Blood And Wine Premieres on Telemundo Africa

Africa is once again bringing a thrilling telenovela to its African audience
titled, Blood and wine (Sangre de mi Tierra) in May. 

Blood and wine promises to be another equally intense novella delving into the
lives of two close families and how a tragic accident will result into anger,
betrayal, conflicts and revenge between them.
Blood and
a contemporary telenovela full of passion and drama that tells the story of the
Castañeda and the Montiel family – two families united by the passion of
growing grapes and producing fine wine; they will however have to face a period
of intense conflict over the tragic death of the oldest son of the Castañeda
caused by reckless driving from a member of the Montiel family (Juan Jose
would lead to unending war of reactions and counter reactions, betrayals,
broken promises and people who allow their emotions get the best of them leading
into making mistakes that would turn around to hurt them. Both families will be
forced to will be forced to defend their businesses and wineries and face
different family situations in a story full of intrigue, passion, love and
Main Cast
the cast of this great story as the protagonist. His character, Juan Jose
Montiel is a nice and unruly man who causes the accident that plunges both
families into war. But he will learn from his mistakes and watch as the love of
his life Ana Belena (played by Aurora Castañeda), a member of the opposing
family marry another. His therefore lives his life trying to right the wrongs
his singular action had caused.
by Aurora Castañeda) is the heroin of the series. She is forced to marry an
abusive psychopath named Roberto Quiroga (Santiago Ramundo) even though she is
in love with Juan Jose Montiel.
, played
by Santiago Ramundo completes the love triangle by marrying Ana Belena
with selfish intentions of his own. He becomes the antagonist of the story, an
abusive husband who has made it his life mission to antagonize both families in
his quest for power and ambition.
Daniel Elbittar, Laura Chimaras, Josette Vidal, Gabriel Rossi, Dad DagerRuben
Morales, Alba Roversi, Francisco Porras, Roberto Plantier, Maky Soler, Keller
Wortham, Hector Medina, Estefany Oliveira, Carlos Santos, Johanna Cure, Liz
Dieppa, Fernando Pacanins, Gabriel Lopez, Federico Diaz and Aneudy Lara.
The story
is written by Valentina Párraga, the writer of known series such as Iron
Rose, The Boss, and Les Miserables) and Maria Helena Portas and Marco Tulio
Blood and
directed by Tony Rodriguez, Ricardo Schwarz and Otto Rodriguez;
and the Executive Producer being José Gerardo Guillén from The Fan, The
lord of the skies 3 and 4; and Land of kings series.
With just
only 59 episodes, Blood and wine will be a fast paced telenovela spanning
not more than three months, so you just cannot afford to miss out on the

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