Zee World: Kindred Hearts 2 Teasers – September 2019

Kindred Hearts 2 Teasers - September 2019

Read what will be showing on Kindred Hearts this September. Sunday 1 September 2019 Episode 10 Sumaar’s guilt has him running for cover. Nisha battles with karma – will she truly repent for her sins? Monday 2 September 2019 Episode 11 Jia is backed into a corner as she has to please Sumaar in order to save her family. What will Jia do? Tuesday 3 September 2019 Episode 12 Husband and wife sit at opposite ends: who will be defeated and who will come out on top? Nisha or Sumaar?…

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StarLife: Kulfi: The Singing Star Teasers – September 2019

Kulfi: The Singing Star August 2020 Teasers

Below are September teasers on the series, Kulfi: The Singing Star. Sunday 1 September 2019 Episode 155 Kullfi criticises Sikander for breaking her trust after he tells her that Tevar is not her father. Loveleen argues with Tevar. Episode 156 Sikander tells a huge lie to Kullfi when she pesters him to reveal her real father’s identity. He persuades her to accept Tevar as her father. Monday 2 September 2019 Episode 157 Loveleen tries to prevent Sikander from learning about Kullfi’s mother during the interview. Kullfi has an interview at…

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Zee World: The Heir Teasers – September 2019

The Heir Teasers - September 2019

Read in a jiffy September teasers on The Heir showing on Zee World. Sunday 1 September 2019 Episode 85 Manu finds out the truth from Raj. Amba and Jagan join forces to destroy the Bajwas. Manu stops Simi from making a terrible mistake. In one fell swoop, Amba restores the Pawania reputation and humiliates Mohini and Harjeet. Monday 2 September 2019 Episode 86 Amba tells Simran to terminate Raman’s child. Looks like Harjeet Bajwa is beginning to fear Amba. Manu works out a plan to help Simran and Raman elope…

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StarLife: Family Affairs Teasers – September 2019

Family Affairs September 2020

Below are teasers on Family Affairs showing this September. Sunday 1 September 2019 Episode 105 A pandit tells Shanti about a prospective groom for Preeti. Shanti asks Kaushalya to prevent Riya from returning her scooty to Anupam. Later, Riya agrees to handover her salary to Shanti. Monday 2 September 2019 Episode 106 Shanti asks Nimmi to apologise to Sarla for her misbehaviour. Sujeev refuses to get married. Ashok meets with an accident and Sonal informs Sarla about the same. Tuesday 3 September 2019 Episode 107 The preparation for Navratri at…

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StarLife: Weekly Series Teasers August 25 – 30

StarLife: Weekly

Below are weekly updates of your favourite series showing this week on StarLife. While The Inseparables and Forbidden Love air Monday to Friday, Family Affairs, Game of Love and Kulfi: The Singing Star air Monday to Sunday, August 26 – 31.   Family Affairs Sunday 25 August 2019 Episode 98 Sarla confronts Rani for ruining the goods. Kaushalya tells Riya about the Pitru puja. Sarla finds the stolen jewellery in Rani’s bag. Shanti accuses Kaushalya of stealing her sari. Monday 26 August 2019 Episode 99 Riya and Shivam are welcomed…

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Telemundo: Weekly Soapie Teasers August 26 – 30

Weekly Soapie Teasers

Below are weekly teasers of your favourite telenovelas Lord of the skies 4, Betty in New York and Woman of Steel 5, showing this week on Telemundo from Monday to Friday, August 26 – 31.   Lord of the Skies 4 Monday 26 August 2019  Rodrigo questions Rutila on the shooting, while Paloma confronts Omar over what happened in Cancún. Emiliana learns of Felina’s escape. Tuesday 27 August 2019  After reaching an agreement with Arelis, Juan Carlos invites her for a drink. Victor moves to Mazatlan to recruit young people…

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Zee World: Weekly Soapie Teasers August 25 – 31

Weekly Series Highlights August 25 - 31

Below are weekly teasers of your favourite soaps showing next week on Zee World from Sunday to Saturday, August 26 – 31. Fire & Ice Sunday 25 August 2019 Episode 65 Anita confesses to burning the photos and adding the dried fruit to the porridge. Anita and Twinkle join hands to try break the alliance between Yuvraj and Mahi. Is Twinkle making the right decision to trust Anita Luthra? Monday 26 August 2019 Episode 66 Yuvraj’s influence on Mahi makes her start to hate Twinkle. Kunj cancels his plans to move…

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Love Birds Sebastian Ruli & Angelique Boyer Indulge In Hot PDA


Argentine actor and model, Sebastián Óscar Rulli shared a lovely photo of him and his hearthrob, French-Mexican actress, Angelique Boyer display PDA as they kissed passionately. Sebastian and Angelique who are on vacation in Ibiza, Spain have been dating since September 2014 and are enjoying their romantic relationship in every way they can. The lovebirds don’t waste anytime in sharing their beautiful romantic getaway pictures.    

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Great Countries You Can Travel Without a Visa

Tourist centers in the world

Great Countries you can Travel without Visa – If you are a regular traveller you should have to know the pain of getting a visa. Situations like this have made a lot of people to postpone or cancel their trip in extreme cases. Here we will be giving alternatives, instead of waiting for days for a visa; you can easily visit Countries you can travel to without a visa. With the boom in travel sector people are looking for options, countries they can visit on a low budget and others.…

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Zee World: Weekly Series Highlights August 19 – 25

Weekly Series Highlights August 25 - 31

Below are hightlights of what will be showing on Fire & Ice, Kindred Hearts, The Heir, Mehek and King of Hearts this week, August 19 -25. Fire & Ice Twinkle is still under the impression that Kunj wants a divorce and decided to leave Kunj’s house. Kunj is confused about Twinkle’s recent change in behaviour. Anita and Cherry figure out that Raminder is Twinkle’s biological father. Raminder starts to get very impatient about telling Twinkle the truth. How much longer can he keep it a secret? Twinkle finds out that…

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