Catch Up On These Interesting Novelas Showing On TelevistaTV

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Televista Tv brings to its wide viewers the best of television novelas from India, Mexico, Columbia, Philippine and Lisbon.

Hence, at present there are six interesting novelas showing on Televista channel. You can catch up with new episodes showing daily at different times on DStv channel 194 and GOtv channel

Here are the novelas you should catch up on:



Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Julian Duarte is sentenced to 20 years in prison after Camila, the wife of his best friend, Ricardo Pradilla, was murdered. Even though his wife, Mariana, abandons him, what hurts him the most is not being able to see his son, Samuel, for whom he would sacrifice his life.

Catch up with new episode daily at 4pm.



The Guerrero family arrive La Victoria thinking that they could escape the violence of the city they have been victims. Alejandro Guerrero, father of Ricardo, Euardo and Olga Guerrero, are forced to live in this distant place, where the emerald bonanza generates blood and violent episodes that are repeated from one generation to the next.

New episode of Emeralds premieres daily at 5pm.


Sweetest love

It tells the story of Martin Guerrero, a speed lover and car racer who, in the absence of money, is forced to quit the racetracks and sit behind the wheel of Natalia’s car.

New episode of Sweetest love premieres daily at 6pm. 


White Slave

The White Slave is a production that revives the era of slavery and tells the story of Victoria, a woman everyone knows as a marquise who came to America to marry a prosperous merchant of the region.

Catch up with new episode daily at 7pm.


The Secretary

Emilio took up a job rare to his gender to support his child’s welfare, without knowing he’d find love thereafter.

New episode of The Secretary premieres daily at 8pm. 



The story revolves around the lives of Twinkle, Yuvraj and Kunj, and their relationship of love, hatred, deceit, betrayal and obsession.

Catch new episodes at 9pm weekdays.

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