How to Treated, Prevent Malaria and Typhoid Fever with Scent Leaf

Scent Leaf

How to Treated, Prevent Malaria and Typhoid Fever with Scent Leaf




Scent leaf with the botanical name Ocimum gratissimum is an aromatic herb that has been introduced extensively across tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Scent leaf which is known in Igbo as Nchawuneffirin in Yoruba, and daidoya in Hausa is a perennial homegrown shrub used mainly as a spice for cooking delicacies because of its aromatic taste.

However, the plant contains a lot of antibacterial, antifungal, larvicidal, and antipyretic activities that give it a prominent role in the treatment and prevention of different diseases and infections which many people are unaware of.

However, the leaf has so many benefits such as being used to improve heart functions, kill bacteria in the mouth and help fight off bad breath, relief bloating, help with stomach aches, dysentery, diarrhoea and vomiting, aid digestion, the dry and burnt leaves could serve as a mosquito repellent and lots more to mention.

Nobody prayed to fall sick especially during the peak period of the coronavirus pandemic for the fear of being diagnosed as a COVID-19 patient when one is actually sick of malaria.

Also, many of us cook with scent leaf especially in making pepper soup, porridge, soup and a lot more but we have never considered the health benefits of this leaf.

So how can you treat as well as prevent malaria and typhoid using the all-purpose scent leaf? You can start the treatment with N100 worth.

Items needed

Fresh scent leaf

Clean water


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Plastic bottle



Pluck the scent leaf and wash thoroughly under running water. You can also put enough water in a basin and wash thoroughly. (You can also rinse first with running tap water, followed by cool boiled water).

Next, put clean water in a bowl, pour in the scent leave leaf, and continue to squeeze as if you are washing bitter leaf. You should gauge the quantity of scent leaf with the amount of water to use. For instance, for N100 worth of scent leaf, you could use 1.5 litres of water.

After thoroughly and properly squeezing the scent leaf, sieve out the remnant.

Pour the scent leave juice into a plastic bottle. Leave at room temperature.

Note: Please do not refrigerate; hence, prepare the quantity that will last you for at least three days. Then prepare a fresh one.


You should take one glass twice a day for 7 days. You should take it in the morning and evening preferably after food.  The result is almost immediate.


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