I’d love to act romantic roles with Tonto Dike, Eve Esin – Nosa Rex

Nosa Rex Okunzuwa, simply known as Nosa
Rex, won the Best New Actor of the year at the City People’s Entertainment award
2013. In this interview with www.angeladaviesblog.blogspot.com,
the Mechanical Engineering graduate reveals that he would love to act romantic
roles with Tonto Dike and Eve Esin. Excerpt:

Can you tell us more about yourself?
Nosa Rex Okunzuwa, simply known as Nosa
Rex, is a Nollywood actor from Edo State. I graduated from Ambrose Alli
University, Ekpoma, Delta State in 2009. I studied Mechanical Engineering. I am
the first child in my family. My family lives in Lagos but I am always in
Asaba, Delta State because of the movies I shoot.
you studied Mechanical Engineering, what are you doing in Nollywood?
I have always loved acting. While in
secondary school, I used to take part in the school drama. I also act in church
as well. Acting is what I enjoy doing. It gives me joy.
did you start acting and what are some of the movies you have done?
I started acting in 2010 and my first
movie was ‘Gazza Treasure’. I have actually lost count however of some of the
movies I have featured in. Those I can remember right now include, ‘Heart of a
fighter’, ‘Troubled king’, ‘Kings’ help’, ‘Blind choice’, ‘My mother, my
enemy’, ‘Price of sacrifice’, ‘Enemy of the kingdom’, ‘Nurses’ cult’ and
was your reaction when you were named the Best New Actor of the year at the City
People’s Entertainment Award 2013?
The truth is that the actors nominated
in the category for the Best New Actor category were well known. The list
included Mike Godson, La Klass and Ik Ogbona. I was scared at first. My heart
was beating fast but when I heard my name as the winner, I was very happy. I
went up the stage and collected my award. Although I was very shy, indeed I was
happy that my efforts in the industry have not been in vain.
was your first time facing the camera like and what was your first movie?
I was very nervous but after a couple of
movies, I became relaxed. My first movie was ‘Gazza Treasure’ directed by Nonso
Ekene Okonkwo.
an actor, expected to take up any role, are their roles you would reject?
Yes, I know I am expected to take up any
role nevertheless I won’t play the role of a gay in a movie because they
disgust me. I cannot imagine myself playing that role. But when it comes to any
other role, I will gladly take it up. Even if playing the role will fetch me
millions of naira, I won’t because money is not everything.
are your role models in the industry?
My role models include Mike Ezuronye,
Olu Jacobs and amiable Mercy Johnson. I love the way they interpret any role
given to them. Also, I love their personality.
 Who are those actresses you dream to act
romantic roles with?
I would love to act romantic roles with
Tonto Dike and Eve Esin. Aside from the fact that they are both single, I see
them as ladies I can be free with when acting a romantic roles. But really any
actress can go.
your parents support your acting career, especially as the first child of the
I actually lost my mum in 2007; right
now my father is everything to me. He supports me fulltime and he is proud of
is your unique selling point as an actor?
I take any role I am given as an actor
seriously. Aside from that I am talented and I thank God for that. I also have
my style because I don’t copy anyone. I am just me.

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