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Sunday Update On Iron Lady 2, 2018

Indira tells Indu if she remember her promise to listen to everything that she say. Indu asks what promise? Indira says, the one that she did in room when she was crying. Indu makes weird face. Indira laughs and kisses her and Indu gets annoyed. Indira sees that the only way to prove to Indu why she has to be the strict person she is is to give Indu the freedom to carry the weight of taking care of a lazy family on her little shoulders. She tells Indu that she will have to listen to everything that she says as per their challenge. Indu says fine but she won’t take anyone iron lady order.
She says Indira runs this house with her iron lady. Indira challenges Indu to take responsibility of the family entirely by herself for next 48 hours. And if Indu runs it better than Indira, then Indu once again won’t have to listen to everything that Indira says. Indu, however, accepts the challenge. While in their room, Rishi asks Indira why she is taking all the decisions without asking him or anyone else and  further asks if he have no importance?. Indira says to him that she did all this so Indu realizes her responsibilities. Indira romances with him and makes him smile. She says her husband looks good only when he is smiling.

Shweta gets call from Dr. Jasvant. She is about to disconnect it, but Indira picks it up and pretends to be Shweta over a call with Dr Jasvant Singhania and informs him, about her miscarriage. After making Dr Jasvant think that Shweta’s child is dead, she further schedules a meeting with him for the next day. Dr. Jasvant is unaware that Indira talks with him in Shweta’s voice. After the call, Shweta asks Indira how can she go to meet him. Indira tells Swehta that if she need justice, then to throw her fear away. She request her to trust her and nothing will happen.

Next morning, Indira comes to Indu’s room and she’s still sleeping. She starts singing song loudly which wakes Indu up. She gets annoyed with Indira. Indira says she didn’t come to bother her but she is just happy today as she don’t have to do anything. She reminds her of her new responsibility and says everyone is waiting at the dining table for the breakfast. Indu blunt out that she know her responsibility very well and she leaves. She comes downstairs and sees everything in breakfast is made of potatoes. Indira’s mother says there was only potatoes in the house so they had no choice and now there is nothing left for the night. As it is Indu’s responsibility to make sure everyone eats, she says tonight there will be pizza, burgers and party like environment. Indira tells Indu that for that she ( Indu ) will easily need 1200 to 1500 rupees, and asks from where will she get that?. Mehar offer to give her. Indu forwards her hand, but Indira says when she used to run the house, she never took any help from an outsider. Indu takes her hand back and now she decides to take money from Shweta saying she is her own, but Shweta also doesn’t give saying Indira didn’t take any money from their own either.

Indu then decides to send all the guys out for the work and says they will bring money like how other fathers bring money to their home. Indu orders Rishi, Munna and Inder to resume to their duties and earn for the family. Rishi, Munna, Indira’s father and Indu leave. Indira says to herself if all men get jobs, then she will be happy. Sometimes what elders can’t do, children do them in no time. At school, Indu tells all this to Bheem. Bheem laughs at her and says to her and asks why her father don’t earn anything?. Indu is very confident that they will bring money this time. She tells Bheem what if anyone makes fun of his father like this. Bheem finally agree that her father is good but his is greatest and people call him a God. Shweta meets Dr. Jasvant and Dr. Jasvant Singhania feels delighted after learning about Shweta’s miscarriage and he confesses everything. He tells Shweta that now as there is no more child, then how will she prove that he did all that?. Just then, Indira comes there and shows Dr Singhania, his DNA report that revealed his relationship with Shweta’s baby saying they can prove it with DNA test. Dr. Jasvant laughs at her and refuses to agree with Indira at first saying he never gave any DNA sample and they can’t prove it with fake reports. But, as his wife comes there, he later panics after watching his wife’s support with Indira saying she gave the sample to her. Dr. Jasvant loses his temper and takes out a gun. The police appears at the scene when, he tries to shoot Shweta and arrest him. Dr. Jasvant’s wife is very embarrassed and she doesn’t know what Bheem will have to go through now. Indira tells her not to worry that everything will be fine. She leaves. Indira tells Shweta they will go home now, but Shweta says she won’t go there. She further says she doesn’t want to create any problem for Indira and as long as she stays there, Indu will never come closer to Indira. Indira gets lost in thoughts.

Munna’s wife calls him and asks him to bring money otherwise she will die of hunger. Munna and inder are sitting on a street, unable to find a job. They ask for some work and a guy comes there and asks them to take care of his dog until he returns. There is a lady sitting beside his dog and Munna and inder think that the guy is asking to take care of the lady. The dog owner tells them that she (dog) can’t stay in sunshine, has to pee every 15 minutes and can’t stay at one place. Munna and inder find it weird, but happily take the job as they think the dog owner is talking about the lady. They go to the lady and ask her to get up and say they will take her for a round. The lady gets angry and beats them. Other people also join her and beat Munna and inder. A lady comes for some legal work and Rishi gets it done for her. When he asks for money, the lady starts flirting with him, her husband sees this and runs after Rishi. The trio ( Rishi, Munna and Inder ) who makes several attempts to get job, but fails to earn a penny. They meet and tell each other that they failed in finding job. Bheem tells Indu that he feels none of the men in Indu’s family will find job and that he likes Indira’s style. Indu asks him, if he is on her side or Indira Rishi Kumar’s side?. The driver comes and picks up Bheem. Indu tells him if their is any problem, then to contact her and she will solve it right away.

Shweta tells Indira that she will go to her parents now and she has got strength from Indira to fight with any situation. She tells Indira to tell Indu that she will write her letters everyday as she can’t say this to Indu directly. Indira tells her to say it herself to Indu this time. Shweta calls Indu and tells her that she is going away for child. Indu asks her to return as soon as possible. Shweta asks her to promise that she will call Indira mummy and behave well. Indu doesn’t promise and disconnects as she sees Indira coming. Indira comes with pizzas and burgers. She explains Indu that everyone faces difficulties in their lives, but they only become strong because of that. She asks her to join her in eating. Indu refuses saying she knows Rishi and other will bring money to the house. Indira says fine that she just melted seeing her innocent face, and thank her for reminding her. She says now she will eat all by herself. Rishi returns with Munna and Inder who are badly beaten. Indu gets disappointed as they didn’t bring money. Munna’s wife tries to take pizza from Indira, but she refuses to give to anyone and tell them to eat whatever the house’s men can give them. She goes to the kitchen, and doesn’t feel like eating as none of her family members got to eat. She gives all the food to the children who are playing outside their house.

Suddenly, a small explosion takes place in the Sharma house. A huge amount of smoke spreads in the house. Apart from Indira, Rishi and Indu, Kutumbh and the other family members turn blind after facing the dense smoke. They go to the hospital and the doctor hence, informs Indira and others about their blindness to be temporary and that this happened due to explosion of gas tank and slowly they will regain their sight. All family members are doing comedy, while Indira and Rishi are talking to the doctor. Indu handles everyone. As they are going back to house, everyone has put on blind people glasses. Coincidently there is a song going on, “Gore Gore Mukhde Pe Kala Chasma”, and they think society is making fun of them. Indira asks Rishi to take everyone home and she will go and get medicine. Indu refuses to receive cash from Indira, to purchase the medicines for the family. Indu asks Rishi for the money instead and asks him to go. The music gets loud, Indira says he doesn’t have money. He asks Rishi if he wants money, Rishi can’t hear as the music is too loud. He asks her to say loudly. The music stops and Indira however, tries to hand him some money, but accidently teases him on his bankruptcy as she says, there is not a penny in his pocket, asking if she should give her money for medicine as society people hear that and Rishi glares at Indira.

Rishi feels insulted as Indira says loudly in front of everyone, that he don’t have a penny in his pocket and asking if she want him to give him money?. Rishi gets annoyed after Indira unknowingly shows her superiority over him, by handing him the cash to buy the medicines for the Sharma family. In anger, he says he will earn and bring medicine on his own. Someone comes and tells Indira that the gas supplier is here. India goes with him telling Indu to take everyone home. Rishi comes to a store and the owner reminds him he is same person who got injury on his one of his eyes because of Indu and Indira sent him to police. He says he got destroyed because of them and he ( Rishi ) expect him to give him medicine on loan?. He blunt out that no one will give him medicine like that and not only him. Just when Rishi is leaving, he stops and says if he make a case against his wife for interfering in everyone’s business, then he will give him medicine for free and give him money too. Rishi laughs and refuses.

Indira comes to the gas supplier store and other poor people are also there fighting for justice. The people from Indira’s neighbourhood, starts placing their request to Indira, for helping them to fight their legal battle with a motive to gain justice. They tell Indira how gas supplier started supplying bad gas and because of that their family members got injured. They ask Indira to help them. Indira, however decides to support them and combines their application to fight the consumer court and promises that she will file the complain in court against gas supplier and this time Rishi will fight their case.

At home Indu is taking care of everyone as they all are hungry. They tell Indu, Indira used to sell her jewelry, but never kept anyone angry. They ask her to give up and accept that Indira is iron lady and she can’t beat her. Everyone forces her a lot to sell her silver jewelry which Shweta gave her. Indu says Rishi Kumar will bring medicine and food both. Munna says he hasn’t earned anything till now and asks how he will earn so much money all of a sudden?. Rishi comes with empty hands and Indu get disappointed. With a view to provide medical treatment to her family, Indu sells her precious jewellery, given to her by Shweta to a guy in return for money. Indira notices Indu while doing so and is angry as Indu has to go through what she went through. Rishi gets surprised seeing everyone eating gol gappas. And also because they got their medicine. He asks Indu about it, but Indu avoids the question and asks him to put the medicine in everyone’s eyes. Indira comes in angry mood and shouts at her family. She asks if they don’t have any shame that they are making Indu do all this?. Indira explains Indu that she doesn’t want her to go through what she went through. Indira arranges medicines for her family and also returns the jewellery to Indu. Indu is still angry at Indira and pushes her back when she goes to hug her.

Indira then gets angry at Rishi. Rishi says he didn’t know about it else he would have stopped Indu. Indira throws the file at him and goes to her room. Rishi sees all those case papers and smiles. He goes to his room and tries to cheer Indira with shayris. Rishi apologises to Indira for behaving rudely. Indira is still angry. Rishi then says, may be he is not for her. Indira asks him to shut up and says he have everything that she wished her life partner to have except 1 thing. She tells him that he like to take shortcuts. She asks him to promise that he won’t take any shortcut now as he get true happiness when he do things properly. Rishi promises her. Indira then says to him that he will fight the case for those poor people and give them justice. He also accepts the file of applications from Indira, to help the people gain justice.

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