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Friday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Dec 7, 2018

Nikhil gets to know that Abhi and Pragya have run away and says what
has happened is not right. The contract killer says it’s because of his
goons so he shouldn’t say anything to him. They make a new plan to catch
them. Meanwhile at temple, a priest reaches there along with his
daughter and Abhi asks him if he knows how to get someone married. He
says of course, every priest knows that. Abhi asks him to get him
married right away. The priest’s daughter asks him if it’s a love
marriage and excitedly asks where she is. Abhi says she’ll come from
outside. She gets even more excited to know that it’ll be a surprise for
her and decides to makes all the arrangements. Abhi and the priest’s
daughter do all the decorations.

Pragya comes back with tulsi
and neem for Abhi’s wounds and fusses over him and Abhi asks her if
she’ll take care of him the same way for whole life. Pragya says it
depends on him and then says yes. Abhi says then it won’t be possible
for her to do that being his secretary because he too will care for her
always and shows her the “mandap”. Pragya now notices all the
decorations around and flowers, she is all happy and excited. Abhi then
proposes Pragya in the sweetest way, he asks her if she would marry him
as she is everything for him. Abhi takes her downstairs and tries to
convince her with everything in his heart and asks her what she wants.
He says that she must be thinking that such a big rockstar is proposing
to her in such simple manner. He adds that be it out of mercy or out of
love but let him know if she’ll marry him. Abhi asks her if she will be
able to handle him life long. Pragya gets very happy and hugs him as her
reply for all his. She says a “No” would be the biggest mistake of her
life and she can spend her whole life if she could get to be his wife
for a single day. Abhi says he was a bit scared.

The priest’s
daughter comes to call them and says that all arrangements have been
made Abhi says they will change and come. He tells Pragya that they
should get ready. Pragya gets confused and he tells her that Raghubir
had given them gifts and they should check that.

Raghubir regains
consciousness and Raghubir remembers that the goons had said they would
kill Abhi and Pragya as soon as they find them, he worries if Abhi would
have stopped at the temple in the jungle to marry Pragya, he worries
that the goons would catch them and goes to look out for them. A man
comes to meet Tanu while she is in Aaliya’s room and Tanu asks him if he
has brought what she had asked him for. He gives a packet to her and
leaves. Tanu opens it and takes out the engagement pictures of her and
Abhi. She spreads the pictures and starts talking to them. She says she
will spare Abhi’s life because she loves him. She says Abhi can not find
someone like her who can save his life. Meanwhile, Aaliya comes in and
asks her what she is up to and tells her that Abhi is with Pragya and he
is not going to marry her now and asks Tanu to accept that as he is
never coming back. Tanu refuses to accept this and says Abhi is only

Purabh reaches Raghubir’s home along with the police who
tell him that no one in the village have seen them. Purabh searches for
Abhi and Pragya with police, he says he’s been knocking on the door of
this house but no one is answering, which happened to be Raghubir’s
house while Raghubir is out in jungle in searches for Abhi and Pragya
and he goes towards the temple. Abhi and pragya dress up as Abhi says he
looks so handsome because he is extremely happy. The priest’s daughter
dresses Pragya up and decks her up into a beautiful bride. She says to
Pragya that she is looking very pretty but make-up and jewellery are
missing. She adds that Pragya need not worry that this is “Mata ka
temple” and they’ll find something here definitely. She looks around and
finds some jewellery and apparel. She searches for some ornaments in
the temple for Pragya. Pragya reminisces when her mother told her that
all these marriage rituals are very auspicious and important to all the
couple’s as this makes their relation even more strong and that the
first time everyone marries it is all new but when it is done again the
relationship becomes very strong. Pragya is happy that she is getting
married again.

The priest’s daughter ushering in Pragya
for the wedding and tells Pragya that she is lucky to get such a loving
husband who made all the arrangements on his own. One of the goon come
there and decides to check in the temple. Raghuveer is also on the way.
While Abhi is sitting near havan to marry his love burns Tanu’s picture
in the mandap fire. Tanu thinks she don’t know why Abhi is attracted
towards Pragya and thinks he will remember her. Pragya comes wearing
saree. Pragya and Abhi sit for the pooja while Raghuveer arrives there
searching for them. Abhi sees him and calls out to Raghuveer as Baba and
asks him to come in and bless their wedding. They get up from mandap
and greet him. Raghuveer is happy to see that they are going to get
married. Abhi says he adhered to Baba’s suggestion and now he will get
married to Pragya as he taught him to fulfill his responsibility of
love. Raghuveer says there is a problem and tells him about the goons
coming in and searching for them in his house and asks them to leave.
Abhi says they will not run from here but he would get married at all
costs now and will take care of Pragya. The goon sees them at the temple
and getting married and and calls the contract killer but his phone is
unreachable. He then goes on to inform Nikhil about it who is talking to
Tanu. Tanu taunts Nikhil for being useless and shouts at him that his
work is never 100 percent. Nikhil vows to kill Abhi and Pragya. Tanu
asks him to take out his anger on his men. Nikhil remind her that he is
not goon and is doing this for her.

While Abhi and Pragya are
getting married in the temple, the priest asks Pragya’s father to do
kanyadaan. Pragya asks Raghuveer to do kanyadaan. Raghuveer does their
knot and sits to do Pragya’s kanyadan ( giving bride away ). The goon
thinks whom to call and calls Aaliya’s number and informs her about
Pragya and Abhi getting married in a temple here. Aaliya tries to hide
the fact from Tanu but Tanu manages to snatch the phone from her and
asks the goons to video call her and is shocked to know that they are
getting married in a temple. Raghuveer asks Abhigya if they know the
meaning of the pheras. He then tells about the importance of the rounds.
Pragya promises to give extra vows to Abhi. Abhi says his daughter is a
teacher and she must know. Abhi says he will give 2-3 vows and asks
Pragya to give 2-3 vows. Aaliya on the other hand thinks Tanu have gone
mad and decides to call Nikhil, but he cuts her call. She calls Nikhil
again and again to inform him about the Abhigya wedding. Nikhil picks
the call and says he don’t want to talk to her and that he didn’t kill
Abhi. Aaliya inform him that Abhi and Pragya are getting married in
temple and asks him to go there and asks Nikhil to stop the wedding and
not harm Abhi at all. She further tells him that Tanu is getting mad.
Nikhil asks why her brother wants to marry again.

Nikhil calls
the contract killer to inform him about the wedding. The contract killer
picks Nikhil’s call and says he couldn’t find them. Nikhil inform him
they are found and getting married in a temple and asks him to come and
give them gift. He asks him to stop their marriage else he will stop his
breath. The goons rush to find the temple. Sarla tells Daadi that she
made Prasad in their rasoi. Beeji asks what happened?. Sarla says that
she feels like all the dangers have gone away from Abhigya’s life and
have united. She says she got same feeling when they got married. Daadi
and Daasi are happy too. Daadi says she is getting feeling of doing
their aarti. Abhi and Pragya take the pheras. As the love birds finally
get married, Raghuveer showers flower petals on him and asks what will
he promise her. Abhi promises to make Pragya his life after marriage.
Pragya smiles.

Tanu gets to know that Abhi is getting
married to Pragya as and the goon shows this to her on phone. She gets
even more furious and sets a picture of Abhi to fire and warns that now
he’ll have to pay for it and also takes vow to destroy everyone’s
happiness if she is not happy. There, the contract killer (commander) is
after Abhi and Pragya and asks a man on his way if he has seen any
temple around in the jungle and he tells him the way.

Abhi and
Pragya are on their fifth “phera” and Abhi pulls Pragya’s leg while
Raghubir is tensed. There, Purabh who is still desperately searching for
Abhigya is en route along with the police and he finds Damroo’s junior
on the way. He gets out of the police car and asks him who is he. He
gets scared and starts running. Purabh catches him and he tells him the
truth from him about the temple. They soon leave for the temple.

Tanu who is watching Abhi and Pragya getting married through video call
gets way too jealous. She sees Abhi filling vermilion on Pragya’s
forehead and cries. She says she should have been in Pragya place. She
shows it to Aaliya. As the wedding is over, take Raghubir’s blessings.
Abhi notices the goon making their video. Abhi catches him and he tells
them that his entire gang knows that they are here and they’ll also be
there any moment. Abhi hits him and ties him up. Raghubir asks Pragya
and Abhi to leave before commando reaches there but Abhi insists on
staying and facing him as he is tired of running. But Pragya and
Raghubir ask him to consider the promises he made during “pheras”
convinces them to leave saying he has Pragya’s responsibility and has to
fulfill it and they both leave but are worry about Raghubir.

Purabh is happy that Abhigya is getting married and feels lucky to be a
part of the love story. Sarla Ma calls him to say that she is getting
very good vibes from morning. Purabh tells her he is going to meet them
both and will soon call her to inform about the rest. Everybody at home
get very excited about this. The goon whom they had caught befool Purabh
and the police and run midway as he gets chance. Purabh and the police
wonder what to do. Tanu is lighting fire when Aaliya comes in and asks
her to come to her senses. She tries to calm a crazy Tanu but Tanu
refuses to listen. Tanu says she cannot handle the deception of Abhi and
the pain Pragya gave her. Tanu says she will kill everyone. Aaliya asks
her to stop talking about killing and all. That’s when Tanu reveals
that she has already asked Nikhil to kill both Abhi and Pragya and had
asked Nikhil to send Aaliya home so that she couldn’t create any hurdle.
Aaliya is shocked as Tanu tells her that her brother has to die.

Abhi and Pragya are running in the jungle while the contract killer and
his clan is constantly firing on them. Purabh hears a gunshot and gets
worried about the safety of Abhi and Pragya. Abhi and Pragya hide behind
a rock and Abhi starts laughing. Pragya asks why is he laughing to
which he says because of their situation that people run to get married
and they both are running after getting married. Just then, Babban
(junior goon) reaches there. Abhi hits him and makes him unconscious and
runs. Abhi and Pragya reach a hut and Pragya locks themselves in, while
Abhi is busy checking the bed. He takes Pragya in his arms and gets all
romantic while Pragya reminds him about the dangerous situation they
are in. Abhi is in no mood to listen to her and stops her from ruining
his mood. This is when they hear a sound outside and realise the goons
are here. The commander ( contract killer) reaches Babban. He says they
must be nearby and wakes him up. They start searching and the leader
decides to avenge all his hardwork once he catches them both.

Damru and Babban reach the hut where Abhi and Pragya are. Abhi and
Pragya hide and Abhi tries to distract the goons by making weird animal
sounds whereby he tries to bark and imitate a dog and they both get
scared. As they were about to leave, commander reaches there and asks
them why they aren’t going in. Damru says there are dogs inside. He asks
why haven’t the dogs attacked them yet. Damru says because the door is
locked and the commander of the goons is not be fooled and slaps him and
asks them to break the door open. Pragya gets scared hearing this. Abhi
makes Pragya hide and decides to faces the goons. He goes and stands
behind the door with a rod in his hand and as the door opens, commander
enters and is followed by one goon and Abhi hits the goon while Damru
and Babban grab Abhi and tie him up saying that they both have really
created so many problems for them and from past three days they have
been in the jungle searching for them. The commander tells Abhi how he
made them run behind like dogs and says he doesn’t know what to gift
them for their wedding as they won’t be able to use anything as they are
about to die. The commander further tells Abhi that he will not tell
their family that they got married before they died as then the family
would be confused about whether to celebrate death anniversary or
wedding anniversary so they would just kill them and bury them. He also
says he would plant a tree on their bodies so they get the blessings of
the lovers who come and sit under the tree one day. Pragya tries to peep
in and the goons happily make fun of Abhi and as the commander is ready
to get to work he sees Pragya and asks her to come out. He gets the
both outside after tying them up.

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