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Zee World: Weekly Series Highlights August 19 – 25

Weekly Series Highlights August 25 - 31

Below are hightlights of what will be showing on Fire & Ice, Kindred Hearts, The Heir, Mehek and King of Hearts this week, August 19 -25.

Fire & Ice

Weekly Series Highlights August 19 - 25

Twinkle is still under the impression that Kunj wants a divorce and decided to leave Kunj’s house. Kunj is confused about Twinkle’s recent change in behaviour. Anita and Cherry figure out that Raminder is Twinkle’s biological father. Raminder starts to get very impatient about telling Twinkle the truth. How much longer can he keep it a secret? Twinkle finds out that Raminder is actually her father. Anita comes to the house with the intention of getting Raminder arrested for insurance fraud. Twinkle finds out that she has a younger sister named Mahi. Mahi reveals that she can’t get married, because she is already married, the question is who is the man Mahi is married to? Anita and Twinkle join hands to try break the alliance between Yuvraj and Mahi.


Kindred Hearts

Weekly Series Highlights August 19 - 25

Nisha is successfully kicked out of the Jindal house-hold and Sumaar begins to resent the Jindal family. Sumaar’s obsessive love for Jhanvi may be the death of Aditya. Nisha’s mom tries to give Nisha a fresh start. All begins to unravel as Nisha and Sumaar’s obsession goes beyond. Nisha and Sumaar bask in their own glory as they look down on Sharda and Cheeni. Jia travels across the border to find answers to all the questions she has. Arjun finds new ways to better himself.


The Heir

Weekly Series Highlights August 19 - 25Manu realises that the only way to help Amba, is to help her regain her memory. Raavi finds out that Sushila is responsible for Deena’s death. Amba gives Jay his first test and its an almost impossible one. Jay starts to put the pieces together and discovers who Preet really is. Manu attempts to save Raavi and her unborn baby. Sushila figures out that Jay isn’t the man Mr. Chautala sent. Jay finds the evidence CD that could possibly ruin Sushila’s life. Jagan attempts to sell off Amba not knowing Manu was following him. Jay tells Manu who Mohini really is and together they both work together to help Amba to regain her memory before it’s too late, question is what can they do to help her?



The Sharma’s are oblivious to Archie’s devious ways. Shaurya belives that he has seen Mehek.Karuna prepares for Shaurya’s wedding day.As Leleti shows the first signs of recovery she exposes Mala’s real identity. Shaurya and everyone is certain that Mehek is still alive.The Gabela family is torn between wanting Leleti to recover and Sanjana’s return to the house. Archie stops at nothing to hide the truth about Vandana’s true identity.Sanjana is back in the Gabela home and Eddie wants her to be treated as family by all but her presence in the house is creating a rift between all family members. Vandana begins to see flashback of her past life.


King of Hearts

Misha sets Kritika up to take the fall for Shiv’s death. Kritika tells Sid everything and surprisingly Sid believes her. Sid gathers evidence in order prove Kritika’s innocence. A rift gets formed between Roshni and DD and it drives Roshni to go live at Sid’s house. Sid makes it clear that he will not marry Misha. Dr. Aurora reveals to DD that Misha is schizophrenic. DD figures out that it’s Misha who is behind all that has happened recently. DD confronts Misha infront of everyone but Misha tries to make everyone believe that DD is mentally unstable. Roshni passes out and the doctor tells DD some amazing and life changing news. This leaves DD no with no other option, but to allow Sid and Roshni to get married.

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