Kundali Bhagya (Fate Of Our Stars) Showing Soon On TelevistaTV

Kundali Bhagya (The Fate of Our Stars) is an Indian romantic drama television series which is a spin-off of the popular show Kumkum Bhagya (Twist of Fate) showing presently on Zee World. The series narrates the story of Pragya’s long lost sisters Preeta and Srishti, their attempt to find their mother, Sarla, and the relationship dynamics which lead to their acquaintance with the rich and famous “Luthra” family. The elder son of the Luthra family, Rishabh Luthra, owns a celebrity management firm which manages rockstar Abhishek Mehra, and his younger…

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Bin Kuch Kahe Coming Soon On TelevistaTV

Bin Kuch Kahe is an Indian Hindi comedy-drama television series which revolves around the lives of three sisters who live in a dysfunctional family. Abha the eldest runs a canteen called the Kohli Canteen. She has a son called Aryan. Rhea is the second sister who wants to be a rockstar and Myra the youngest wants to be a journalist.  The soap opera begins with Rhea’s engagement to Nikhil. After the engagement, Myra goes to Mumbai after pleading her mom. She goes with her friends for 1 week. There in…

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Double Kara Premieres On TelevistaTV Today

Double Kara

Doble Kara dubbed (Double Kara) in English is a Philippine melodrama television series which revolves around identical twin sisters, Kara Dela Rosa, and Sara Suarez, and how they were separated 14 years ago when young Kara was diagnosed with leukemia. Kara was adopted by her biological father, Antonio Dela Rosa and his wife Lucille. They both loved Kara as their own; however, their troubles begin when they returned to the Philippines. Kara decides to search for her twin sister Sara, against her father, Antonio’s wishes.  Several occasions occurred when Antonio…

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Two Wives Coming Soon On TelevistaTV

Two Wives

A loving mother with a son, Yvonne thought that she is lucky to have a perfect family with her husband, Victor. But their happy marriage will suddenly change as single mother Janine comes into the picture. Victor and Janine will start to have a forbidden romance when Janine hires Victor to pretend as the father of her daughter. The single mom loves her child so much that she is willing to pay a big amount of money monthly to someone who can stand as her father. As their love affair…

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Catch Up On These Interesting Novelas Showing On TelevistaTV

Televista logo

Televista Tv brings to its wide viewers the best of television novelas from India, Mexico, Columbia, Philippine and Lisbon. Hence, at present there are six interesting novelas showing on Televista channel. You can catch up with new episodes showing daily at different times on DStv channel 194 and GOtv channel 15. Here are the novelas you should catch up on:   Fugitives Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Julian Duarte is sentenced to 20 years in prison after Camila, the wife of his best friend, Ricardo Pradilla, was murdered.…

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“The White Slave” Coming Soon On TelevistaTV

The White Slave

The telenovela, The white slave which will be premiering on TelevistaTV on Monday, February 12 is said to be one of the best cinematic telenovelas ever as well as the biggest of 2016. The White slave portrays the slavery world of post-colonial Columbia, currently the country with the third largest Afro-descendent population in the western hemisphere, after the Unites States and Brazil.    The novela is a production that revives the era of slavery and tells the story of Victoria, a woman everyone knows as a marquise who came to…

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MCM: Carlos Ponce

Puerto Rican actor and television personality, Carlos Ponce, is one individual who interprets his roles beautifully well. Hate or love him for his roles, you will agree that Ponce is good at what he does. Ponce began his acting career participating in Spanish language soap operas for Televista and Telemundo. Ponce continued to expand his acting career by participating in various American television series. He did not limit himself solely to a career in television. Ponce, who is also a singer and composer, is also active in the American movie industry…

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The Legal Wife Ep.46: Max Bids Monica Goodbye, Adrain Meets An Accident

The Legal Wife is a Filipino series airing on TelevistaTV on DStv channel 194 and GOtv channel 15.   Max bids Monica goodbye. He also asks Nicole to go out with him for old times’ sake. Nicole exhorts Max not to give up on Monica. On the contrary, Max says Monica still loves Adrian. He then advises Nicole to forget about Adrian.  Monica tells Adrian that she and the kids are going to the U.S. after she wraps up her current projects. But she will no longer deny Adrian access to…

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The Legal Wife Ep. 44: Adrian And Monica Tell Bunjoy About His Half Brother

The Legal Wife is a Filipino series airing on TelevistaTV on DStv channel 194 and GOtv channel 15.   Adrian arranges an out-of-town family trip but Monica backs off at the last minute. Imagine Adrian’s surprise when he sees Nicole and Jacob are checked into the same resort. He then asks Monica’s permission to tell Bunjoy about his other son before he hears it from another source. Monica agrees but asks that Adrian wait for her. Max drives Monica over but refrains from joining the private family moment. Instead, he talks…

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The Legal Wife Ep.43: Nicole Confronts Adrian About Not Telling Her Monica Is Back

The Legal Wife is a Filipino series airing on TelevistaTV on DStv channel 194 and GOtv channel 15.    Today, Max unintentionally mars the reunion of Adrian with his children, as Bunjoy texted him to come over. Max apologizes and leaves. Later, Monica fetches the children in her mother-in-law’s house only to find the kids missing. It turns out Adrian brought the kids to his place to show how he has long prepared a room especially for them. Monica and Nicole unexpectedly bump into each other and Nicole underlines how Adrian…

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