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Five Facts About New Sisterhood Soapie, The Inseparables Coming On StarLife

A new series about sisterhood, The Inseparables
makes its debut on StarLife on Tuesday, May 21. 
sisters Maanvi and Jeevika are inseparable though their outlook towards life is
totally different. Maanvi loves and respects Jeevika as though she’s her
replaces Family Secrets showing Mondays
to Fridays at 21h00, with double episodes each evening.

However, below are five flash facts about The Inseparables:
1. The show’s Hindi title is Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai (My Sister is One in a Thousand) and
there are 515 episodes.

2. The Inseparables shows the
strong relationship between Maanvi Chaudhary (played by Nia Sharma) and her older sister, Jeevika  Chaudhary (Krystle D’Souza). They love each other so much that they could even
die for each other.

3. Maanvi and Jeevika are orphans who grew up with their great grandmother and
grandmother in Rishikesh. Their mother committed suicide after learning her
husband cheated on her. 

4. They fall in love with brothers Viren
(Karan Tacker) and Virat (Kushal Tandon), which might seem
overly-coincidental for the story but it isn’t because it happens in real life
– either with siblings marrying siblings or, most popular, besties marrying

5. Viren and Virat are rich. They come from a family of fancy lawyers. Everything
changes once they meet Maanvi and Jeevika, especially when Jeevika and Viren
moved away from Rishikesh for Chandigarh after they got

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