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Thursday Update On Twist Of Fate 2 Nov 15, 2018

They all are very happy for Pragya and go on to decide how they will get both Abhi and Pragya married the next day. Daadi blesses Pragya and expresses her joy over having her daughter-in-law back. Dadi and Dassi are excited to kick Tanu and her mother out of the house. Daadi says to let Aaliya and Tanu make the arrangements of the marriage, they will make Pragya marry Abhi. They will celebrate Pragya and Abhi’s second marriage. But they are unaware that Tanu and Aaliya get up to their tricks once again, this time, Pragya’s life could be in danger.

Tanu’s mother on the other tells Abhi that she has to confess something and on Abhi’s insistence she lies to him that she has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which is non-curable and she again emotionally blackmails him how she has still not revealed it to Tanu because she did not want to ruin the most important day of her daughter’s life as she is excited to marry her prince charming. She insists to Abhi as to how important he and this marriage is for her daughter and it is a last wish to see her daughter married to Abhi and then she can die without any worries. She says such emotional dialogues to Abhi that makes him sentimental. She knows how to use Abhi’s weakness. He will not be able to cancel the marriage with Tanu as he is a good natured guy, now he is forced to marry Tanu.

On the other hand, Purabh, Daadi and everyone celebrating their victory and is planning about Pragya and Abhi’s wedding and Daadi tells her to only worry about her dress and further asks Pragya to make the amendments now as the bride’s name need to be changed. Daadi and Dassi plan to go to Aaliya’s room to inform her. Purabh asks where Abhi is. Then, Pragya reveals that Tanu’s mother has asked to talk to Abhi alone which worries everyone as Daadi and Purabh are sure that she must have manipulated Abhi somehow by now and Pragya should not have let her talk to him alone like this and ask Pragya to go to Abhi otherwise Tanu’s mother will plot something against them. Daadi comes to Abhi and senses that Tanu’s mother has played her cards, now it would be difficult to make Abhi announce anything.

Abhi who is unaware that Tanu’s mother lies to him that she has cancer and will not live long goes on to talk to Pragya in a sulking mood and fumbles with his words that he always did the right thing and he has never hurt anyone. Pragya asks what he is trying to say but Abhi somehow goes on to say that what they were going to do was wrong as he had promised to marry Tanu and he cannot betray her at this point like this. He says that he cannot cancel the marriage, he is helpless and he cannot break his promise. Pragya is shocked but she is unaware that Abhi is overcome by guilt and decides to proceed with the wedding.

Abhi tells Pragya that he does love her and wants to marry her but he cannot betray Tanu like that at this point of time. He tells Pragya that he doesn’t want to be selfish. If he will reject Tanu then her family’s will be defamed in the society. Abhi seems puzzled, he says breaking a promise is a very big thing for him and that he had promised Tanu to marry her at a point of time and he cannot go back on his words and cannot cancel the marriage at the last minute. He is afraid that Tanu will harm herself and her mother, who has been diagnosed with last stage cancer, can also die after hearing that he is breaking the marriage. Hearing all this, Pragya is numb, she doesn’t say a single word and just goes out of the room.

purabh and Daadi are worried about what might have happened there. They see Pragya coming downstairs and ask her as to what happened to which she replies that everything is over. Purabh loses his calm after hearing this and insists on talking to Abhi that he has to listen to him. He says that what Abhi is doing is wrong and he needs to know that but Pragya stops him by making him swear on herself. She says this is her destiny, she doesn’t want to stretch this anymore and leaves from there for home. Abhi is sitting alone and cursing himself that Pragya is hurt because of him. He is also reminiscing about Pragya’s confession and suddenly goes out somewhere thinking about that.

Meanwhile, Tanu and Aaliya are busy celebrating with champagn bottle. Totally unaware of the happenings outside their room, they are in the mood to celebrate when Tanu’s mother enters and sees them drunk. She tells them how Abhi was planning to marry Pragya and was planning to break the marriage as he has proposed to her but they pass it off as a joke. But soon start panicking when they think thoroughly once. That is when Tanu’s mother proudly explains how she handled the situation by emotionally blackmailing Abhi and how she stopped Abhi and now the marriage will happen. Aaliya and Tanu gets relieved, they compliment Tanu’s mother’s cleverness and they continue the celebration. Pragya in a devastating state, walks down an empty road alone towards her home thinking about her wedding and her precious happy moments she spent with Abhi. Daadi, meanwhile, is worried whether Pragya has reached home or not and calls Pragya’s Beeji ( Daadi ) and ask about Pragya’s whereabouts. Sarla and Beeji also get worried. Pragya reaches her house after sometime with teary eyes and a broken heart. Sarla asks what happened to her, but Pragya refuses to talk or answer anybody’s questions. She locks herself in her room and is looking at her wedding pictures and cries for Abhi as she realises that none of her plans is succeeding while everyone is trying to talk to her. Pragya cries out talking to Abhi’s picture that if he was doing wrong with Tanu, is he doing right with her this way?. Abhi is in a bar and getting drunk. He is resentful and sad thinking about Pragya only.

Purabh is discussing the recent happenings with Daadi and how disappointed he is with them. He is cursing the circumstances and says it happens all the time Daadi tells him that she has had enough and this time she is going to intervene and she will not let this happen this time, now that Abhi has confessed his love, she will not let him take the step back and vow to get Abhi and Pragya together in one way or another.

The next day Tanu’s mother arrives with haldi and indirectly taunts Daadi that after all their struggle, the wedding day has come and now no one can stop Tanu from marrying Abhi. Aaliya also does the same thing by advising Daadi to drink cold water as it would help with her temper and then goes to get Tanu for the ritual. She finds Tanu absent from the room.Tanu instead goes to Pragya’s house. Pragya opens the door and finds Tanu, who has come to tease her and asks Pragya as to why she was stupid enough to love someone as it only destroyed her. She again asks her that why she tried so hard to win Abhi.

Tanu mocks Pragya and asks her to give her her wedding chain back that Abhi tied on her neck by mistake. She recalls the jewellery shop incident and taunts Pragya that whatever happened in the shop doesn’t prove anything. The destiny has chosen her ( Tanu ) to be Abhi’s wife. Now, it doesn’t matter if Abhi loves Pragya, the only thing which matters is to whom Abhi gets married. Today, she will wear the same wedding chain by Abhi’s hand in front of everyone. The wedding chain has no use for Pragya, she should just give it back. Pragya gets lost in thoughts as Tanu keeps asking her to get it. She taunts Pragya while asking her to return the mangalsutra since this one is special for her. She even invites Pragya to watch her as a bride getting married to Abhi as a groom to rub salt to her wounds. Pragya is sad, she doesn’t say anything and goes inside to get the wedding chain. Sarla, Beeji and Janki stare at Tanu in anger. Pragya looks at the wedding chain and thinks about her marriage with Abhi. Tanu comes to Sarla and Beeji and makes fun of their misery. She mocks Pragya’s family and also invites them to the marriage. Sarla slaps her and gives it back to her.

Sarla even threatens her that once Abhi gets his memory back, he will throw her out of his life. But Tanu stops her saying that she will be married to Abhi by then so it doesn’t matter and that once she starts living with Abhi as a wife, the memory and past relationships will not matter to Abhi that much. Just then, Pragya comes with the wedding chain and gives it to her but it gets stuck in her kurta. Pragya tries to take untangle it but in vain. Tanu also tries aggressively and snatches it somehow. Before leaving, Tanu taunts her by saying that in the end she won. She smiles and says thanks to her. She also invites them to the wedding before leaving. Pragya storms inside her room as Sarla looks helplessly.

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