Bin Kuch Kahe Coming Soon On TelevistaTV

Bin Kuch Kahe is an Indian Hindi comedy-drama television series which revolves around the lives of three sisters who live in a dysfunctional family.
Abha the eldest runs a canteen called the Kohli Canteen. She has a son called Aryan. Rhea is the second sister who wants to be a rockstar and Myra the youngest wants to be a journalist. 
The soap opera begins with Rhea’s engagement to Nikhil. After the engagement, Myra goes to Mumbai after pleading her mom. She goes with her friends for 1 week. There in a bar she meets a charming international journalist named Kabir. They meet almost every day making Myra hate Kabir more. She then has an interview with Zee news for being a journalist. She gets into the job and realizes that Kabir is also a staff there.
After her interview, she gets a call from Abha saying that Riya has broken the marriage with Nikhil. She gets upset and drinks alcohol. Kabir then helps her and takes her to his house. The next day, Myra feels bad about what happened and decides to leave Mumbai without telling anybody. By that time she had got the job. 
Myra’s mom, Sudha Kohli is a very possessive mother and doesn’t allow Myra to go to Mumbai to continue her passion.
Then there is a one year jump. It is seen that Myra has got into a local news channel which telecasts insensible news. Rhea sings in the canteen while Abha manages the canteen. 
One day Kabir comes to Jaipur for work purpose. There he meets Rhea and becomes good friends with her. She introduces him to the Kohli family which Myra didn’t like. Myra soon finds out that Kabir is her new boss. Myra hates Kabir and asks Rhea to stay away from Kabir. Kabir helps Rhea with her dreams and she signs into a contract with a
famous music company. 
The series which is set in Jaipur will start airing on TelevistaTV channel 194 on DStv on Monday August 13 at 10 pm CAT/ 9pm WAT.

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