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Sunday Update On Iron Lady 2, Dec 2, 2018

Indira tries to give Pappi the directions of her room because she want her to sleep in her room as all rooms are taken. Indira is about to say where her room is when the dumb boy Rishi opens his mouth and puts his foot in by saying the exact location of her room. Indira asks Pappi how she knows. She tells she knows because Indira is the bread winner of the house. She asks how she know she is the bread winner. She manage to convince her. Indu is sad but Pappi tries to cheer her up. Indu sadly goes away from there not knowing that it’s her father.

Inder gets attracted towards Rishi’s disguise of a female and starts flirting with Pappi. Indira warns Inder to maintain distance with the Pappi. Rishi gets an idea of how she will expose him. Indira comes with blanket and pillows for Pappi. Indira further announces Pappi’s stay in the Sharma house as her guest. Pappi ridicules Kutumb and Maher. Indira asks her to go to her room. She lifts her bag pretending it’s heavy. She purposely knocks Meher down and ridicule her. Munna question who she is?. While Indira is struggling to fix her top, Pappi comes to her and offers her assistance. Indira says she will manage. She demands to do it. Indira looks at her.

Pappi enters the room, she sees Indira struggling to close her blouse. She offers her assistance but she is turned down by Indira. Pappi insists by demanding. Indira looks at her in her iron lady Avatar. Pappi then says that she is here she can help. Finally she gives in, Pappi helps. Inder asks her to sleep on the floor, Pappi says she is afraid to sleep alone moreover she lays on her lap and tells her that they are only going to sleep like this. Indira tells her to go and change her clothes. Pappi gives an awkward reason. Indira gets nausea and goes to vomit. Pappi helps her lay on bed and gives her water. Pappi (Rishi) bothers Indira at regular intervals, with a view to influence her decision of giving away her baby for adoption and questions her as to why she wants to give her baby to that couple and she will go through the pain when she gives birth. She then request her to give her the baby. Indira sarcastically says she will give her. Her other baby. Indira says okay and tells her to sleep and she sleeps. Rishi talk himself asking how can he sleep when his own child is on verge of being adopted. Indu tries to call Rishi but he hungs up. Indu is worried as she looks outside and she sees children playing with firewaks. Indu have an idea.

The next morning, Pappi wakes up and is stunned to see the tennis ball that she is used as her false breast is on Indira’s hand. She takes it and goes to change. She goes to the bathroom. Inder comes there and start flirting with Pappi. She slaps him leaving Inder shocked. It is shown that it’s just a farse. Inder is still flirting with her. She calls him naughty and she leaves. Indu, Seher and Bhim are shown making a plan. The couple arrive with the adoption papers with them and they ask for Indira. Pappi indulge in an argument with the couple, wherein, the couple mentions their expectation of the baby to be a boy child. Indira gets there but before she talks the kids starts playing with fire waks there. Indu plays with it and it accidentally falls into a paper bag filled with boxes of fire waks. The man runs away pushing Indu on the chair. Pappi and Indira are stunned seeing this. Pappi runs to her rescue and helps her but Indu gets hurt during the incident. Indira takes Indu and checks her leg. Pappi manages to extinguish the fire. Indu leg is burnt but she doesn’t let Indira help her. Pappi commands Kutumb and Meher to to go and bring cold water, sponch and cream.
Papi helps treat Indu’s wounds. Indu stops Pappi from smearing the cream on her leg but she lies that their is something on the roof. Indu tries to locate it and Pappi instantly applies the cream and finally tells Indu she has finished. Everyone is happy. The couple comes back and asks Indira to sign the documents and complain that they are ridiculed by Pappi for their previous action, how the man pushed Indu and ran off. Seeing, the couple’s carelessness, Indira asks the couple to leave to the extent of removing her slippers. The couple leaves and Papi and the kids celebrates. Pappi show her affection and care towards Indu, hence reliving Indira.

Under this guise, Rishi ( Papi ) who causes havoc but also tries to repair the ridge between Indu and Indira by forcing Indu to behave properly with her mother. Pappi In fact treathens her if she won’t ask for forgiveness from Indira, then she will do something unforgettable to her. Pappi (Rishi) makes Indu realise her responsibilities towards her mother in her pregnant condition and adds that her mother has taken care of the house like all her life. And her family to who are free loaders. Kutumb tries to argue with Pappi but she doesn’t let her speak and tells her to go to the kitchen. Indira is impressed now that Indu is told by Pappi to go and give her mother a hug. AT first she hesitate but after being told off again, she goes and hugs Indira. Indu however, showers her concern and bother for her mother. Indira is on the seven heaven and is extremely happy Indu apologizes but she calls Indira by her name. Pappi wants her to call Indira, mother and not Indira Sharma Kumar. Indira says she is comfortable with that as long as they are in good terms. She thanks Pappi as she hugs Indu back. A woman comes to ask if this is the exact location of where Indira lives. Pappi asks the woman to leave. Indira ask who told her she is not still adopting. She says since the previous couple was unsuitable, she was the next candidate. So she offers to adopt Chiku. Indu is furious hearing this as it seems Indira agreed. Pappi brings a glass of milk for Indira. She hesitate to drink but she eventually drinks.

Indu enters Indira’s room with a plastic tin, she takes Pappi’s thambi and puts live antß on it. She says that no one messes with Indu because she won’t let her take Chiku. Pappi wears the thambi and takes food to Indira who is busy in iron lady adalat ( court). She chases everyone away and tells them to come later as for now Indira has to eat. Indira is happy because of Pappi’s comical nature. She takes Indira who sits on a chair, Pappi is uncomfortable shouting Oh My God. She rans to remove her trousers. Indira laughs at her. Indu comes there and feeds Indira. The woman is super happy. Indu tells her she will be feeding her if she doesn’t give Chiku away. While Indira wants to climb the stairs, Pappi comes there and carries her up. The duo, enjoys each others company as Indira laughed a lot.

Indira, Indu and Pappi make a visit to the hospital for a routine check up. The doctor says that the baby is in good condition and informs Indira to take certain precaution for her baby’s wellbeing. Indira tells the doctor she had tumor and asks if it will affect her baby. The doctor says no. The trio are happy. Pappi is shown with the bar owner, telling her she did a great show. Pappi leaves and the bar owner hits her, she enters the house and he meets Kutumb who also hits her. She ridicules her and ask her to go to the kitchen. She goes upstairs and complains to Indira that from the temple everyone she comes across hits her. She turns and Indira sees a paper which is labeled “HIT ME” and hits her, Pappi complains that her sister-in-law hit her. She shows Pappi the paper. She tears the paper. Indira later spends time with Pappi in her room and asks her to sit near her. She gives her a silvery coin. Papi is happy. All of a sudden, Indira becomes sad, Pappi asks her what’s wrong. Indira’s conversation with Pappi, makes Pappi realise her bother for him whereby she tells her everyone thinks that she can’t be a good mother and adds that Chiku completed their family of her, Rishi and Indu. Indira tells Pappi something that drives him to prove himself when she tells her that she can forgive Rishi for the money issue but not for the issue of molesting Neha. She cries as Pappi tries her utmost best, Indira finally falls asleep. Pappi decides to prove his innocence to his family and says to herself in Rishi voice that he has to expose Inder Sharma.

Inder playing with tennis balls. Pappi (Rishi) attracts Inder, using her captivating moves by hitting him with a ball as she starts to sing. She then tells him, they will meet later but for now he enjoys himself. Pappi teases him for being a casanova. Just then, Pappi’s phone rings, she answers and realize that it is the bar owner who asks where he is?. Because there is a crowd of people who are waiting to watch Anarkali’s dance.

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