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Sunday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Nov 25, 2018

Sarla whose condition is not good, but still she arrives at the wedding venue in Mehra house to tell Abhi about Pragya abduction. Meanwhile, Tanu is taking pheras ( wedding vows ) with Abhi. Daadi and Purabh get worried thinking about Pragya. Pragya thinks of her mother and cries. Abhi reminisces about the moments he shared with Pragya and suddenly stops. Tanu asks what’s the matter.
The priest asks them to complete the pheras. Purabh and Dassi are praying to God for some miracle. Sarla comes inside and gets shocked to see Abhi and Tanu taking pheras. Sarla hurriedly comes in front, but before she can say anything, Aaliya sees Sarla walking towards Abhi and stops Sarla and asks her to go upstairs. A flabbergasted Sarla slaps Aaliya, moves her aside and asks her to stay away. Tanu is happy that it is their last phera, after that nobody can separate her from Abhi. Salar walks up to Abhi and stops him from taking the last phera. She pours water on the fire and asks the priest to stop chanting mantras. Everyone gets shocked. She goes to Abhi and confronts him. She asks Abhi why did he do this with Pragya. She says he is heartless. She asks why did he propose to her if he didn’t want to marry Pragya. She claims that Pragya loves Abhi and Abhi had shown her so many dreams, he gave the commitment to her. Now, why he is leaving Pragya like this?. If he used to claim that he loves Pragya, then why he is marrying Tanu?. How can he forget Pragya who had put her life in danger so many times for him. Abhi has left Pragya in agony. She says none of them will be able to stay happy this way. Sarla asks if he remembers she is his wife?. Daadi and Purabh get worried thinking about Abhi’s medical condition and decides to intervene.

Abhi is speechless, he knows that he is doing wrong to Pragya. Sarla is so furious that she keeps on shouting at Abhi and Daadi. Daadi is worried that Sarla will say the truth, she will tell Abhi that Pragya is his wife. Daadi requests Sarla to calm down, she tells Sarla that Abhi is equally worried for Pragya and he is feeling guilty too and that is why he even asked about her before getting on the mandap. Sarla asks Daadi to not give any explanation, she says that she had sent Pragya with her as Daadi was claiming that she will make Abhi marry Pragya. And says if Abhi worries for her so much then why can’t he marry her. But, now seeing all this, she has lost the confidence in Daadi. They are happily enjoying Abhi’s marriage, do they know where is Pragya?. She says they don’t even know where is she. Abhi gets worried, he asks about Pragya. Sarla says that she has been kidnapped by the goons and the worst thing is that they have abducted her from Abhi’s home. They were so dangerous that they injured her ( Sarla ) too. Sarla says she has no idea what would they have done to her. She says she might have even died by now. Everyone gets shocked. Abhi, Purabh and Daadi are shocked, Abhi wonders why would anyone kidnap Pragya during his wedding. Sarla says that some people are afraid that Abhi can definitely change his mind and refuse to marry Tanu in Pragya’s presence and they doesn’t want Pragya to be with Abhi. She says that she can see her daughter in pain, but she cannot see her dead. She is afraid what those men are doing with Pragya. Daadi asks her to not lose hope. Sarla who takes matters into her own asks her to shutup as she couldn’t take care of Pragya. She says she had come here on her responsibility. She demands immediate action from Abhi and Purabh. She announces that she will not leave Abhi if anything happens to Pragya. Purabh assures her that Pragya is their responsibility, they will not rest until they find her and rescue her.

Aaliya comes in between and asks why is she blaming Abhi for all this and says she is also worried about Pragya. She says what has happened is really unfortunate but she should go and ask police for help and not Abhi. She says that she will call the DCP, and the police will take care of Pragya. Meanwhile, they will complete the marriage rituals, it is almost done. Also, Sarla can’t blame Abhi for Pragya’s kidnaping, it is not his job to find her. She asks Abhi to focus on the wedding and says they will definitely help her find Pragya but after wedding. Purabh and Daadi feel very disgusted, but they don’t want to put more pressure on Abhi. Sarla looks towards Abhi. Abhi looks sad. A flashback is shown where Abhi is seen playing guitar. Pragya is listening to his music and burns her hand. Abhi asks what she do?. Pragya says when he is infront of her, she think from her heart and not from her mind, Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga song plays in the background.

Sarla who is burning in agony cries and says that none of them care about Pragya and they wouldn’t care even if her dead body came on the door. She says marriage happens with blessings but she curses Abhi marriage and his family. She appeals for justice, her daughter Pragya is stuck in a problem, and her caretakers are starting a new life. Abhi removes his ‘sehra’ and decides to go rescue Pragya saying he will not get married. Instead, he will go for Pragya. Aaliya gets tensed, she asks Abhi to first complete the marriage. She tries to convince him against it saying that a groom cannot leave the mandap like this. Abhi says that Aaliya should support her brother and she should be sensitive towards Pragya. Now, Tanu’s mother comes to the mandap and stops Abhi and Sarla. She also asks Abhi not to do this to her daughter and says that he promised her something but he is breaking that promise in front of her eyes. Adding that Abhi knows that her health is not good, her life can end anytime. She wants Abhi to give preference to his bride over his secretary. Abhi disregards her saying that Pragya is not just his secretary, she is his best friend and the most important person. Abhi adds that Pragya has even less time than her ( Tanu’s mother ) and he needs to save her. Abhi leaves the mandap. Now, Tanu gets arrogant and stubborn, she threatens Abhi that if he leaves then she will not marry him. She will leave Abhi if he leaves today, he will lose her forever because she is a girl and not some contract, he can sign or leave anytime. Abhi who decides to leave Tanu at the altar to look for Pragya says that he cannot do anything, right now as Pragya needs him most and he can sacrifice anything for Pragya. He still leaves saying that right now Pragya is more important than anybody else.

Abhi, Purabh, Sarla, Daasi and Daadi come outside from where Pragya had been kidnapped. Sarla recalls what all happened while kidnapping of Pragya and narrates the whole incident to them. They figure out that the kidnappers were already present in the house as decorators. They kidnapped Pragya in the truck. There, Tanu and her parents are feeling insulted and sad. Tanu’s father blames his wife for everything, he says that they chose a wrong man for their daughter. Mitali is having fun watching the drama unfold, she plans to go near to Tanu who is hurt. Tanu is filled with rage when her weeding gets called off, she is behaving wildly. She throws everything away by destroying them and yells blaming Abhi saying he only wanted to ruin her reputation from starting. Also, she curses Pragya and says that she cannot tolerate more torture. Pragya is behind her family’s insult, she wants to kill Pragya. Aaliya tries to control her, but she yells at Aaliya too.

There, Beeji scolds Jaanki saying she should have gone after Sarla. Janki comes with Beeji and tells the truck number to Abhi and Purabh. Abhi reassures Sarla that he will bring her back safe. Abhi plans to track the number and gets the location. Purabh says that he has full confidence on his friend. There, Nikhil’s goons bring food for Pragya but she refuse. He tells her now her husband won’t come back because she is hungry. The goons go back after she refuses again. Pragya is missing Abhi, she recalls how Abhi had saved her life so many times. She think even that last hope is also gone as she assumes that Abhi and Tanu are married by now, she doesn’t want to meet Abhi post-marriage. Why would she even go back, to see Tanu as his wife with the wedding chain and vermilion on her forehead.

Nikhil goes in flashback and remembers how he kidnapped Pragya and how she used all her strength to get away from his grip. He thinks to himself that now he will tell her who he is and says he will laugh today as much as she cries. He is brought back to reality by the door bell. When he opens the door he finds Tanu there. He asks her what she is doing there on her first night. He asks if she comes for, Pragya and says she is here at the right time. He asks her to come along as he is going to see a defeated Pragya, and she can make her jealous by telling her how she married Abhi. Tanu tells him that the wedding didn’t happen all because Sarla came back. Nikhil says how did she come back, he asks where Abhi is. Obviously, looking for Pragya. Nikhil is shocked to hear Abhi left his own marriage to save Pragya. Tanu who is still filled with rage that her weeding gets called off asks him to kill Pragya as she doesn’t want everyone to know about her planning and plotting as that is the only viable resort now. Nikhil also feels Pragya’s death is the only solution left with them.

There, the kidnappers get a phone call from one of the waiters at the wedding who tells them how the wedding ceremony couldn’t happen. They mistakenly leave one of the walkie talkie near Pragya and she happens to listen to all of this. She is thankful that her vermilion is still hers. She is thankful that Abhi did not marry Tanu and wants to get out of there. She thinks to herself that Abhi must have left to search for her, so she should try to get away from here. She wants to meet Abhi as she now is confident he will marry her.

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