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StarLife: Happening On Forever Yours This Week

Below is what will be showing on the series, Forever Yours this week, Monday – Saturday, Jan 14- 19 on StarLife.
Monday 14
January 2019

Episode 212

Paakhi and Anuja argue over Paakhis’s marriage, with Ayaan, Veer and Lavanya
also joining in. Ayaan supports Paakhi in her decision, but Anuja and Lavanya
are disappointed with her.

Episode 213

Paakhi confronts Veer and he agrees to marry her. She also promises to protect
Ayaan. Anuja tries to convince Paakhi to get Aryaman released and pretends to
care for Paakhi. Will Veer and Paakhi get married?

Tuesday 15 January 2019

Episode 214

Lavanya is angry with Paakhi and she forgets Girish’s birthday. Anuja plans to
take revenge on Paakhi and vows to separate her from Ayaan. Will Anuja succeed
in her plan?

Wednesday 16 January 2019

Episode 215

Riya manages to hide her feelings for Girish in front of Lavanya. Paakhi comes
to know from Veer that Anuja has filed a case for Ayaan’s custody. Paakhi
requests Anuja not to separate her from Ayaan.

Episode 216

Anuja succeeds in creating a misunderstanding between Paakhi and Veer. Veer
challenges Anuja that she will not able to separate Paakhi from Ayaan and
decides to prove his innocence to Paakhi.

Thursday 17 January 2019

Episode 217

Paakhi appoints Veer as her lawyer after Girish convinces her to do so. Paakhi
does not want Ayaan to know about the case and asks Anuja to hide it from him.

Episode 218

Anuja tries to mislead Paakhi about Veer, which makes her think that he is
trying to separate her from Ayaan. Veer shares his past with Paakhi and tells
her the truth about Riya.

Friday 18 January 2019

Episode 219

Paakhi proves in the court that Veer is a good father and Riya agrees to give
him a chance. The judge grants a trial period of thirty days for Riya and Veer
to understand each other.

Episode 220

Veer and Paakhi befriend each other and Paakhi assures him that Riya will accept
him as her father. Anuja and Lavanya plan to separate Riya from Veer and
Lavanya tries to play Ayaan off against Riya.

Saturday 19 January 2019

Episode 221

Riya is welcomed by Paakhi to the Rathore mansion and she, along with Veer,
organise a party for the family. Ayaan and Riya spend some time together. Will
Riya accept Veer and Paakhi as her parents?

Episode 222

Girish tries to convince Lavanya to support Paakhi and Veer. Paakhi asks Ayaan
to adjust with Riya. Paakhi and Veer plan to patch up things in the family, but
Anuja has other plans.

Premiere episodes of Forever Yours air on Star Life at 18h00 from
Mondays to Saturdays.


Please note: Two episodes air on some
days, and one episode airs on other days. The series airs an hour a day
regardless of whether there are one or two episodes.

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