Friday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 458 – 460

In her room, while Ishaani is relaxing, Damini comes
there and asks what’s wrong with her, and why she intervened to stop
Diya from tying the Rakhi to Shaurya. Ishaani asks what’s wrong with
her, as Diya and Shaurya are just friends.
Damini says that they would
have have known for sure then. Just then, Ishani gets a sudden phone
call from Akash Kumar with a job opportunity and she is happy as she
finds that it’s Akash Kumar on the line, who asks her to come to the
office at eleven, if she isn’t busy. She is all gaga and in a state of
starstruck bliss. He says that he has had a talk with the designer and
she too is coming tomorrow. He adds that since she had been promised by
him, hence decided to call her himself. She is over the moon, as she
tells this to her grandma Damini and gets engrossed in preparing for her
tomorrow’s meeting.

Downstairs, Diya wonders how wrong Damini
assumed about her. She says that the reason all of this is happening is
because she has stayed here too long, and maybe now it’s time, for her
to talk about Karan with Urmi and Shaurya. Shaurya comes in asking where
is she lost, and asks what did she want to say. Diya hesitates. Urmi
asks her to speak, up along with Shaurya. Diya tells them what Karan
told her, that he agrees to marry her. Damini comes jubiliantly saying
that this is a wonderful news. She asks Diya why is she so upset, and if
she wants to marry someone else. Urmi asks the reason of her tension.
Diya talks about Karan’s condition to marry her. Shaurya and Urmi are
shocked. He says that marriage aren’t on bets. Urmi asks how can she
even consider this and fall weak now. She says that now that they are so
close to victory and she wants to buckle under pressure. She reminds
Diya that she was gangraped, and even after that, she decided to use her
own identity, so as to set an example to others. She adds that she is
fighting for the society, herself and for everyone, to set an example.
She asks how could she waiver in her decision just due to Karan’s
condition. She asks her to stop compromising as millions of women have,
and asks her now not to fall weak. Diya is extremely upset. Damini
taunts Urmi that she gave a wonderful lecture, and asks who is she to
decide what’s right and wrong, and what gave her the license to decide
decisions in others’ life, intervening in everyone’s life.

She adds that
Karan isn’t wrong, as no-one wants their daughter-in-law to be in the
news for fighting a rape case, as people want to keep the women’s
respect intact in the indian society. Shaurya asks if Karan’s mother
herself told this to her. She denies. He asks what did she tell Karan.
Diya says that she said she would think and decide about it. Karan comes
in saying that she did get sometime from him. He says that he wants to
marry her, and doesn’t want to be implicated in court hearings forever,
and that they should move on and start afresh. Damini totally agrees. He
asks Diya to take back her complaint, and then they can get married.
Shaurya asks if Karan can get his mother here so that they can convince
her. Diya too asks Karan to do that, as they are this close to victory.
Karan asks what’s bigger than marriage, as his mother has agreed with
much problems, and now they want to get her here and bother her more.
Urmi asks what’s the problem, if she comes here and they talk to her, as
they are really close to victory and can’t step back now. Karan tells
them that it’s enough now. Diya asks him to mind his language. He asks
how can she fight with him, for people who aren’t even related to her.
Diya says that no-one was there with her, when family and even he had
deserted her, they were there by her side, and that the right is by the
heart and not due to relations, and hence they are her people. Karan
asks her to explain clearly if she will go to the police station, as she
will have to decide if it’s him or the case. Diya says that first he
had placed the condition and now he is giving the solution too. Diya
tells him that she has decided what she wants to do, and that he should
go away from here. Karan is shocked, as she says that she won’t take
this case back. Karan leaves angrily.

Later in the
night, Diya sits with Shaurya and Urmi, she gets Karan’s call. He asks
Diya how can she be so selfish, that to bring happiness into her life,
she can manage to douse the life of others. Karan emotionally blackmails
her, that due to her decision, his mother is at the death bed, and had a
fatal heart attack due to her decision, her case and her arrogance. He
asks her how can she do this. She asks what’s he saying. He says that to
give punishment to her rapists, she punished his mother too. She says
that she will just come to see his mother. He says that he can’t let her
see his mother, as she will die then. He tells her that if anything
happens to his mother, neither he nor the lord, will ever spare or
forgive her. He disconnects the call. Diya is extremely upset and
appalled. They ask her what happened. She tells them everything and then
blurts that she will take back the case. She says that she doesn’t want
to cause anyone any kind of trouble or probable death to anyone, due to
her motives. She says that she doesn’t need anything, no justice, or
punishment to the culprit. She begins to break down on her resolve, and
Urmi and Shaurya are shocked and horrified while Diya’s distraught.

Later, Anirudh asks Urmi, while they sit in the drawing room, if she is
all set for the court’s hearing tomorrow. She says that it won’t do
much help, since Diya has decided to take back the case. Anirudh is
shocked, and then Urmi explains everything, as to why Diya decdied on
this. Damini pretends to be outraged, that after she had to bear Diya
for all this time, and the way she disrupted their family, and for all
that Urmi and Shaurya did for her, Diya became utterly selfish in the
end, and put their efforts and hard work in vain, by easily agreeing
that she won’t fight anymore, and asks what happened to the revolution
that she planned to bring in the society by getting jutsice. Urmi says
that it’s complicated as Diya isn’t happy with this decision too. Damini
however continues to poke nose. Urmi suddenly realises that Shaurya
isn’t seen anywhere and wonders where he went.

Meanwhile Shaurya
comes to Karan’s house, to verify his statements, whether his mother is
hospitalised and finds it locked. He wonders whether Karan was saying
the truth, and his mother is indeed serious. He comes to the car, and
passing by woman asks if he is looking around for someone. He
immediately talks about Karan’s mother and she says that they must have
just gone around somewhere and then says that this is generally the time
she goes to the temple. Shaurya smiles and then asks which temple, and
gets the address. He then calls up Diya and tells her that if she wants
to meet Karan’s mother, then she should meet him at the said temple,
where he would be waiting. Diya is worried and immediately complies and
rushes out.

At Akash’s residence, Ishaani is escorted inside, and
asks to sit by the pool side as per Akash’s instructions while he joins
her shortly, and after that the butler goes inside. She anxiously
waits. Akash meanwhile comes to her from the pool, and comments that she
is looking hot. She starts blushing. He asks her to stop, and wait for
him, while he comes. He comes out of the pool, draoes a towel, while she
blushingly looks away. He goes to get changed. Just then, Simran
enters, Akash’s designer and greets Ishaani, knowing her by name.
Dressed in a bathrobe, Akash comes there and introduces Simran as his
designer and Ishaani. He starts praising Ishaani, as being talented and
hardworking, and says that she deserves a break, and should get a chance
to work. Simran is excited and hires her. Ishaani thanks him. He says
that it’s okay, and instead of being flattered, he instead flatters her,
saying that he loves women, and talent is the icing on the cake. He
shakes hands with her and congratulates her. Simran too congratulates
her and asks her to join tomorrow. She complies and then leaves, starry
eyed. Simran and Akash eye her.

At the temple, Diya arrives at
the temple, asking how Karan’s mother is and Shaurya asks her to just
wait and watch. Diya is shocked to find Karan’s mother, descendng down
the steps, having offered the prayers. She overwhelmingly is about to
rush out to her, when he stops her, asking her how Karan’s mother is
here if she had a fatal heart attack. Shaurya manages to expose Karan
for who and what he really is as he asks Diya to now understand the lies
that Karan told her. She is outraged.
At Shaurya’s residence,
Diya confronts Karan about his lie. He defiantly says that he did lie,
but only to get her, as she had left him with no other option. He says
that he tried to convince her but when she remained adamant, he had no
other option but to concoct this lie, to get her to buckle to what she
wants. He says that he loves her and didn’t want to lose her, and hence
after his mother agreed with much difficulty, he didnt want her adamancy
to spoil it for their love. Diya says that those who love don’t lie.
Shaurya thinks that had they not needed Karan for Diya’s case, he would
have taught Karan a lesson. Karan asks her not to be emotional. She says
that her entire identity stands as a crisis. He asks her to let go of
this arrogance and take back this case. She asks how can he suggest it,
as she can’t forget what happened to her, all her life, and is dying
inside. She says that tragedy ruined her, her family, her life, her work
and her very existence. She adds that she is being identified as the
assault girl, from what she was before, a happy go lucky girl with aims
and aspirations, and asks what was her fault in all this. She asks why
should a woman suffer always, and this time she won’t, as if she does
today, thousands of girls will be silenced like her. She says that now
she is stuck on her resolve, and will get them punished, at any cost.
Karan eyes her tensedly. Diya says that since he has come along with her
so far, then a little more steps, as they are this close to victroy.
She stands wiping her tears determinedly. Shaurya wonders why is Karan
wanting her to take back the case all of a sudden, and marry Diya, and
understands that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

At the
sponsor’s residence, when Karan shares this news with his sponsor, he
gets angry. Karan is worried of his reaction, and vehemently says that
he tried everything in his power to convince her, but in vain. He says
that it seems impossible now, as Diya is very arrogant and will stop at
nothing now. The sponsor meanwhile is firing bullets in the air, and
finally, he draws it at Karan, who is shit scared asking him to calm

At the Court room, Nigam asks for Karan to be called in the
witness box. While Karan takes his place in the witness box, Nigam
comes to him and asks him how much he loves Diya. Karan asks what
question is this. Urmi says that this is irrelevant. Nigam says that it
is relevant. The judge overrules the objection and asks him to get to
the point. He grills Karan so much so, that he confesses to him, that he
might even kill someone for Diya’s sake. Nigam says that if he can kill
someone for Diya’s love, he can definitely implicate innocent people,
if pressurised by Diya. Urmi says that this isn’t an accusation but a
fact. Nigam says that this isn’t proven yet. The judge overrules Urmi’s
objection and Nigam continues. Urmi says that if Karan has given
testimony then why again. But Nigam insists one more time. Nigam is
allowed by the judge. He goes to Karan and asks him to identify if these
people, the rapists were the people who he got into a scuffle with that
night, who then went on to assault Diya. Urmi stands up and says that
Karan has testified many a times, then why again. Nigam says that if he
testifies one more time, then what’s urmi’s problem, since Karan has
always said the truth, and this time too he will say it. The judge again
overrules and asks Urmi to settle down and let the interrogation be.
Nigam continues and asks him to not let innocent people be implicated
and convicted. Karan hesitates, while Diya waits for him to testify.
Karan says that the goons he had fought, he isn’t very sure if it were
the same people.

Urmi and Diya are unable to believe his statement.
Nigam asks what does he mean, and if the goons weren’t his clients then
who were they. He says that he doesn’t know but it’s definitely not
these people. Urmi, Shaurya and Diya are appalled and shocked. Urmi asks
what’s he saying, and Diya asks why is he lying, and begs him to say
the truth. They along with Shaurya ask Karan to speak the truth, while
he says that he is doing so. Urmi points out when he has always said the
truth, then why is he refraining now. She gives the example of Krishna
standing by draupadi when she was taken advantage of, and asks him to
man up. Karan says that he isn’t godly. Urmi asks him to be human first
and testify the truth. Nigam says that she is trying to bring
mythological facts to mislead Karan. She says that infact he is trying
to distract the case. She asks Karan to say the truth and not lie. Nigam
says that he had been lying all this time, due to their pressure and
has today spoken the truth. She asks what’s the guarantee that he is
saying the truth now, if they don’t believe the earlier statements.

judge tells Karan that misleading the court by varying statements is a
crime and he can face legal implications. Karan apologises with folded
hands, and says that till now he was lying and today he spoke the truth,
as he can’t lie anymore, and continues the charade with Urmi too. Urmi
and Diya are shocked, while Shaurya thinks that he knew this would
happen. The judge asks him to clearly speak up. Karan says that these
people aren’t the rapists. Karan says that since the time Diya has been
assaulted, she has been mentally disturbed, and has not been the normal
self that she is, and has developed psychological problems. Diya stands
up in disgust and screams at him. Shaurya composes her. Urmi is
appalled. Anirudh is furious. Karan asks the judge to look at Diya to
find how distraught she is, and for her sake, he had to take their
names, but not anymore. Urmi asks and begs him not to lie, as Diya would
break down, and asks Karan not to become like them. Karan tells the
judge that these are the things that forced him to lie in the first
place. Diya screams why is he saving the rapists. Karan says that Diya
is so mentally imbalanced that she finds her rapists in everyone, and
tomorrow might accuse him too. She asks and breaks incoherently what’s
he saying. He continues with his pretense that he held her ground for so
long, but not anymore. Shaurya says that Karan is lying.
Nigam asks
them to stop the drama. Urmi says that they are doing so, as overnight
Karan can’t change his statement like this. Karan continues with the
pretense, and asks Urmi to let the innocent be scot free. Nigam says
that they are trying to pressurise him yet again, and since there is no
case, he asks the judge to acquit the accused. Urmi asks the judge not
to, as this would make the people lose their faith on the indian
Judicial System. Nigam says that they don’t have any evidence and their
eye witness too turned against them. Urmi pleads and asks for one
chance. The judge says that prosecution doesn’t have evidence nor any
strong facts, but considering the severity of the case, he will hear it
one more time. The judge says that having finalised the date for the
last hearing of the case, the court releases the accused, on bail, due
to lack of supportive elementary facts. He adjourns the case. Diya is
appalled, while Urmi and Anirudh are angry while Diya’s appalled.

Outside the court room, Diya asks Karan how could he brand her as
mentally insane, in the court, when he supposedly loves her. Karan
shoves her away with a jerk, saying that she isn’t left worthy to be
loved anymore, after her assault. She is outraged and slaps him tight on
the face. Karan is shocked. Urmi, Shaurya and Anirudh are appalled. He
again points out how she is a used commodity now, and is useless to him,
and that he had presented her with the offer of marriage, which would
have been a profitable deal for her too, along with him, but she had to
choose the righteous and justified path. She asks that this means he
never had any intention of marrying her, and the entire love was just a
farce. He mocks her and she slaps him yet again. He gets angry and is
about to slap her back, when Shaurya holds his hand midway, asking him
not to even think about it. Karan taunts Shaurya too. Urmi tries to
speak in between saying that they will find a way to prove the facts.
Karan insults her and asks her to stay shut as he has had enough of her
lecture. Then she asks him to atleast think about his moral character.
He taunts her that he doesnt need to hear about character from a
characterless woman. Diya and Shaurya are shocked. Karan walks past
them, and then drives off in his car. Diya and Urmi are angry. Shaurya
is surprised as it suddenly strikes him that he used to come on a bike,
then how did Karan manage a car so soon.

At Urmi’s residence,
Shaurya sits by Diya’s side, as she sits appalled, that Karan never
loved her and was only there with her for his selfish motives. He
complies. She asks if it’s possible that he is under some kind of
pressure to behave like that. He denies. She asks how did he know before
hand about Karan’s true face. Shaurya further manages to expose Karan
for who and what he really is by narrating everything to her. She says
that she can’t believe this at all, as she loved him immensely, and he
never reciprocates truly. He asks her to man up and not shed tears for
that person, who doesn’t deserve it at all and asks her to move on and
look ahead now. She asks why he didn’t tell about Karan before. He says
that he didn’t want her to go through another tragic shock, after her
assault, and hence didn’t reveal it, but he surely didn’t want her to
find out this way. He asks her to hope for the best, as its good she got
to know about Karan. She is disturbed still.

At Karan’s
residence, while Karan’s mother comes to know what her son did, by media
coverage, she is ashamed of him. Urmi and Shaurya along with Diya come
to their house. Karan’s mother is highly apologetic of what he did. Diya
is distraught. Shaurya asks her if she noticed any changes recently.
She says that he has been shopping too much recently. Urmi asks if she
knows who he meets. She expresses her helplessness in denial. She
apologises that she couldn’t help them much. Urmi signals Shaurya.
Shaurya tells Karan’s mother that there’s something that she can do and
she is interested.
Later in the evning, he asks her if she
understood what she has to do. She complies. Then the doorbell rings.
Shaurya sets up the recorder indiscreetly beside the flower vases to
record Karan’s confession. They both hide. She opens the door to find
Karan standing. As Karan tries to enter his house, his mother slaps him
tight across his face and says that he can’t enter in her house. He
casually asks what happened to her. She asks if he isn’t ashamed that he
gave the wrong testimony for Diya, when he should have stood by her
side. He says that he hugely benefitted from this whole scenario.

and Shaurya who are hiding inside, listen intently. He continues
shamelessly, about his deal with her, and that he is happy that she
didn’t say yes. He says that he has got a better deal. She asks what
possible motive could he have had to do this to Diya, and shaming her as
being his mother, aking if this is why he gave wrong testimony. He
whispers into her ear, that he had a huge gain in this. Karan says that
he got huge money, to do what he did. His mother is surprised. Diya and
Shaurya are outraged. She asks him who is giving him this money, but he
doesn’t spill the truth. She asks him to name the person and he becomes
adamant that he will not. He tries to enter but she doesn’t let him. She
asks him to get lost, as she doesn’t need a son like him. He
shamelessly asks her to rot in loneliness then. She slams the door shut.
Diya and Shaurya come out from hiding, when she apologises that she
couldn’t get the name out. Shaurya thanks her for what she did, and then
says that he knows what to do now. Shaurya calls up Karan, who
approaches towards his car. Karan taunts him, for still pursuing him. He
too taunts him back saying that he runs free even after being an
accomplice in a crime. Shaurya says that when bad time comes, then he
along with his sponsor will be behind bars but Karan shoves off his
threats. Shaurya asks him to think before speaking, as every
conversation of his is being tapped, and then disconnect the call. Diya
asks if this is true. Shaurya says that he lied. He then greets Karan’s
mother and they both leave.

In the car, Karan is extremely tensed
and furious at Shaurya. He drives and Shaurya notes the number, and
then follows him, assuming that he would go straight to the sponsor, in
their car.
At The Sponsor’s Residence, Karan arrives at the
sponsor’s house, and Diya and Shaurya too in their car come, determined
to find out where he went. They rush after him maintaining a safe
distance. The same fellow comes, but they aren’t unable to see his face,
due to him being in shadows. Karan says that he had to tell him. He
says that he could have talked on phone, and refrain from being here,
till the case is over. Karan says that he can’t talk about this on
phone. Shaurya wonders who this is, and that they can’t see it. Diya
prays to the goddess, that just like she comes everytime evil crosses
it’s limit, she asks her to do something miraculous, so that this
fellow’s face comes in front. A sudden lightning, reflects on the
sponsor’s face, and Diya and Shaurya are shocked as they recognise him
as Jamdaar. After finding out that Karan is working for Jamdar. They
both come out clapping in front of Karan and Jamdar, who are shocked to
see them both. Shaurya comments how poorly they paid. Karan asks how
they reached here, and Shaurya says that he got them here. Karan
vehemently denies. Shaurya says that he sent him here instead, and then
taunts Jamdar that he relied on a bad player.

Diya asks how could she
play such a dirty game on her life. He says that he did, after what she
did with his son, as he won’t forgive her. She says that even the lord
won’t forgive him. Shaurya reminds him that they will win, as he stands
by Diya as a rock, and will determinedly win this case. They begin to
leave. He asks them to wait and tells them that they are fortunate that
his BP is normal, or else he will have taught them a lesson today. He
reminds them of their last hearing the next day. He proudly tells Diya
and Shaurya that they will lose, as Jamdar has never seen loss in his
life, and whoever has tried to defeat him, has been ruined completely.
She says that the wrong people regret, and she hasn’t, does not, and
never will regret as she is right. Shauray too says that the will win,
as they are right. Jamdar then asks him to pray to the lord, to fight
with him. They are tensed.

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