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Monday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Nov 5, 2018

Daadi hears Tanu and is not able to tolerate Tanu’s absurd talk about
the marriage. She interferes and informs the media that the marriage is
postponed due to Purabh’s ill health. Daadi adds that Abhi will not
marry till Purabh is well. She asks Tanu not to think about her marriage
but to think about Purabh’s health. Pragya doesn’t want Daadi to take
stress, so she takes Daadi away.
Tanu immediately tells the reports that
that Daadi has some confusion as the marriage will take place as
decided and is not postponed. Pragya asks Daadi not to take tension.
Daadi says that she wants to teach a lesson to Tanu. Aaliya is standing
and watching everything, she only wishes that Purabh gets alright, so
she doesn’t interfere with anything.

Abhi also comes to the
party looking for Pragya and directly goes to meet who is asking Daadi
to not stress about Tanu so much. Just then, Robin comes and tells
Pragya that she is needed somewhere. The media shifts focus to Abhi and
Tanu rushes to be with him. She tells him how good he is looking and
stops when he is busy looking for Pragya. He leaves Tanu when he sees
Pragya fixing some decoration. And then she falls in his arms and they
look at each other. The media disappears now.
They get
interrupted by the clients who praise Pragya’s preparations and Abhi
flirts with Pragya that she is looking beautiful in a black sari. He
compliments Pragya and calls her ‘tota’. Pragya wonders what it means.
Abhi says that in Punjabi language, when a girl looks very pretty then
they use such word. Pragya smiles and they are again lost in each
other’s eyes. Tanu gets irked and asks Aaliya for help to stop Abhi who
just taunts her back that if Tanu wants, she can remove Pragya too, like
the way she tried to remove Purabh. Tanu gets more irritated. They
bicker about Purabh and Aaliya makes it clear that she is not going to
do anything about Pragya now. Daasi tells Daadi about Abhi’s surprise
for Pragya once Abhi launch the album and Pragya comes asking about what
they were talking. Pragya keeps asking them about the surprise and Tanu
who hears them comes asking about who is going to surprise whom. But
Daasi lies to her that Abhi has a surprise for her and she should wait
for it. Tanu smiles thinking Abhi has a surprise planned for her. She
gets very happy and thanks Daasi for this.

The hosts of the party
call Abhi on stage to talk about his latest album. Everyone gathers
around the stage to hear Abhi. Abhi firsts takes Purabh’s name and gives
credit to him for his new album. He talks about how special the album
is to him since Purabh was his biggest support. He says that his new
album is very different from his old albums as he wrote his feelings in
words. Tanu asks a reporter to ask who his inspiration for the album was
and she obliges. He is feeling so strongly for someone that it
influenced his poetry, his writing. The media person asks Abhi who is
the inspiration behind his new album. Abhi smiles and raises his finger
towards Tanu. She gets happy as all the cameras turn towards her, but
not for long as Abhi takes Pragya’s name who is standing behind Tanu.
Obviously Tanu who is expecting her name but he takes Pragya’s name is
shocked. Pragya too is shocked. He also talks about how much he feels
for Pragya. He tells everyone how special Pragya is to him. Both Aaliya
and Tanu are shocked by this.

Abhi tells everyone that
his inspiration for his album is his best friend and secretary Pragya.
He introduces Pragya as his best friend and asks her to come on the
stage. She hesitates. He insists her to come by holding her hand. Daadi
and Daasi ask her to go. She goes on the stage. Tanu and Aaliya feel
jealous. He introduces everyone to Pragya and says she is not only his
friend but also his inspiration who always supported him in all the ups
and downs. Tanu is angry to see all this as Abhi claims Pragya is the
inspiration of his album. Abhi tells them what importance does she hold
in his life that people say that friends are those who are with us in
bad time but he has left his bad time behind. He says for him a best
friend is someone who is always with you in all circumstances and
understands you very well. Abhi says that he wants his best friend
Pragya to launch his album by unveiling its cover page and this is his
gift for his best friend Pragya. Everyone gets shocked as he asks her to
launch the album. Daadi feels Abhi might express his feeling to Pragya.
Abhi asks Pragya to unveil the cover of the album and Tanu and Aaliya
are shocked to see Pragya’s picture on the cover of the album. Daasi
smiles at them and happy that Abhi’s album launch is a success. Everyone
gets more shock to see Pragya’s picture and her name ‘Fuggi’ on the
poster of his album. Aaliya scolds Mitali for not doing her job and asks
why she did not remove it from there. She says that Tanu must be very
upset and goes to look for Tanu.

Pragya who finds her picture and
the name ‘Fuggi’ over the album cover page gets overwhelmed by Abhi’s
gesture and dosen’t know what to say and starts crying. Abhi says it’s
okay if she doesn’t want to say anything because her tears have
expressed everything. Pragya says she will never be able to thank him
enough for giving her so much respect and that she can live her entire
life with her head held high after the respect Abhi has given her.
Everyone cheers and claps for them, except Tanu as she is very irritated
and angry. The media requests them to dance together and they agree.
Abhi and Pragya perform on a romantic number. Abhi’s family get happy to
see them dancing while Tanu and Aaliya fume in anger.

drinks in anger when she finds out that he has dedicated the album to
his muse, Pragya. Mitali and Aaliya see her drinking. Aaliya stops her
from drinking and asks her to not do anything and once she is married to
Abhi she will throw Pragya out of the house. She says Abhi will never
respect her like he respects her after marriage. Aaliya asks her not to
drag her between her and Abhi and further asks her not to over react and
go in her room. She promise to call her once the drama is over. Tanu
thinks that Aaliya is deliberately not taking any action against Pragya,
as she wants her ( Tanu ) to feel bad. Mitali tries hard to hear their
conversation but fails. Aaliya asks Robin to take Tanu to her room. Tanu
goes upstairs, Mitali follows her to keep an eye on her. Meanwhile,
Abhi and Pragya are so lost in each other’s arms that they forget they
are surrounded by so many people. Everyone notices their closeness. They
clap for Abhi and Pragya.

Daadi sees them dancing and cries
thinking about Purabh. Daadi missed Purabh and says he had arranged this
party for Pragya and Abhi and today he is not here to see the party and
the smile on Pragya’s face. Tanu starts throwing things as she feels
jealous thinking about the attention Abhi gives to Pragya. She is
shouting and yelling in her room, she throws all her marriage clothes
and jewellery. Mitali comes and asks why she is throwing things and her
expensive jewellery away. Tanu asks her to leave otherwise she will take
out all the anger on Mitali. Tanu says that Pragya has hurt her deeply.
Pragya has snatched all her happiness and self-respect in one go. She
took the entire media attention from her. Mitali quickly steal her
diamond jewellery. Daadi and Daasi appreciate Abhi and Pragya and say
they were looking like the perfect pair. The media people are so
impressed with Abhi and Pragya that they want to take their interview
together as a couple. They call Abhi and Pragya for an interview. Pragya
hesitates, but Daadi and Daasi push her. They ask Pragya since when she
knows Abhi as their jodi looks very romantic and perfect. Pragya drops a
hint of wanting to marry Abhi and that she doesn’t know how she looks
with Abhi, she just wants to have a relationship with Abhi for next
seven lives. Abhi says it feels they know each other since two lives and
Pragya says she feels they will stay together for seven lives. Abhi
gets excited and wonders if Pragya is giving him a hit that she loves
him and wants to be his wife because only marriage is what ties couples
with each other for seven lives. He wonders if this is a signal. Pragya
hopes Abhi has got her hint and feels if he does not understand she will
definitely tell him about her feelings clearly. The reporter asks Abhi
and Pragya to pose together as a couple.

makes Pragya pose for the camera as they want to shoot Abhi’s best
friend exclusively. Pragya agrees and starts posing. Abhi sees that her
blouse’s zip has opened and goes and stands with her to cover it.
Journalists tell him that they want a solo picture of her. Abhi refuses
to leave her side and make them click their couple pictures. Also, he
hides Pragya’s back with veil and asks the cameraman to take only front
pose. Daadi calls Pragya. Abhi goes along with her hiding Pragya’s back
wherever she goes. Daadi asks why is he following her like this. Abhi
still doesn’t leave her. She says she will talk to Pragya later and
leaves. Abhi hugs Pragya from behind and takes her to his bedroom.
Pragya gets irritated when Abhi pulls her in the room and asks him what
is he trying to do. She asks if he is making fun of her and that he just
wants to tease her. He shows her the mirror of her back and tells her
to zip up her blouse as it was showing in the party and that is why he
was covering her back. Pragya gets embarrassed to see that her blouse is
open. She understands that Abhi was trying to hide this and apologizes
to him. Abhi sees her struggling with the zip and offers to help. She
agrees. He zips up her blouse. They share an eye lock.

While the
love birds are filled with joy and happiness, Tanu is filled with fury
and she is sharing her sadness with Mitali, but Mitali is only
interested in trying Tanu’s diamond jewellery. Tanu whose anger towards
Pragya gets out of hand sees Mitali trying her diamond jewellery and
asks her to keep it. Mitali is shocked as Tanu says she can keep all her
jewellery and asks what does she want in return. Tanu is trying to
bribe Mitali, as she knows that Mitali is a greedy woman and she can do
anything to get the jewellery. She asks Mitali to help her in killing
Pragya. Mitali gets shocked and gets scared, she says she doesn’t want
to take any risk. She then asks what’s her plan. Tanu tells her that she
just has to bring Pragya to the kitchen and she will take care of the
rest. Mitali gets scared and asks what is she going to do.Tanu who plans
to burn Pragya from head to toe in the kitchen says she will set her
ablaze. Mitali accepts to do it in exchange of her diamond jewellery.

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