Age is Just a Number August Teasers 2020

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Age is Just a Number August Teasers 2020



Coming up on the season finale of Age is Just a Number season 1 this August.

Saturday 1 August 2020
Episode 66

Teaser unavailable

Sunday 2 August 2020
Episode 67

Vedika announces to the Agarwal family that she is pregnant. Is Vedika really pregnant? And who is the father of her unborn kid? Find out!

Monday 3 August 2020
Episode 68

Vedika shocks the whole family when she supports Nidhi’s claims that Shruti was trying to set her on fire when she ended up burning herself in the process. How will Sahil take Vedika’s claim?

Tuesday 4 August 2020
Episode 69

Bhoomi and Sahil are planning something big which will catch Vedika off guard. Will Vedika fall for the trick?

Wednesday 5 August 2020
Episode 70

After Yash’s tragic passing, Vedika is accused of adultery with a young man half her age. Will Sahil come to Vedika’s defence and who is young man?

Thursday 6 August 2020
Episode 71
Season 1 finale!

In a strange revelation, Vedika gets her hands on the report containing the personal details of her sperm donor. Who is the Vedika’s sperm donor? Find out.

Premiere episodes of Age is Just a Number air on Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 18h00.

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