Age Is Just A Number 14 August 2020 Update

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Age Is Just A Number 14 August 2020 Update




Age is Just a Number 14 August 2020 update starts as Sahil and Vaidika hold hands and come at the back entrance of the school. He decides to cross the wall. There was a Ganpati procession passing by. Sahil pulls the plug of dynamite he took from the police’s bag. He plants it over the wall and assures Vedika no one would hear the explosion due to drum beating and firecrackers in the procession. The wall was blown and the terrorists consider it the voice from Ganpati celebrations.

Sahil snatches the gun from a terrorist pushing him down the stairs. The creep cautiously get through the corridors. The media speaks to Bari Amma about Ved’s terrorist kidnap. The media also questions her about relations between Sahil and Vedika who broke into the school together. They question how Bhoomi could let them wander around the city.

The terrorists kill one of the teachers and hand the bloodied body on the terrace. Sahil speaks to the inspector through a walkie talkie. He informs that he and Vaidika are inside the school. The terrorists are spread across the school, police can’t walk inside. He is a father and can do anything to save his child.

Gauri gets a call from Deepak. Deepak tells Gauri he is going to school to save their daughter… Ved from those terrorists. He would only return after he has saved the kids. Gauri was suspicious and wonders what happened to him today. Deepak in the car decides to at least do something for Sadika, he wonders how she must be. Sahil hides from terrorists.

Vaidiaka enters the class and gets in the crowd. Sadika calls Mama! But Vaidika signals her to keep silent. She sweats and wishes Sahil brings police inside soon. The terrorist’s leader spots Vaidika and calls her forward and questions who is she, where she had been. Vaidika says she was here, Vaidika who teaches maths. She says children are really tensed and hungry, they must arrange something to eat else they might faint.

Maya had reached the school premises. She questions why the police don’t take action. Police must get their companions freed, their children are at stake. The police insist they can’t put the whole city at stake deterred by the terrorists.

A terrorist comes with Vedika to the tuck shop. Vedika collects some eatables. She finds a bunch of apples and offers to prepare juice for all of them. She mixes dynamite balls in the juice. She offers the juice to the terrorist who accompanied her, he fell faint. Vedika brings the juice upstairs. Deepak hits her in the corridor.

She tells him to go away, the children are in danger here. Deepak says he wishes to save the kids. Vaidika says they are parents of the children, Ved is Bhoomi and Sahil’s child, and Sadika… Deepak interrupts that Sadika is his daughter. Vedika was broken and gets hold of herself after much struggle. She tells Deepak to go and dress as the terrorist who is unconscious downstairs. Sahil drags Vedika behind. She looks troubled. Sahil asks what the matter is, she was about to tell Sahil but lies that she was only tensed for Sadika.

A terrorist had reached downstairs. Sahil hides while Vedika lies that the fellow terrorist has gone to the washroom. In the class, Vaidika offers juice to terrorists. She says their fellow will bring the food, till then they must have some juice. The lead terrorist asks Vedika to drink from the glass first. Vedika was about to sip but Ved and Sadika come hugging her. The terrorists grab Vedika and ask what’s her relation to them.

Vaidika says she is only a teacher. Soon they hear the inspector downstairs that they have brought Mahinder Singh if he would spare the children then? The terrorist asks to bring Mahinder inside. They cheer up.

Sahil was caught by a terrorist but Deepak comes to help and shoots the terrorist. He reveals his face to Sahil. Sahil thanks him for helping them. Ved spots Sahil passing by. Vaidika shuts his mouth but the terrorists were alert. Sahil was dragged into the classroom. Bhoomi stood in front of the temple, crying for Ved. Bari Amma comes accusing and blaming Bhoomi. Bhoomi wasn’t ready to hear any more taunts. She says Ved is her grandson as well.

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Sahil and Vedika are trying to save him, and she only cares about their affair. The woman who can put her life stake for her son, she is even ready to sacrifice her marriage for her. Whatever she is praying for right now is impossible without Sahil and Vaidika.

Vaidika was brought into a classroom. Sahil hung down the terrace with a rope that the terrorist held. They demand Vaidika to dance else they will leave the rope and Sahil would be dead. Deepak also stood there. Music was played there. The terrorists physically abuse Vaidika as she performs a few steps. The lead terrorist comes to further assault Vaidika physically.

Deepak comes in the middle of the hall and flies some salt held in his hands. Vaidika clutches the rope Sahil had been tied to. Deepak was shot by a terrorist. Sahil snatches the gun. The lead terrorist laughs hysterically and claims to be the rebels. Everyone here would die if their supporters aren’t left today. He says he has planted the bomb with their kids, it will blast in the next 10 minutes. Sahil, Vedika and Deepak walk out of the classroom.

The terrorist lead gives an ultimatum of 5.20min on loudspeakers. There would be an explosion and nothing can be saved in the next five minutes. Bhoomi prayed near the temple. The Ganpati procession had reached nearby. Ved stood with the bomb planted with him. Sahil and Deepak attack the terrorists, wrestles with them hard. Deepak gets the bomb remote and stops it. Sahil makes the kids run away. Deepak hugs Sadika and carries her outside.

Sahil calls from inside that everyone is safe and coming downstairs. The lead terrorist gets conscious. He grabs the gun pointing it towards Ved. Vaidika protects Ved and gets the bullet. Sahil screams for Vedika, shoots the terrorist with a gun, and tries to wake Vaidika. Vaidika tries to speak about Sadika but her eyes were soon shut.

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Sahil cries holding Vaidika in his arms. They call for an ambulance while continuously shouts for her to wake up. There was news on television about Vaidika getting bullet injury.

She was saving Sahil Agarwal’s child. Bari Amma tells Bhoomi to see now how Vaidika’s name is still connected to Sahil. Bari Amma cursed Vaidika. Nani cries questioning if she doesn’t feel ashamed of cursing her daughter every time. Bhoomi shouts at both to shut up, her husband and son need her. She wants to leave now.

Sahil brings Vaidika to hospital, shouting for emergency and doctors. Maya had come with the children. Sadika asks Sahil if her mamma is fine. Sahil assures nothing will happen to her. Vaidika was in OT. Bhoomi reaches the hospital and runs to Ved. Bari Amma and Puneesh also reach the hospital. Bhoomi looks towards Sahil thankfully.

A nurse comes take Sahil’s signatures on Vaidika’s file. She says their love is honestly a true one, it’s unlike the new generation love that ends in no time. The doctor comes out and tells Sahil Vaidika got a bullet in place which was difficult to treat. They have invited Dr. Krishna. Bari Amma smirks that Dr. Krishna would surely come but to take her life away.

Ved and Sadika pray for Vaidika’s life in a temple corner. Nani also prays for Vaidika. Aarya cries and apologizes Vaidika, she requests her not to leave.Dr. Krishna looks towards Bari Amma and Puneesh while he comes to Vaidika. In the room, he thinks he didn’t let the real Dr. Krishna reach here and now this Vaidika will be dead.

Sahil also comes to the temple corner and prays that nothing should happen to Vaidika. He comes towards the room and had just opened the door when he spots the fake doctor plugging off Vaidika’s life support. He takes him by the collar. The hospital staff reaches there. Outside in the corridor, Sahil beats the fake doctor.

Bari Amma tries to pull off Sahil. The fake doctor accepts to tell him the truth. He was about to take a name, Bari Amma signals him to keep shut. Soon there was an electric shut down, the doctor vanishes. Bari Amma smirks that surely Puneesh must be behind this, she convinces Sahil that he must be sent by those terrorists. A doctor comes out of OT and announces Vedika is no more.

Everyone was taken aback, gloomy over Vaidika’s death. Sahil comes to the room and tries to wake Vaidika’s body up. Vaidika lay dead. Sahil backs up and cries badly recalling about each of his interactions with Vedika

Sahil mourns for Sahil. Vedika ’s soul leaves the body and the room. Sahil recalls the first time he asked Vedika to lend him a room as a tenant; the time when he gifted the blue saree to her, the radio appeal to Vedika and her return to the radio station, his vows to write a history of Kanpur through their exemplary love, they day Vaidika came to him as a bride and his fake marriage with Nidhi, her pregnancy with Yash.

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Sahil was still crying. Nani and Aarya enter the room and mourns for her. Puneesh whispers to Bari Amma that finally, they have gotten rid of any hurdles in their way. Bari Amma was happy that now Ved would be called as the son of Bhoomi and Sahil forever. The hospital staff comes to take Vedika ’s body.

Sahil intervenes and doesn’t let them move her. All at once, the lights of the room flash. Vaidika breathes heavily. Sahil shouts for doctors who come to aid Vaidika. They call it a miracle, announcing Vaidika is still alive.

It was night. Bhoomi walked into her room. Sahil comes in and asks what’s so urgent that he called her. Bhoomi says she is genuinely happy for Vaidika, but she is afraid this time and it’s because of Sahil. She questions what’s in Sahil’s heart for Vaidika. He can’t ever forget her. He won’t take a minute in life to leave her behind and even giving Ved to her if Vaidika for once forwards her hand. Would he forget what she did to them five years ago?

Sahil says he can’t forget anything, he holds hatred for that woman. He will fulfill his promise to Bhoomi, Ved will always be her son. He was only afraid and felt as if he lost Vaidika forever, she was after all his first and last love. He spilled his anger, his agony, and his emotions with the sense that he has lost her. It’s true he would never completely belong to Bhoomi, but she will be his wife.

Nani and Aarya bring Vedika home in a wheelchair. Aarya was concerned and asks Nani to be careful, she might be hurt by a single jerk. Sadika and Ved run cheerfully and hug Vaidika. Bhoomi also comes downstairs. Nani calls Bari Amma for help. Ved claims his father to be strong enough and can carry her wheelchair inside. He and Sadika run to drag Sahil forward. Sahil looks away from Vaidika. Vaidika attempts to stand up but trembles instead.

Age is Just a Number 14 August 2020 update ends as Sahil forwards his hand immediately. Vaidika was reluctant and attempts to stand up again. Sahil kept his hand forwarded. Vedika takes his hand and holds him by the waist for assistance. He carries her into his arms and carries Vedika upstairs to her room.

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