and asks Poonam what happened?. Poonam says she felt like her father was hiding something from her. Badi Amma convince her that whatever happened in the last few days has shaken the relationship, she tells her to give them time that everything will be fine. Poonam nods. Pinto comes there and sees Gulab jaman. Bindiya offers him but he gets scared of Bindiya. Poonam notices this and asks Pinto if he like to eat gulab jaman (sweets), then to go to Bindiya and assure him that she will give him. A scared Pinto refuses saying that Bindiya will scold him. Bindiya gets sad listening to this. Poonam promise Pinto that she will not scold him, she tells him to go to her. Pinto comes to Bindiya and Bindiya emotionally hugs him and asks for forgiveness from him that she scolded him alot, she asks if she want to eat sweets then she will make him eat it. She lovely feeds him sweets. Maya tells Badi Amma that Poonam is good at handling kids. Poonam says so?. Bindiya tease her that they need new born babies in the house too. Poonam smiles shyly. Badi Amma happily says she will die after seeing Lakhan’s kids and she ( Poonam ) will keep shying and she think she will have to talk to Lakhan about this. Guddi sees Lakhan standing behind and tells her grandmother that she don’t need to talk to him, she points at him and they all look to Lakhan. Lakhan gets shy and leaves. Poonam smiles.

Choti Amma who is determined to end the Thakurs once and for all calls someone and says the Thakurs think that everything is fine now and they will have to do bomb blast which will shock the Thakurs. Manjeeta is listening to all this as Choti Amma tells the caller that it’s not impossible to control Lakhan, and he have to do something so that this hide and seek will stops. She adds on that the Thakurs should know the power of Sarkar now and he  have to come out soon, she ends the call. Manjeeta request Choti Amma to end all this bloodshed as Badi Amma has big heart and she will forgive her. Choti angrily tells Majeeta to stop his rant. Manjeeta says even he had revenge in his heart but after losing Dolt, he realized that he have been fighting with myhis own people and this can never give him peace. Komal points gun at him and threatened to kill him rightaway. Vimla plead with Komal not to kill him. Komal says he seem sensible and she wish his daughter has senses like him, she thinks that Poonam have snatched her Lakhan from her and she just need one chance to take revenge from her.

Poonam comes in her room, she sees Lakhan sitting on bed and working, she asks if he didn’t sleep till now?. Lakhan says he is trying to get habituated to be awake till late night. Poonam smiles, she comes to Lakhan and asks what’s this?. Lakhan shows her a book. Poonam says it is a story book. He brings her closer and says after becoming a parents, they have to be awake till late night and have to tell them stories too and it will be helpful. Poonam asks why they need it?. Lakhan says it’s most needed and he listened to what his grandmother said. Poonam asks what she say?. Lakhan lovely asks her if she is teasing him?. He tickles and hugs her from the back, he then remind her that his grandmother wants a grandson, adding that Soni and Pinto have decided too and asks her to tell him what she want?. Poonam promise to tell him, she goes and close the door room, she comes to Lakhan and says she want to sleep as she have alot of work the next. She wish him good night and lies down in bed. He comes to her and says he understand about tomorrow, as there is prayer the next and asks where is she busy after tomorrow?. Poonam asks him if he don’t remember what is after tomorrow. He says he don’t remember and asks what date is it?. Poonam get angry and sleeps, she thinks that she is making stories and he doesn’t even remember their marriage anniversary. Lakhan again says he don’t remember, he lies down beside her and thinks how can he forget the day when she came in his life.

The next morning, the prayer preparation starts. Lakhan comes there with his father and Badi Amma is happy to see her son. She tells Bhushan to do the prayer today. Bhushan says if the prayer is for peace then he want his sons Mithilesh and Lakhan to do it. Badi Amma agree with him. Lakhan tells Mithilesh that he don’t understand all this and request him to do it. Mithilesh says he is in his league, they are same and suggest Lakhan they should do it together. Lakhan and Mithilesh sits for the prayer. Poonam tells something to Badi Amma and Badi Amma instantly goes and brings Priyom’s picture, she looks at Bindiya and tells the priest that the prayer will be done by three sons of the house and they all get emotional. Badi Amma says he may not be with them but will remain in their hearts, she gives his picture to the priest. As the priest starts the prayer, Bindiya emotionally looks at Priyom’s picture and Badi Amma prays for her family.

Since Lakhan and Poonam wedding anniversary is on the way, he comes to Poonam and she tells him about new serial coming on Tv. While Guddi is drying clothes with Maya, Lakhan comes there. Guddi tease Lakhan that he was practicing how to read out stories, and today he must be wanting to practice clothes washing. Lakhan tells his sister ( Guddi) not to tease him. Guddi tells him that Poonam tells them everything and she told them that he forgot. Lakhan blunt out that he haven’t forgotten anything and he have come to ask for help. He tells them that he assume it’s their first marriage anniversary and asks what should husband do to make his wife happy, he mean what Mithilesh does to make her ( Maya) happy. Guddi tells him why dont he ask what he should do to make Poonam happy?. Guddi and Maya tells him some plan in mute. Lakhan says he have an idea too and he tells them the idea in mute. Komal listens to all this and thinks that they can prepare as much as they want but there will be no use for all this as she is here to handle everything.

Bindiya comes to her mother and asks why is she packing her stuff?. Her mother says she is going home and this is the Thakurs mansion. She further tells Bindiya that this used to be their house and they came back to get it but she got to know that her daughter Bindiya has become part of the family and asks how can she stay in her daughter-in-laws’ house. Bindiya try to convince her mother that there is no difference in son and daughter now and that her mother didn’t even think about her?. Bindiya’s mother happily tells her daughter that she is not alone as the whole family is with her and they care about her alot. Bindiya her mother how will she live alone?. Her mother tells her not to worry about her and says earlier, Bhanu used to take care of her and promise to stay with Bhanu. Bindiya request her not to go but her mother is adamant and tells her not to worry that she is only in the city and promise to visit her often. She tells her daughter not to cry and to just smile. Bindiya smiles and hugs her. Her mother pray for her to always be happy and she leaves. An heartbroken Bindiya looks at Priyom’s picture, she caresses it and says her life changed after loving him, he gave her all happiness of the world, she forgot everything, she just lived for him, his love will always be in her heart and she can live all lives on basis of that love, she hugs his picture. Just then, Bindiya feels uneasy. She comes to the washroom, she pukes and she is stunned.

Poonam comes in her room and looks around for Lakhan, just then, someone comes from the back and puts his hand on her mouth, he drags her from there. Poonam is brought to some place, she takes off her blindfold and asks where she is and who brought her here?. Just when she decides to leave from the place, someone stops her, she turns to find Lakhan there. She is relief and thank God he came to the place. She then tells him she don’t know who brought her to the place. Lakhan who plans a surprise for Poonam stops her and says he have brought her to the place to surprise her. He lovely asks what she thought that he forgot their first marriage anniversary and further asks if she like his surprise and adds that it’s hut decorated and bonfire. Ponam asks him if this is the way to surprise her?. Lakhan says it’s his style. An upset Poonam looks away, he hugs her from back and Saanson Ko Saanso Main Dhalne D Zara song plays in the background. Lakhan and Poona sit down, they lovely look at each other. He lies his head in her lap, she smiles and both look at each other. As she caresses his hair, he gets up. Poonam brings him closer and they both kiss. Lakhan looks at Poonam after kissing her. She lovely tells him that she love him.

Lakhan lifts Poonam in his. arms. He brings her outside some hut, he asks her to close her eyes and she does as told. Lakhan lovely tells her to go inside and Poonam goes inside the hut. She open her eyes and she is shocked to see ill words written on the walls and she shouts no. Lakhan comes there and sees this, he gets angry seeing all that and Poonam cries. She sees blood on the floor and she runs out from there. Poonam waskes her face and Lakhan starts the jeep. She asks where is he going?. Lakhans who knows that it’s Komal doing angrily tells Poonam that to find Komal and kill her. Poonam request him not to go anywhere and have to swear on her, she asks him to get down from the jeep. A concern Lakhan who truly loves his wife listen to her and comes down from the jeep. She tells him to look at her and try to convince him that Komal did this to break them apart and if she dont look at her then their love will lose and asks if he want this?. Lakhan looks at her and lovely says he want her and he want only her. Poonam cries knowing how much he loves her and Lakhan hugs her. Meanwhile, Komal sees all this from far and angrily talk to herself that Poonam is tied to Lakhan, she have destroyed her night and to now see what she will do next.

While Maya is standing on a stool trying to get something from the cupboard, Mithilesh comes there and just when Maya is about to fall, Mithileish holds her on time. He lovely tells her that she is alive but not to do these things as he will not remain alive. She tells him not to talk like this. He compliment her that her beauty is increasing day by day, he flirts with her and she alert him that the door is open.

As Lakhan and Poonam comes back home, Guddi stops them and says they both can’t go inside as they are cleaning it. She suggests them to go and eat ice-cream. Poonam says she is not in the mood. Badi Amma tells Guddi that the cleaning is done and to let them come in. Lakhan and Poonam comes inside the  lounge to see it all decorated and they all wish them happy marriage anniversary. Pinto asks how would they know that they are actually married as they didn’t see their marriage. Guddi says he is right. Badi Amma joke with Guddi not to act like kid. Bindiya says she is right that they didn’t see their marriage. Maya asks if Lakhan will make Poonam agree then they will cut the cake. Poonam says no need. Lakhan comes to Poonam and sit on his knees, he calls Poonam and she is surprised to see him like this. Lakhan express his feelings to her that she have changed angry young man to calm person, the one who only used to think about himself and now cares about people, she made him believe in God, she made him learn how to love, she rectified his mistakes and asks if she will be with him in this difficult path of life?. He extends his hand, Poonam smiles and holds his hand. They all clap for them. Lakhan and Poonam comes to cut their cake, Mithilesh, Guddi, Maya and all clap for them. Poonam recalls the hut incident and is not able to cut the cake and everyone look on shock. Lakhan holds Poonam’s hand and cuts the cake, he smiles to her, she smiles back, he makes her eat a piece of cake and gives it to everyone. As Bhushan blesses them, Poonam leaves from there.

Poonam comes to the corridor, she cries, Lakhan comes there and asks her what happened?. He remind her that she makes him understand and before he could complete his sentence, Poonam interrupt him and asks what can she do?. She tells him that she have got him after much difficulty and she don’t want to lose him. Lakhan asks who will come between them?. Poonam ruins his mood after mentioning Komal’s name and adds on that Komal knew about his surprise and this means they are keeping eyes on them. Lakhan assures her that she can’t break them apart. Poonam tells him they have to be careful and point out that Komal is not a bird that she wrote her name with his name and flied back. She asks him if he think her fear is irrelevant then fine, he can keep sitting silently and wait for their new attack, she leaves. Badi Amma listens to all their conversation hiding behind the pillar.

Poonam is seen crying in her room, Badi Amma comes there. Poonam wipes her tears, she welcomes her inside her room and asks her if she had work then she could have called her. Badi Amma tells her that it is her first marriage anniversary so she thought to gift her something, she want to share experience with her and says that there are three type of people, one who are happy in their happiness, second the one who doesn’t care about anything and the third one who are jealous of others happiness like Komal. Poonam is surprise and asks Badi how she know?. Badi Amma confess that she listened to hers and Lakhan’s conversation, she advice her to follow her path and remind her that the one who fight with everyone to get her will never leave her, and her relationship with him is strong and encourage her not to doubt him. Poonam tells Badi that she said alot to him. Badi Amma tells her to enjoy her marriage and Poonam leaves to search for Lakhan. After she leaves, Badi Amma then talk to herself that Poonam’s doubt maybe right that Komal can be close to them.

Poonam searches for Lakhan inside the house, she asks Maya about him and she says she didn’t see him and asks if everything is fine?. Poonam says yes and make up a story that he didn’t eat anything that’s why, Maya leaves. Poonam asks Lakhan’s father about Lakhan. Bhushan informs her that Lakhan went to Dhaba to meet someone, Poonam thanks him and leaves.

Lakhan is at Dhaba’s. restuarant and Lakhan’s friends ask him what happened seeing him worried. Lakhan explain to his friends that whenever he try to romance his wife, something or other happens, he tells them everything and says the witch named Komal came in their life because of whom his wife doesn’t trust him and he just keep seeing his wife everywhere. At the same time, Poonam comes there and Lakhan’s friends leave to give them some privacy. As Lakhan drinks wine, Poonam takes the bottle from him. He asks what she is doing here?. Poonam says because he can’t reach home in this state. He confidently says no wine take over him. Poonam says she can see that Komal came inbwteen them. Lakhan tells her nobody can break them and asks her to keep herself away from him. Poonam says he see her tears but not her love. Lakhan says he always go in loss, he will not love her, he will not touch her and he will not set her hair from now on. Poonam also says she will not also love him and will not touch him. He tells her that he is hers and will remain hers for seven births, assurring her that no one can take his love away from him, he can’t make her see his heart and that’s all he wanted to say. As he starts to leave, Poonam stops him and hugs him tight.

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