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Sunday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Dec 2, 2018

The goon who went in to check on Abhi asks him to take a selfie with him as his wife is his fan. Abhi poses for him and tries to keep him engaged. There all other goons walk out and Pragya gets a chance to sneak in where Abhi is tied. The goon shows pictures to Abhi and Abhi notices Pragya in background of one of the picture. He asks him to delete that picture and then sends him out.
Meanwhile, Nikhil says to Aaliya that he is tolerating her because of Tanu otherwise she must know better what he is capable of doing. Aaliya yells at him and Nikhil asks her to suggest something good if she is so smart. Aaliya suggests him to release Abhi and when he’ll go to police station Nikhil should send some of her goons to police in masks to surrender to police. Nikhil laughs at her and asks what would she get from that because then Abhi and Pragya would meet again and they’ll again fall in love and will get married. Aaliya interrupts him and says she won’t let that happen. Nikhil says that’s even better because then she’ll want to kill Pragya and then she’ll call Nikhil and he’ll kidnap Pragya then Abhi would come here to save her and then they’ll get into a fight then Aaliya would come there and they argue like they are doing now.

Aaliya then suggests that they cannot make an exchange offer with Pragya that they’ll let Abhi go if Pragya comes and surrender to them. Nikhil likes this idea. There Abhi asks Pragya to come out as he knows that she is hiding behind him. Pragya asks how does he know. He says the way she knows what his heart wants. Abhi asks her to untie him and Pragya finally unties him. Afterwards Pragya explains him the scenario of the location and goons with the help of chart paper and coal. Abhi is lost in her and asks if she was a detective before.

Abhi is teasing Pragya and she gets up to go away when she stumbles upon Abhi’s leg and falls down. She screams but Abhi also gets over her and covers her mouth with his hand. They both are getting romantic in the grass while the song Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga plays in the background. Meanwhile, Daadi, Beeji and Sarla are with Purabh on their way to rescue Pragya and Abhi. At home, Tanu gains consciousness and Daasi and Jaanki make her unconscious again with the help of chlorophyll despite Tanu requesting them to spare her as she might get into coma. Daasi says it is good if she go in coma and makes her smell the chloroform. Abhi says to Pragya that he is really hungry. Pragya gets upset and says this is all because of her. She feels bad for not being able to sense his hunger. Abhi consoles her and says it’s not her fault and they are kidnapped so they are bound to be in this situation. Pragya still feels bad and Abhi gives her an idea to cook for him the way she used to do in her childhood that is imaginary cooking. Pragya asks what he wants her to make. Abhi says he wants to have “kheer”( Pudding). Pragya makes imaginary kheer and feeds it to Abhi who pretends to eat it and also compliments her later. He feeds it to her too. Abhi says he is feeling full with this imaginary kheer because it’s her. And she says it’s him which made it possible to make imaginary kheer. He suggests they should sleep. Pragya asks why he is acting childish. Abhi says kids enjoy without thinking and says now they should play doctor doctor. They both hug and “Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga” plays in the background.

There, Nikhil yells at Aaliya to stop her nonsense of saying Pragya is present there. Nikhil gets a call from the professional murderer, Dushyant who says he’ll reach there in an hour. Nikhil couldn’t stop him and disconnects the call. He says to Aaliya that his luck is not with him as when he called him he was busy and now when he has got time Pragya is not there. Aaliya asks him to think of something which will make Abhi go because she care for her brother, and nothing shoul happen to him and save himself ( Nikhil ) and her. Nikhil thinks to himself that better would be to let her go and then the murderer will kill Abhi and then Pragya will come back here and he will kill her. Aaliya sees his expression and understands that he is thinking of something more and thinks of staying alert.

Abhi says they are goons and will laugh on him. Pragya says this plan will work and asks him to fill grass inside. Abhi says this idea will not work.

Pragya asks Abhi to think of some plan to escape from there but Abhi says he is done with food and now he needs a good sleep. On Pragya’s insisting he suggests stupid ideas of breaking the wall or jumping from the terrace. Pragya suggests of making a snake with the help of a cloth and then asks Abhi to shout that there is a snake in there and when they’ll ( goons) come in she’ll hit them on head and run. Abhi makes fun of her but Pragya says he’ll have to support her if he loves her more than Tanu. They implement the plan and Pragya asks him to stand just like they tied him. Abhi starts shouting pretending to be scared. She ties his hands with rope and puts the fake snake on him. Abhi repeatedly shouting out for help. Damru and others hear him and think to check. Pragya hides. Damru sends one of his juniors to inform Nikhil that there is a snake inside and what they are supposed to do. The other junior asks him to go in and help him. Damru agrees and they both go in. They get scared too. Damru’s junior asks him to let him be as snakes are too dangerous. Damru angrily slaps him and says he does what his boss asks him to do and now he will have to do what he ( Damru ) says. Pragya hits them.

Damru’s junior sits on the floor afraid of the snake, but Damru asks him to get up. Meanwhile, Abhi shouts that he is bit by a snake and signals Pragya to hit Damru. He gets angry and thinks when he is here, then how he came to hear that noise. He searches for Pragya, and Abhi kicks him. Pragya hits him with an iron rod from behind. He faints. Pragya then opens the rope binding Abhi as he asked her to. Pragya and Abhi lock them inside the room and run. One other goon who had gone to inform Nikhil tells him about the presence of snake in Abhi’s room and Aaliya gets worried. She wants to go check on him but Nikhil tells her not to come in front of Abhi as it would expose them. Pragya and Abhi try to sneak out. Sarla and Daadi along with Purabh reach there. Purabh tries calling the police but cannot do so as there is no network. He asks others to try their phones instead. Pragya and Abhi try to run from there while hiding from the goons who have scattered all around. Abhi and Pragya hide behind the dry grass. Abhi taunts her that she told him that there are few goons. Pragya asks him to follow her plan and just when one of the goon is about to see Pragya, Abhi hides her and saves her at the last moment. Pragya says they are safe. Abhi asks her not to be overconfident. They argue about it. Abhi says he will think about it. Nikhil reaches the room where Damru is already beating the door. Nikhil opens the door and they tell him the whole story that Abhi hit them and escaped. Nikhil gets angry at him, he slaps him and asks where the snake is. Damru says it was a fake snake, but it’s looked like real. He shows Nikhil the fake snake. A flabbergasted Nikhil says how they both couldn’t handle a single man.

They tell him that Pragya was also with him who hit them with rod and then locked the door. Nikhil is shocked. Abhi and Pragya are hiding in one of the haystacks and talk about each other’s stupidity. Abhi tells Pragya that he saw the goons boss. Pragya asks him not to make sound and think of a plan. The goons decide to find them by thrusting a spear in haystacks. Pragya gets scared but Abhi protects her. While Damru explains the situation to Nikhil, Aaliya reaches there and yells at Nikhil for not believing her about Pragya. She taunts him that Pragya has slapped him twice and asks what did he say that she ( Aaliya) is mad thinking about Pragya. She says even blind could see, but he couldn’t see. Nikhil stands still while Aaliya warns him to get them back somehow. He bursts out his anger on his goons and asks them to search them and not to let them go out of the jungle. Damru asks the goons not to let them go. One of the goons was smoking near hay stack where Abhi and Pragya are hiding and he throws it on the hay. The stack catches fire and Pragya starts to panic and starts shouting for help. Abhi covers her mouth and says they are not here to help them but to kill them. The goons see the fire and go to call Nikhil and Damru. Nikhil comes there and asks how this happened. One of them tells him that he was smoking. On seeing that Abhi and Pragya are stuck in burning hay, Nikhil hits him and asks Damru to get water and stop the fire. Damru says they have a shortage of water but Nikhil asks him to go and get water anyhow. Pragya panics inside as she doesn’t want anything to happen to Abhi because of her.

Abhi and Pragya are in the hay stack that has caught on fire. Abhi asks what if they get into trouble. Pragya says she will face it if he is with her. The goons throw water on the fire. Aaliya suggests to Nikhil that they should save Abhi and let Pragya die and no one would doubt it as this is an accident. Nikhil asks her to let Abhi and Pragya die together. Aaliya gets agitated and says she will not let anything happen to her brother. Nikhil says he or his goons will not go towards the fire and asks her to jump and save her brother. Janki brings tea for Daasi. Just then the cup breaks, Janki says this is not a good sign. Daasi says this is all stupidity and asks her to break another cup.

There Abhi tells Pragya that there is no way to go out and asks her what she will do if this is their last moment. Pragya recalls their happy moments and proposes to him. Abhi promises to make her his life in all seven births and support her through thick and thin. He says, ‘I thought guys can propose well, but she surprises him every time’. Pragya asks him what she will do at this last moment. Abhi says he will just love her and tries to kiss her but right then he hears horses neighing and says they have to get to the horse and asks her to come along. Pragya asks him if he knows horse riding. Abhi says a man can do anything when it’s about his life. They come out of the fire somehow.

Damru and other goons try to stop the fire by throwing water. Abhi and Pragya reach the stable. Pragya says she will free the horses, atleast they will be safe. Abhi recalls and tells her that he once shot for an advertisement on the horse. He asks her to sit behind him. Pragya says she is feeling as if she is sitting with Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Abhi says he will take her safely.

Nikhil asks Damru to throw water or sand on one particular side as there is more fire there. Damru wants to let the fire be. Nikhil hits him and says if the fire is not stopped, then the fire brigade will arrive. He asks the other goons to do so. Aaliya asks Nikhil to make them save her brother. Nikhil asks her to save herself first.

Next Abhi is seen riding the horse. Aaliya sees that they eventually find a way out of this situation and tells Nikhil, who asks his goons to catch them. Abhi and Pragya escape finally. Damru and his gang lose as they couldn’t catch the rockstar. He scolds them and asks them to catch them. He threatens that they will never see their family again if they return empty handed. Later, the contract killer calls Nikhil and asks him the location. Nikhil asks him to come where the smoke is. The contract killer sees Abhi and Pragya on the horse. Nikhil who is hot on their heels tells Damru that the contract killer will tell them what they are supposed to do.

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